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Prepared By.
Syed Shahmeer Hassan
Jawad Hussain

Milky Chocolate


We are starting a business of manufacturing chocolates.

The primary focus is locally manufacturing premium dark
and milk chocolate, multigrain chocolate bar, liquid filled
chocolate bar. The target market is whole Karachi and
premium chocolates are exported outside the country. The
customers to whom the products will be supplied are
retailers, wholesaler, trader in metro cities and local market.
The location of the manufacturing plant is Karachi Pakistan.
The target audience being Children, teenagers and
adolescents and the range of premium chocolates are only
for adults.
Milky dark chocolates
Milky milk chocolates
Milky nutritious chocolate bar
Milky premium liquid filled chocolate bar


We seek to produce high quality chocolate

products at competitive price by modern
technology to provide high satisfaction to the


to be the leading chocolate brand at

international level.


The chocolate industry offers a wide variety of

opportunities for the small business owner
weathers economic recession well and is growing
despite increased health-consciousness and
calorie counting. Growth will be driven by
population growth as well as expansion into new
markets, product innovation and rising disposable
income levels leading to greater purchasing of
premium offerings.


Plant Location:-

The manufacturing unit will be located at E/14 Site

Area karachi Pakistan
Details Of Land requirement:The land required for the Chocolate manufacturing
company is 5,500 sq.ft.it is on rental basis and the
rent would be 35,000 Rs./month.


The product will be manufactured by Full Automatic

Chocolate Production Line (QH200), with this
system, baking the moulds, depositing, forming etc.
series procedure can be achieved automatically. It's
available to depositing all shape of chocolate. Such
as liquid filled-inside, nuts, grainsetc. chocolate.
Since the products are plain as well as nutritional
grains are added this machine is appropriate.


Ingredients Required:-

Pure chocolate comes from Cocoa beans. A

typical chocolate bar will also have:
Milk (if it's milk chocolate, not if it's dark),
Cocoa Butter,
Flavourings (like vanilla),
Sometimes, Vegetable Oil


The production capacity of the plant would be

necessary to get the cost of equipment (bean
cleaner, roaster, cracker, grinder, refiner/conch - not
including (tempering/depositing/moulding/wrapping)
down to 400 kg/day in order to really jumpstart the
growth of the small batch craft chocolate "industry"
here in the India. Furthermore, we think that at that
price point it will be necessary to produce at least 1
ton per month of finished chocolate in order to be
able to break even


The maximum production capacity of the plant

would be 400 kg/day and we will try to utilize
optimize resources and the capacity of utilization is
300 kg/day.

Product Strategy:
Pakistan has more than 50% of its population
below the age of 25 and more than 65% below
the age of 35.
Age Structure: Group- I 0-18 years: 38 % (0.48 billion)
Group-II 19-35 years: 27 % (0.34 billion)
Group-III 36-65 years: 30 % (0.38 billion)
Group-IV 66 above: 5.3% (0.06 billion)


Products & Segments Milky Segments Product Pack size Rate

Milky 9.2 Gram Rs. 5 Value
Milky Shots 18.6 Gram Rs. 10 Value
Milky 17 Gram Rs. 10 Value
Milky 38 Gram Rs. 22 Mid-Tier
Milky Crackle 42 Gram Rs. 35 Mid-Tier
Milky Roast Almond 42 Gram Rs. 35 Mid-Tier
Milky Fruit & Nut 42 Gram Rs. 35 Premium
Milky Silk 60 Gram Rs. 55 Premium
Milky Silk Fruit & Nut 60 Gram Rs. 55 Premium
Milky Alcoholic Chocolate 100 Gram Rs. 955 Super Premium
Milky Silk 145 Gram Rs. 125 Super Premium
Milky Silk Fruit & Nut 145 Gram Rs. 125 Super Premium
Milky Orange Peel 145 Gram Rs. 125

After settlement of the business we will use
following techniques for promotional strategy,
Local news paper
Local TV channel
Local radio Station
Hoardings in crowded areas
Through pages and account on Social
Networking Sites (Facebook & Twitter)
We can also use mouth to mouth promotion

The target market will be divided into three
parts that are,
Upper class
Middle class
Lower middle class
That mean all age groups are the target
market and we will try to cover them all by
fulfilment of their requirements and demands.


The products would be distributed through

channels like wholesalers, retailers and the
own sales force and the distribution channel
shown in previous pages.

Financial Management is an operational activity of business i.e.,
responsibility for obtaining the fund & effective utilizing the fund
for effective operation that is called financial management.
Objectives of Financial Management
Acquiring sufficient fund
Proper utilization of fund
Increasing profitability
Maximize the firms value
Raising of Capital:
Owned Fund :
Contribution of partners in Capital

Funds rose for the requirement of Large Capital investment by

the Own by using investment by the three partners as below.
Mr. Shahmeer
12,00,000.00/Mr. Jawwad
8,00,000.00/Mr. Arslan
12,00,000.00/Borrowed Funds
We also raise fund by using borrowed fund from IDBI Bank and
from by using the Project Finance & Export Finance it is not
sufficient fund for the establishment of organization and we
took Hand Loan from friends and relatives.
Bank IDBI Ltd.
IDBI bank is the development bank who provides loan to
Industries development purpose and they Create segment by
using the type of industry like SME. MSME, Large Industries