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JUNE 2012 Q1 &Q5

APR 2010- Q1 &Q2
APR 2009- Q1
APR 2008 Q2
Common Test Oct 2011
Common Test Nov 2012

SF use of resources as the foundation for
producing goods &svs
When there is value in the product &svs s
performance characteristics and attributers
customers willing to pay for the good and svs
So increase in sales revenue, rise above
average returns & enhance sustainability

Are Sofia Foods healthy and tasty burger

patties valuable?

SF not able to neutralize the threats from

competitors and substitute health food
product in the long run

Are Sofia Foods healthy and tasty burger

patties rare?

SF not rare in the long run competitors

may also added healthier choice to their
menus which would then give customer
more choice to pick

Are Sofia Foods healthy and tasty burger

patties costly to imitate?

The burger patties are not costly to imitate

because it does not have a unique historical

Are Sofia Foods healthy and tasty burger

patties non-substitutable?

Burger patties would not be nonsubstitutable in the long run because there
are many substitute health food products

Yes, it is a good idea

Leave it to an expert & experienced chef
Venture into new ideas from outside & build
innovation to the business
No additional investment to cater for lack of
Supply at lower cost (cuisine) from
experienced chef

Players Jaya Auto & Foreign carmakers

Players are faced with intense competition
Product war- improve quality & create value
Lower cost & at the same time improve their
products quality & design
Come out with equivalent if not better
product than foreign carmaker

Yes it is necessary to reexamine the vision

Statement articulates the ideal description
and gives shapes to intended future- revisit
& reexamined the vision statement
Should clearly tied to the condition in Jaya
Autos external environment & internal
Should capture the hearts and minds of its
employees and its stakeholders too.

Yes agree
Better understand the industry & general
environment characteristics
Be ready and prepare in the current new
Improve efficiency- management and
employees do not stay complacent and
satisfied with its state of affair

Yes, Ice-cream Theatre is a competitive

Valuable- Ice-cream theatre is a feast of
Rare- special attraction, do not possessed by
Costly to imitate- skilled talent and
specialized assets
Non-substitutable- competitors cannot
replace wt other substitute

Quality as well as the premium price is

Competing with other low costs as well as
premium priced ice cream
Rival- easily able to attract buyers with their
comparatively low prices

Should open more parlors at the up market

shopping mall
High-end image- an expensive brand
Ice-cream Theatre main attraction
Glamour & uniqueness

Yes, Mazlin should take extensive external

Time to study on the behaviour of the new
target market
Findings decide to open or not
Identify opportunities

No it is not wise
All business must have vision & mission
To compete and the customers intends to
Positive effect to the business performanceinspiring future

Create awareness
Fun exhibition
Priviledge card

No, CF not able to earn above average return

Complement each other use both model
Ex environment may impose pressures &
constraint that determine strategies that
would result above average return
Firm prepare for challenges of ext
Firm prepare to faced problem & threat of ext

Political Segment- government decision to

ban all product using ammonium bocarbonat
from China
Geographical Segment

-ve impact to rivalry among competitor

confectionary producers
+ve impact substitute product

Yes, Samad should undertake an internal

environment analysis
Can Identify business core competencies
Can identify core rigidities
Know his limitations and not too ambitious
Can Identify old advantages

Costly to imitate

Yes, Samad should analyze the external

Better understand the industry & general
environment characteristics
Be ready and prepare in the current new
Improve efficiency and performance of

Not agree Nicola glory 25 year ago is still a

sustainable competitive advantage
Costly to imitate

Threat of the substitute is the sport and

recreational clubs ability to steal away buyers
of the sport shop
The Club is not a threat to Jaguh Superstore
because the satisfaction that buyer can enjoy
when buying their own equipment for their

Sosiocultural segment- societys attitude and

cultural values
Technological segment- initiated the move to
have high speed wireless internet

Nicola should take strategic planning

The need to ensure a sustainable futurebusiness need to have detailed planning
To ensure competitiveness- ensure
effectiveness and efficiency to run the

Causes led to the liquidity problems

ad-hoc tactic of loss leader strategy- most
times items are sold below costs
Supplier is not giving a good credit term
Has poor record keeping and it lacks of good

Technological segment- advancement of

technology make almost all of printed media
joined the e-media bandwagon
Sosiocultural segment- reading culture
among the IT savvy generation has changed
drastically- esp the younger generation

Valuable- Remajakini is no more popular and

faced declining in sales
Rare- not rare has substitute and
Costly to imitate- advancement of technology
has led to cheaper facilities
Non-substitutable- substitutable can be
obtained via website

RBM not able to help because

The magazine is being threatened by the
segments in the external environment
Need to study external environment

Suppliers that most affected;

Suppliers of paper
Printing machined and equipment
Printing workforce

Recommendation to Chief Editor;

Organize a competition with exclusive prizes
Organize an exclusive
event/concert/dinner/function that involves
famous celebrities for the readers of the
printed magazine
To collaborate with other businesses that can
gives coupons, discount vouchers or sample