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Our Story tonight is simply about

LOVE How Two agreed to show

the Greatest Love ever known

We learned in our last story, that

this Love was shown by Two
making a Great Sacrifice

We discussed how that, because of the

Everlasting Sacrifice, The Father and
Jesus are no longer of the same nature

The attributes of the nature of Diety

are Omnipotence, Omniscience and

These Divine Powers Christ poured

out of Himself when He came to
earth as a human being.

One way we can tell Jesus gave up these

Powers forever, is that bearing humanity,
He cannot be Omnipresent anymore

Yes, Christ made an Infinite Sacrifice for

our Salvation, this was called forth by the
Covenant He and the Father made

Their Covenant of Sacrifice understood that only

by the giving of a Life greater than the Law could
man be Redeemed from transgression of the Law

It meant that One of Them had to

give up His Life for the Plan of

But how can we understand that

either the Father or the Son could

You see, Christ was not human

when He entered into Covenant with
the Father in times eternal past.

When Jesus became a human at

His Incarnation, His existence in
the form of God ceased to exist

The penalty for transgression of the Law of God

was Eternal Death, a death that will last forever,
from which there will be no hope of a
resurrection This is what we owed and what
Jesus had to pay

Yet, this did not totally encompass

His whole suffering for our sake

Let us reflect back for a moment on

the Covenant

Yes, In the Everlasting Covenant,

Heaven Promised to send us
JESUS! The Desire of All Nations
and all ages

Jesus gave up His Divine Life, with all of His

Divine Powers: (Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence)
to save us, that we might receive His Own
Everlasting Life(John 3:16)

Lets look a little closer at what

is Promised us in the Covenant!

Yes, in the Covenant we are Promised Jesus as

our Saviour, but the scripture also says that we
are Promised the Spirit as well!

Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you:

but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be

endued with power from on high. Luke 24:49

But, wait! I thought the Promise of

the Father, the Everlasting
Covenant, was to send us JESUS!?

How can this be?

How can this be?

Divested, means Emptied or Separated

Christ emptied Himself when He became

The Powers Christ Emptied, His Divine

Powers, are sent us as the Holy Spirit
and He is Jesus personal Presence!

The Holy Spirit: The Fulfillment of

the Covenant Promise made to us!
The Soul of His Life!

Jesus and the Father made a Great

Sacrifice that we might be saved,
even an Infinite Sacrifice

Thats why the Law of God is really

a transcript of His character and is
called the Law of Love

It was for Love, and through SelfSacrificial Love that we have Salvation
through Gods Unspeakable Gift!

The Holy Spirit,

The Soul of (Jesus) Life:

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