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BY Thomas

Oracle Business Intelligence on

Multiple Hosts
you perform an Enterprise Installation, then
Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle WebLogic Scripting Tool

The Oracle WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) is a
command-line scripting environment
(for advanced administrator use), which enables you to
programmatically administer
Oracle Business Intelligence. The WLST scripting
environment is based on the Java
scripting interpreter Jython. You can use this tool
interactively on the command line, in
batch scripts that are supplied in a file (Script Mode,
where scripts invoke a sequence
of WLST commands without requiring your

Interest in Other Guides

Some topics that might be of interest

This guide assumes that Oracle BI EE and BI

Publisher have been installed and
configured to run as fully integrated
components at your organization. If this is not
case, then some mentions of BI Publisher in

Requirements and Certification

Refer to the system requirements and
certification documentation for information
about hardware

configure such a user by making him a

member of the Monitors group. See
Oracle Fusion Middleware Securing Resources
Using Roles