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PVS-Studio, a static analyzer detecting

errors in the source code of C/C++/C++11


Code Analysis Features

The analyzer includes the following diagnostic rule sets:

1. General analysis diagnostics over 200 diagnostic rules covering both

common and rare errors;
2. Diagnostics for potential optimizations detection of code fragments in
programs that can be optimized;
3. Diagnostics for 64-bit errors an indispensable tool when porting programs
from 32-bit systems to 64-bit ones.

PVS-Studios Capabilities
1. Incremental analysis automatic analysis launch immediately after
compilation on the developers computer;
2. Online/Offline Help system in Russian and English;
3. Saving and loading of analysis results;
4. Making use of all available cores and physical processors;
5. Estimation of 64-bit code migration complexity;
6. Interactive filters;
7. Comfortable integration into the team development process;
8. Marking out of program code to enable analysis of new code only.

Integration Capabilities

An MS Visual Studio

Launch from the

command line

Compiler launch

Integration with MS Visual


The PVS-Studio tool integrates into the Visual Studio 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005
environment, providing the user with a friendly interface to perform file analysis,
code navigation, and get Help information. The analyzer is ready for work right after
the installation.

PVS-Studio Standalone
PVS-Studio Standalone is a utility that allows
you to:
1. View analysis results using code
navigation and the Help system without
launching MS Visual Studio;
2. Analyze projects with the help of the
compiler launch monitoring system during
the building process and independently
from the build system used;
3. Analyze earlier generated preprocessed
files simply specifying the path to these
and source files.

Launch from the command

$(CXX) $(CFLAGS) $(DFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) $< -o $@
PVS-Studio --cfg PVS-Studio.cfg --source-file $< --cl-params $(CFLAGS) $(DFLAGS) $(INCLUDES)

Add an analyzer call into your build script and view the
analysis log with the help of the PVS-Studio Standalone

Analysis of open-source
Visit the official PVS-Studio web site for numerous examples of real errors found by
our analyzer in hundreds of open-source projects, including even such famous ones
as Google Chromium, Qt, Unreal Engine, Oracle Virtual Box, and so on.
A regularly updated list:

OOO "Program Verification

What do we do?

We develop the PVS-Studio static code analyzer detecting errors in C, C++, C++11
Custom development. Possessing extensive knowledge about how to create safe and
reliable C++ and C# code, we offer services of remote software development and