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Abdurrahmah Shaleh
Moch. Hafiz
Bangkit Satrio Utomo
Ahmad Indra H

Narrative Structure

structure (steps)
a. Orientation
b. Complication
c. Climax
d. Resolution
e. Reorientation

(moral value)

Definition of Narrative Text

Narrative text is a text which contains about story (fiction/non
fiction/tales/folktales/fables/myths/epic) and its plot consists of climax of
the story (complication) then followed by the resolution.
The narrative text short story is telling of a story or an account of a sequence
of events. One of the four traditional forms of composition (along with
description, exposition, and persuasion). Narration differs from exposition,
which can also relate a sequence of events, in that narration need not be factual
and may be written from the perspective of a character in the text.

Generic Structure:
1. The generic sctucture of a narrative text:
1. Orientation: Sets the scene and introduces the participants.
2. Complication: A crisis arises
3. Resolution: The crisis is resolved, for the better or for worse.
4. Re-orientation: Optinal
5. Evaluation: A stepping back to evaluate the plight

Flower On The Cliff Edge
Amelias house was a quiet place. It was a hilly village. The garden of her house was
very beautiful. Flowers with various colors grew there. Amelia grew some roses.
Shes a nature lover.
One day Amelia closed her book. She felt tired after studying hard. She stood by
the window. She could see the mountain from there. It was a beautiful bluish green.
How beautiful. How wonderful it would be if I could reach the top of that mountain
without climbing.
If you want to fly up there, follow me, said a soft voices. Amelia was surprised.
Who are you? Why did you come in without permission?
My names Yuli. My home is a bit far from here. I want to be your friend, Amelia,
said the girl.
You know my name, said Amelia.
I often hear your mother calling you, Yuli answered. She reached out her hand to
Amelia. Amelia shock Yulis hand.
Why is your hand so could? Are you ill?Asked Amelia, worried.
I havent been to school for few days, said Yuli.
If you were sick, why arent you in bed now? asked Amelia.
The fresh air will make me better, Amelia, said Yuli. Yuli pulled Amelias hand. She
wanted Amelia to follow her.

Oh, no. I cannot go now. I must do my homework.

Okay. How about tomorrow? asked Yuli.
Yes, you are welcome to come back tomorrow. My mom will make some delicious
cakes for me. You must taste some Yuli. Said Amelia.
Thanks Amelia. You are so kind. Yuli waved to Amelia and then she was gone.
Amelias mother was puzzled to see her daughter talking alone.
Who were you talking to Amelia? her mother asked her.
Oh, I was talking to Yuli, my new friend, answered Amelia.
But I didnt see anybody, said Amelias puzzled mother.
This wasnt my fantasy, mom. Yuli is my real friend. Her house is a bit far from
Shell come again tomorrow. I had promised to give her the cake you make, told
You are a little bit strangle, thought Amelias mother, shaking her head again.
The next day, the sun shone brightly. It was just seven in the morning when Amelia
looked outside the window and saw Yuli behind the fence.
Oh, you are here. But why do you look sad? asked Amelia. Yuli didnt speak. There
were tears in her eyes, falling down her cheeks


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