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area to win the

Precious Monye

1. Identifying trigger passes
2. Proper Marking

3. Double Mark when appropriate

4. Physical: Work on Speed

Warm Up
Dynamic Warm Up


Ball always starts
from the GK
Red Team (4)
should overload
the area to win
the ball.
Once the ball is
become 4 vs 0
yellow team has
to put the ball on
the line.

(Time:10mins, 30mx20m area)

Global 1

(Time:10mins, 30mx20m area)

10v8+GK, Ball always starts from the Goalkeeper

Red team have to press when the ball is at the fullback or at one of
the midfield players. They should prevent the pass to the attackers.
White team scores by passing the ball to the attackers.
When red win the ball, they go to score immediately within 5 sec. with
the minimum number of passes.
Physical (Speed)-Work with Physical Trainer (20min+3 min rest)

Global 2

(Time 12mins, Area:Half-Pitch)

Normal game but in order to score, players much find
depth and pass to the black players at the end of the line.
Players must be organised when pressing for the ball.
Cool Down: Fun Shooting Exercise; 5 minutes

Attacking Play
Aim: To improve counter attacking play
Precious Monye


(Time:14mins, 30mx25m area)

Warm Up 1- 1 pass to 3, 3 to 2 and 2 to 4. Player 4 run with ball on starting

position. Players rotate, to the following marker (4 mins).

Dynamic Exercises for 6 mins.

Warm Up 2 Player 1 pass to 3, 3 to 2 and 2 to 4. 4 makes a wall pass with

player 3 and runs with ball to the starting position (4mins)

Game 1

(Time:15mins, 60mx50m area)

6v6+2GK-Reds have to keep possession, while Whites need to

win the ball, and start quick counter attack. Whites have to
score in large post, while Reds have to stop ball on the centre
midfield to get 1 point. Changing Goalkeepers every 3 mins.

Progression-Using GK as target player for Reds, and getting a

point for each pass received.

Practice 1

(Time:12mins, 60mx50m area)

1vGK-Rpractice start in 1vGK situation. Starting from lateral player to

middle players. Attacking GK quickly, in a timing challenge, for
example 5 seconds, or less.

Progression-When attacker starts running with the ball, a defender

behind him runs to win the ball and not let the attacker score.

Game 2

(Time:15mins, 60mx50m area)

6v6 (3v2+1)+ 3v3- Game starts at midfield highlighted area

3x2+1 defender, and then passing either om lateral flank or to
the striker. It becomes a 3v3 situation

Progression-Player which passes the ball from the highlighted

area follows the action to create a 4v3 situation,.

Practice 2

(Time:12mins, 60mx50m area)

2v1-2 White players vs 1 Red Player and GK. Player A starts

practice, and runs with ball to pass to B. Player D1 should be
covering and defending to prevent that player B scores. Quick
counter attack in less time possible.

Progression-When Whites start play, an extra Red defender

should go inside the are from behind the attackers to create a
2v2 situation.

Game 3

(Time:16mins, 60mx50m area)

Game 6v6 with No Restrictions

Progression-All the players have to play behind the middle
grid line, so they can attack the space to score.

Cool Down


Play in teams, by making slow runs and passing

ball not to the same player, that you received the
ball from. Goalkeepers pass the ball and make
slow runs.

Aim: To improve final pass, timing of
movements, as well as finishing. 4-4-2 System
Precious Monye

1. Receive ball on the move facing goal
2. Converge on goal to have more
3. Choose the correct type of finish
4. Show confidence in finishing
5. Show good combination of play to
create chance for the final pass
6. Negative Transition


(Time:20mins, 35mx25m area)

2 teams in a shape of 4-4-2 move the ball around

between themselves. Having 2 teams do this at the
same time, creates the obstacle of having to pass
through the other team.


Speed races are performed over a distance of 1015m with and without the ball. 6 repetitions with
work to rest 1:15 ratio.

Game 1

(Time:10mins, 25mx35m area)

4v4+2 play a possession game. The neutral act as

strikers, one at a time and can only come in for a few
seconds to create an overload.
If the 4 defenders win the ball, they try to get the ball
to the opposite end line. One striker can also defend
to create an overload defensively.

Practice 1

(Time:10mins, 60mx50m area)

Pitch is split into 3 zones. On the side zones is a 3v2. The

ball is fed out to a side channel to finish with a cross. A
second ball is fed to the other side,
Next a GK feeds the ball to the striker to perform a
passing combination. If defenders win the ball, they
can go and score.

Game 2

(Time:10mins, 60mx50m area)

9vs8 Game with Normal Game conditions,

focusing on attacking movement and finishing.

Practice 2

(Time:10mins, 60mx50m area)

Practice attacking corners with negative transition.

A corner is taken and followed by a ball rolled out
from the other side to defend. Players who will be on
the half way and in the box, while we have an
attacking corner, must handle a counter attack

Cool Down
Light Jogging and Stretching