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Procedures for

registration of a trade

Trade Union act

Trade Union Section 2(h) of the Trade Unions
Act, 1926 has defined a trade union as :
Any combination, whether temporary or
permanent, formed primarily for the purpose of
regulating the relations between workmen and
employers, or between workmen and workmen,
or between employers and employers, or for
imposing restrictive conditions on the conduct
of any trade or business, and includes any
federation of two or more trade unions.

Then this definition talks about three
relationships. They are relationship
between the: Workmen and workmen,
Workmen and employers, Employers and
According to Dale Yoder A trade union is
a continuous association of workers which
is formed with purpose of protecting the
interests of workers.

Procedures for registration of a trade union

Any group of seven or more persons can form a Trade
No Trade Union of the workmen shall be registered unless
at least 10% or 100, which ever is less, persons engaged
or employed in the Establishment or industry with which it
is connected are the members of such trade union on the
date of making of application for registration.
A registered Trade Union of workmen shall at all times
continue to have not less than ten per cent, or one
hundred of the workmen, whichever is less, subject to a
minimum of seven, engaged or employed in an
establishment or industry with which it is connected, as its

The minimum age limit for membership of a Trade Union is 18 years
unless the rules of a particular trade union provide for higher age
For being an office bearer the person has to be above 18 years of
Every application for registration of a Trade union shall be made in
(Form A)appended to the Trade Unions Act 1926 before the
Registrar of Trade Unions and shall be accompanied by a copy of
Rules of the trade union and a statement giving following
(a)Names, occupations and address of the members making

In addition, the following documents are required to be submitted along with the application form: Photocopy of Minutes Book
Photocopy of Membership Forms
Photocopy of Membership Register
Specimen of Cash Receipt
Specimen of Cash Expenditure Voucher
Photocopy of Cash Book
Two Copies of constitution incorporating all items as prescribed in(Scheduled II)of the Trade
Unions Act, 1926(Annexure A)
Photocopy of Service/Employment Proof of all members of union
Affidavit from General Secretary of Union in prescribed format( Annexure B)
N.O.C. from the owner for Union office.
Duly paid Treasurery Challan of RS.25/-( Registration fee) in the S.B.I. Old Sectt. Branch, Delhi-54
under the head Labour & Employment-Receipts under Labour Law to Registration of Trade
(Schedule III)(Where a trade union is in existence for more than a year bfore making an
application to the Registrar the application should be accompanied by a general statement of
assets and liabilities of the trade union as Form A appended to the Trade Unions Act 1926)