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History of the RH


What is reproductive
a state of complete physical, mental and
social well-being and not merely the absence of
disease or infirmity in all matters relating to the
reproductive system and to its functions and
Even though RH is defined to be a persons
holistic health, matters relating to a couples sex
life are inextricably linked to this topic.

Population, and
Reproductive Health Laws
RA 4729
RA 5921
June 19, 1966 June 21, 1969

RA 9710
RA 10354
Aug 14, 2009
Dec 21, 2012

Enactment of measures
RA 6365
PD 71
to promote the mitigation
of population growth Aug 16, 1971Dec 8, 1972
December 11, 1967

RA 4729 (June 19, 1966)

An Act to Regulate the Sale, Dispensation, and/or
Distribution of Contraceptive Drugs and Devices
Contraceptive drugs and devices were allowed
Sale, dispensation and distribution should be:
by a duly licensed drug store or pharmaceutical
company and
with the prescription of a qualified medical practitioner.

RA 5921 (June 21, 1969)

An Act Regulating the Practice of Pharmacy and
Setting Standards of Pharmaceutical Education in
the Philippines
Contained provisions relative to "dispensing of
abortifacients or anti-conceptional substances and
"no drug or chemical product or device capable of
provoking abortion or preventing conception as
classified by the Food and Drug Administration shall
be delivered or sold to any person without a proper
prescription by a duly licensed physician. (Sec. 37)

RA 6365 (August 16,

An Act Establishing a National Policy on
Population, Creating the Commission on
Population and for Other Purposes (Population
The law envisioned that "family planning will be
made part of a broad educational program; safe
and effective means will be provided to couples
desiring to space or limit family size; mortality
and morbidity rates will be further reduced."

PD 71 (December 8,
"Revising the Population Act of Nineteen Hundred
And Seventy-One.
which, among others, made "family planning a
part of a broad educational program," provided
"family planning services as a part of over-all
health care," and made "available all acceptable
methods of contraception, except abortion, to all
Filipino citizens desirous of spacing, limiting or
preventing pregnancies."

RA 9710 (August 14,

The Magna Carta for Women
Mandated the State to provide for comprehensive
health services and programs for women,
including family planning and sex education,
among others

RA 10354 (December 21,

Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health
Act of 2012 (RH Law)
Among others, mandated the State to provide for
comprehensive health services and programs for
women, including family planning and sex
For it to be fully enforced, Implementing Rules and
Regulations were created and approved on March
15, 2013, containing 18 Rules.