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Researchers have taken pains to

document a truth w/c the bible
Human beings are an integrated whole.
What we often divide into the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of
a person are really interrelated and inseparable.
In other words, what affects that mind, affects the body. Our spiritual
condition has an impact on our physical condition and vice versa.
Example: Scientific researchers have found in controlled studies that
happy, joyful laughter produces measureable changes in a persons
immune system. It can help the body fights diseases better, by being

Studies shows how closely the mind and body work together.

Thousands of years ago Gods word

pointed out this vital connection
between the mind & body- this is
accepted by medical theory.

Wise men said: Watch your thoughts for they become

words. Choose your words for they become actions.
Understand your actions for they become your character.
Develop your character for it becomes your destiny of
your choice.

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up

the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

According to the apostle

John, how closely related
are the mind and body to
our spiritual being.
Dear friend, I pray that
you may enjoy good
health and that all may
go well with you, even as
your soul is getting
along well. -3 John 2

Our creator wants us to enjoy good health.

The words of God can serve as our fountain of health, as well as our fountain of eternal life.

Since physical and mental health and our spiritual well-being go hand-in-hand, Paul makes
the following appeal.

Whether you eat or drink or whatever

you do, do it all for the glory of God.
Corinthian 10:31

The gospel includes both physical &

spiritual restoration. A healthy lifestyle
can help us be vibrant Christians.

8 Essentials to Follow if You Really Want to

Live a Healthier and More Productive life
1. Pure Air: proper ventilation of our
home or workplace insures that our
blood will properlu distribute enough
oxygen to all parts of our body.
2. Sunlight: helps our body
synthesize or make its own vit.D
which is an essential nutrient or
hormone for our skin. Vit.D helps
blood to produce calcium and
phosphorus which build and repair
bone mass.

3. Rest: body needs rest in order to repair itself. Recharging our spiritual
batteries on a daily basis is very important to our physical health.

-A Christians daily time of meditation,

bible study, and prayer will heal the
body & soul.

4. Exercise: vital to our health, helps

to normalize blood pressure, allows
more blood to reach all parts of the
body keeping the extremities warm,
releases both physical and emotional
tension, helping you to feel better about
life. The best cure for worry and stress.

Provides electrical energy to the

brain and nerve cells, promotes
health by stimulating the immune
system, helps your complexion,
makes you more energetic thus
delaying both physical and
emotional fatigue, it aids in the
brains production of a chemical
that gives you a sense of wellbeing and increases your
tolerance for pain.
5. Water: essential to every cell in
the body, our body is made of 70%
water, it requires about 2 quarts
of water per day to perform all of
its functions.

6. Proper diet

7. Avoid things that are harmful: wine is a mocker and beer a

Proverbs 20:1

brawler, whatever is led astray by them is not wise.

8. Trust in Divine Power: A person haunted by fear or guilt will find it

hard to benefit fully from the health practices but a person enjoying a
positive faith in God will experience the ultimate source of well-being.

7 Rules to be happy
1)Never hate
2)Dont worry
3)Live simply
4)Expect little
5)Give a lot
6)Always smile

7) Stay healthy


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