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Finger Print Based Time attendance

Presented By:Shaikh Shahzad Adil

Dyanand Lawty
Waghmare Sachin
Atul Tamsekar
Amar Chitte

Short Introduction to over


the attendances of
students have became a hectic
work as sometimes their
attendance may be registered or
missed. To overcome this
problem i.e. to get the
attendances registered perfectly
we are taking the help of two
different technologies viz.

Whats embedded ?

embedded system is some combination of

computer hardware and software, either fixed
in capability or programmable, that is
specifically designed for a particular function.
Industrial machines, automobiles, medical
equipment, cameras, household appliances,
airplanes, vending machines and toys (as well
as the more obvious cellular phone and PDA)
are among the myriad possible hosts of an
embedded system.
Embedded systems that are programmable are
provided with programming interfaces, and
embedded systems programming is a
specialized occupation.

Whats Bio-Metrics ?


is the science and technology of

measuring and analyzing biological data.
In information technology, biometrics refers to
technologies that measure and analyze
human body characteristics, such as DNA,
fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice
patterns, facial patterns and hand
measurements, for authentication purposes.
Authentication by biometric verification is
becoming increasingly common in corporate
and public security systems, consumer
electronics and point of sale (POS)
applications. In addition to security, the
driving force behind biometric verification has
been convenience.

Requirements of over

: Embedded C, Keil, Proload

Microcontroller : AT89S52
Power Supply : +5V, 500mA
Display : LED 5mm, 16 X 2 LCD
Crystal : 11.0592MHz
Biometric Sensor : FIM3030N
Storage Capacity : Up to 100 finger print
Image Registration : Through Serial

Block Diagramed

Definition of Embeded C

use of C language to program

microcontrollers is becoming too
common. And most of the time its not
easy to build an application in assembly
which instead you can make easily in C.
So Its important that C language for
microcontroller which is commonly
known as Embedded C. As we are going
to use Keil C51 Compiler, hence we also
call it Keil C.
Embedded C is an extension to the C
programming language aimed at
providing support for high level -high

About Microcontroller AT89S52

8-bit Microcontroller with 8K Bytes InSystem Programmable Flash The AT89S52

is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8bit Microcontroller with 8K bytes of insystem programmable Flash memory. The
device is manufactured using Atmels highdensity nonvolatile memory technology
and is compatible with the indus trystandard 80C51 instruction set and pinout.
The on-chip Flash allows the program
memory to be reprogrammed in-system or
by a conventional nonvolatile memory programmer. By combining a versatile 8-bit
CPU with in-system programmable Flash
on a monolithic chip, the Atmel AT89S52
is a powerful Microcontroller which
provides a highly-flexible and costeffective solution to many embedded
control applications. By ATMEL

About LED,s5mm and LCD 16 x 2


emit light when an electric current

passes through them.
16 x 2 Character LCD's all with Back light
have the standard HD44780 type controller
for interfacing to a microcontroller or

About Biometric Sensor

Biometric sensor combines the physical traits of human body with

digital technology to give birth to biometric security. These
semiconductor devices are provided with template database and
algorithms to match live biometric samples with those stored in the
database. Needless to say, various fields around us have been
touched by the usefulness of these devices and more application
areas are being discovered. Tagged as state-of-the-art biometric
devices, you can depend upon them for high recognition accuracy.

Features of Biometric Sensor

* Distinct algorithms are installed in a biometric sensor to ensure
precise user authentication as the output.
* Analog to digital converters are main features of these devices,
which convert biometric analog data to digital codes.
* The physical traits, like fingerprints, face metrics, vein structures
in hands and others are used by these devices to prepare
* Fast identification and verification are included in the list of
features offered by these biometric security devices.
* These devices are available in three different categories,
including semiconductor sensors, optical sensors and ultrasound

Modules Of Biometric
This module can operate in 2 modes they are Master

mode and User mode. We will be using Master mode to

register the fingerprints which will be stored in the ROM
present on the scanner with a unique id.
When this module is interfaced to the microcontroller,
we will be using it in user mode. In this mode we will be
verifying the scanned images with the stored images.
When coming to our application the images of the
students will be stored in the module with a unique id.
To register their attendance the students have to scan
their image which is then verified with the image
present in fingerprint module and their attendance is
registered for that day.

Working of 8051 microcontroller


scanner is interfaced to 8051

microcontroller through max232
enabling serial communication.

By using this controller we will be

controlling the scanning process.
After the scanning has been completed
the result is stored in the microcontroller.
By simply pressing a switch we can get
the list of absentees for that day.

Power supply

This project uses regulated 5V,

500mA power supply.
7805 three terminal voltage
regulator is used for voltage
Bridge type full wave rectifier is
used to rectify the ac out put of
secondary of 230/12V step down



manual errors
No false attendance
Need not remember any
Need not to carry any card

Scopes for Advancements


modem can be connected to

this unit to communicate to the
parents / HR Department, in case
of absence of the candidate.
RTC can be interfaced to record
login and logout time.



are using finger print

modems for access control,
Stores, attendance recording, and
machine operation
Banks and ATM
Voter Identification and electoral
Personal Computers
Automotives and high end cars

Thanking U!