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Nilkamal furnitures

Group 1

A PLC founded in 1981, headquartered at
Revenue of US $240Million
Asias largest Plastic Processor of Moulded
Worlds largest manufacturer of Moulded
Product Range : Plastic furniture,Dining
Tables,Racks,Stools,Industrial Pallets,Waste
Bins,Insulated Crates.

Some products of Nilkamal

Has 7 large manufacturing plants in
All 7 plants are fully computerised
The Goods to hubli are fetched from
the manufacturing unit at
Goods are dumped at the Gabbur
Godown of the company, at Hubli
and then distributed over to the
franchisees & retailers.

Basics of Sales Strategy &

Personal Selling

Managing Sales Force.

Sales force differs across geographies,
while some product lines need specialized
sales personnel.
The basic qualification & Strengths would
range from good regional communicational
skills to being well versed with the
companies strategies.
The compensation system is such that, the
more you get us, the more we will get you.

Designing & Managing Sales

Objective Setting : Route Plan, the
product to be pushed,
communicating new schemes with
their prices and benefits to the buyer
Sales Policy training : The executives
are given the expected margins and
they cannot crack a deal below that.
It also Happens whenever a new
product /scheme is introduced

Structure & Size : The sales manager decides the structure & size
for the territory.
There are 4 executives across Belgaum,Dharwad & Haveri
corridors, all of them reporting to sales manager at the end of the
Sales force Compensation : Compensation to executives is based
on the time in which they get the payments from the buyers.
- credit period
Recruiting & Selecting of Sales force is done by sales manager
through interview based on the regional communication,
knowledge about the products, convincing skills & the right
qualification required for the job.
Guiding & Motivating : GURUKUL
Performance Rating : Monthly assessment of the executives done
by 360 degree appraisal.

Duties & Responsibilities of Sales

Regularly conducts product research by
interaction with the customers.
Interaction with the sales executives helps
the manager in doing sales research.
Sales Managers communicates with his
higher authorities regarding advertisement
& promotional needs.
Monthly meetings with RSM is called for
,issues regarding sales policies & schemes
are discussed.

Prospecting :
-Acquaintance References
-Cold Calling
-Direct Mail/ Telephone method
Pre- Approach : Background study of
the prospects such as the
potentiality, likes & dislikes etc.

The Approach : Process Adopted

- Sales Executive approach the
customers by seeking an advance
appointment through mailers/
telephone calls.
- Sales executives also approach the
customers by seeking an advance
appointment through a reference
from a friend, business associate etc

Successful Approach : The factors

- Prior Appointment
- Timing
- Effective Presentation
- Follow up
Method of Approach :
- Cashing in on Brand Name
- Customer Benefit Approach
- The Approach of Making the Prospect
Feel Important
- Interactive Approach


Nilkamal does Sales forecasting on

quarterly basis.
The sales forecasted for the third
quarter of the year is approximately
about 2.1 Crores for the HubliDharwad-Belgaum-Haveri Belt.
Sales Policy : Example
Nilkamal Furniture follows vertical
type of Organization

Recruitment & Selection

Nilkamal furniture has an internal based recruitment system

Competitors & Other Sources
Reference method.
Online job portals

Prime Observations during selection

Past experience
Communication Skills
Educational background
Product Knowledge
Local language Proficiency
Self Motivation & Appearence

Steps for Recruitment

The request for Executives is put up by the
Regional Heads to the HR Dept.
The HR Dept reverts with the requests
The respective regional heads will perform the
selection procedure which include
- Application scrutiny through online job portals
- personal interview
- reference check.
Nilkamal does not have a structured interview
format and usually happens informally

Sales Force Training

On job Training
3 months period
1 week training for higher level
executives in order to introduce the
company operations and authorities
Training program for executives is more
emphasized on negotiating with the
schemes and offers , communication
skills and product knowledge.


Salary Basis
RSM : 75K
ASM : 50K
Exe : 25K

Franchisee owners can posses as many as sales

exe for their showrooms/stores and their
compensation is looked after by the franchisee
The compensations in franchisee is on
commission basis.

Target Commission
Sales in Rs Commission
> 70000/month - 1.5 to 2%
70K to 1.5 Lac 3%
>1.5 Lac
Bonus is given to the employees of
the company yearly once

Re Imbursement
For ASM :
Travel Expenses
Lodging Expenses
Boarding Expenses
Misc Expenses
For Exe :

Appraisal is done using self appraisal
method as well as by the HR Dept.

Sales Targets
7 crores target per year
Hubli dwd 40 lak/month
Belgum 25 to 30 lak/ month