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Modeling Techniques Session

Real Quick
Did You Know This?

Save Defaults Stores Project


Defaults menu
Stanard.prf and
standard.prf.more are
created in
model\attribtes folder
Copy those files to
XS_FIRM folder
Now no Longer have
to type this in on new

Points Commands for Finding

Intersection Points

Pick two points to form two lines (like for back face of

Pick each part, and point will be created at center intersections

Solid Web Model: Visual Status Reports

Understanding Bolts

Two Insertion Points form the X direction

- In Cut Length forces Length

Understanding Bolts: Cut Length

- In Cut Length forces Length

Distance / 2 to figure out what to bolt through on a part

Understanding Bolts: Thread In Material

X Doesnt Change
Length of Bolts

Thread Does, but isnt really shear Plane

Understanding Bolts: Thread in Material

Understanding Bolts: Thread in Material

Using Scripting To Automate

Everyday things!

Where Are Macros

Select, Then Run
Type New Name,Then Record

Then Stop
Stored in
cros\modeling or ..\drawings
Practice what macro does first, then record

Macro To Load Part Properties

Save Part Properties, with a name

Type New Macro name Plate_Vert
Press Record
Modeling>Properties>Steel Parts>Beam
Load up Plate_Vert
Press OK
Activate the Create Beam command
Press the Stop button and now your macro
is done!

Macro To Load Part Properties

Record a Macro to Set User Defined

Attributes and Load Object Rep
Beam Properties because
it works on all other parts
types like column, contour
plate, polybeam, etc.

Record a Macro to Set User Defined

Attributes and Load Object Rep
Save Away Object Rep for On Hold
Parts. This will be loaded by script

Record a Macro to Set User Defined

Attributes and Load Object Rep Steps:

First have parts

selected in model
Then Record Macro
Part Properties
User Defined Attributes
Uncheck Checkboxes
Check On Hold
Set to Yes
Press Cancel Button

Object Representation
Load OnHold Status
Cancel Dialog box
Stop Recording the
Macro are you are all

Macro To Select Parts, Run Reports

Create Select Filter

and Object Rep to

Find bad material
Record Macro
Load Select Filter and
Object Rep
Edit>Select All
Objects (Will only
Grab Selection Fitler)

Open Reports and

Cancel Main Report
Dialog Box
Change Selection
Filters back to
Stop Macro recording

Macro To Select Parts, Run Reports

Macro: Add Pourstop to many parts

You can add custom components with Tekla API
through macros.

More Neat Tricks in the Model

2D and 3D Reference Models

Export your Esheets to DWG and bring into model

for checking
Bring XML Webviewer models as an overlay to
show revision histories
Bring in 2D Joist, Grating, Architectural, or
Engineering Layouts to overlay and trace
Structural on top of or for coordination
NEW 14.0
on two
Model Files

Open E Dwg, File>Export Current, Change Scale to same as main view

Numeric Snap
1. Activate Beam


Ctrl Left Click at Corner
Drag Mouse to other
snap to define direction
Just Start typing
distance you want to
travel like 4 and
Numeric Location
Dialog will appear
Press OK and the Start
Point of your beam will
be set.


Type Snapping
in help for more
@X,Y,Z relative

Advantage No Points or Copying of Steel Required

Shear Tab Connections

Notice Skews cut to K1

Skewed, Radius beams,

Beams into Pipe Columns.

Also Check out

64, 29, 30

Hip and Valley

Magnetic Construction Lines for Hip Roof or Slope Steel

Model Steel Flat.
Lay in 3
Construction Lines as
Set Construction
Lines to Magnetic

Stretch Vertex End Points of 3 Const. lines vertically, and then Steel will be sloped as shown

Sloping Beam Rotation Change

Set Work Plane to

Part Top on Girder

Go To beam
properties of
0 out the Rotation
and Modify
The beam is then
Note: Works on Column Skews as well

Work Plane to Girder

Multiple Stretch at the Same Time

Select the Parts
Hold Down the Alt Key
+ Window from left to
right around the end
points you want to
Use the Move
Command to then
move just those end
points all at the same

Dropping Hip Beam

Model in Contour Plates to

Represent Deck

Fit your work area to selected

part in new view

Select Girder, Create Part View to

FRONT Plane (Right Click Menu)

Use line line intersection point tool

to move beam down under deck

Make sure part is selected

first, then cut section view
with 2 points

Change Work Plane to view

plane, model in deck support
plate with polybeam