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Building Utilities

Taken from UST Architecture Undergraduate Assessment Test

by Arch. Rafael Alli
Recommended review material for UST Preboard Exam
Prepared by: arkireviewph.multiply.com

1.Mho as used in electrical
systems calculation is defined
as _______.
a. the reciprocal of ohm
b. A unit of inductance
c. A unit of resistance
d. The reciprocal of siemen


- is a unit of resistance

2. A unit of mechanical power is
horsepower. What is electrical
a. Watt
b. Volt-ampere
c. Ampere
d. Both a and b


: volt-electrical potential
Ampere: electrical current

3. The following are basic component

parts of an escalator except____.
a. Balustrade assembly
b. Continuous belt
c. Step assembly
d. governor

4. In lighting and illumination

calculation, what is the unit for lux?
a. 1/ candela per sq.m.
b. 1 lumen per sq.m.
c. 1/ candela per sq.ft.
d. 1 lumen per sq.ft.


- SI unit of light intensity

SI unit - one of the basic units of the
International System of Units
1 lumen per square foot - foot candle

5. The first section of water supply

piping in a building after the water
a. Water main
b. Water distributing pipe
c. Building supply pipe
d. Water service pipe


service pipe - comes before

the service meter.

6. Tesla is the unit of____.

a. Magnetic flux
b. Magnetic induction
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

7. In Inverse Square Law, it states that:

sound intensity ______ the square
of the distance from the source.
a. Varies inversely with
b. Varies proportionally with
c. Is equal to
d. Is less than
L1 = (d2)


8. Which of the following is not a

component of a hydraulic elevator?
a. Plunger
b. Oil reservoir
c. Gate valve
d. counterweight

9. A bathroom containing a water

closet, a lavatory, and a bathtub.
a. Full bath
b. Half bath
c. Three quarter bath
d. Quarter bath

10. The following are elements of

centralized airconditioning system
except _______.
a. Air handling unit
b. Control equipment
c. Method of cooling
d. All of these

11. Acoustics is a science that

concerns with ______.
a. Transmission of sound
b. Effect of sound waves
c. Generation of sound
d. All of the above

12. A valve in which the flow of water is cut off

by means of a circular disk that fits against
the valve seat. The plane of movement of
the disk is parallel to the normal direction
of flow of water, which is turned through a
tortuous passage to direct the flow normal
to the face of the disk.
Gate valve
Check valve
Globe valve
Angle valve

13. A transformer is ______.

a. An ac device
b. A dc device
c. A mechanical device used to step
up or step down voltage in ac
d. Both a and c

14. A factor used in calculating cooling

load that includes heat transferred
from walls, doors, ceilings, etc. is
known as _____.
a. Solar load
b. Infiltration and ventilation load
c. Thermal load
d. Internal load

15. A receptacle attached to a

plumbing system other than a trap
in which water or wastes may be
collected or obtained for ultimate
into the plumbing system.
a. Valve
b. Waste pipe
c. fitting
d. fixture

16. The following are examples of prefabricated acoustical units except

a. Slotted tile or panel
b. Fissured tile panel
c. Shredded wood foamboard
d. Hardwood panel


narrow line or opening

made by cracking or
splitting,especially in rock or earth

17. The following are ways in which

heat may be transferred
a. Conduction
b. Convection
c. Polarization
d. Radiation

18. Who said these prophetic words: Let

the future tell the truth and evaluate
each one according to his work and
accomplishment. The present is theirs,
the future for which I really worked for is
Nikola Tesla
James Watt
Andre Marie Ampere
George Westinghouse

19. Which material would effectively

reduce reflected noise and
reverberation time to produce safe
and enjoyable surrounding?
a. Polyurethane foam sound absorber
b. Melamine foam linear wedges
c. Acoustical baffles
d. Vinyl encapsulate acoustical baffles

20. A type of raceway specially

constructed for the purpose of
pulling in or the withdrawing of
wires or cables after the conduit is
in place.
a. Intermediate metal conduit (IMC)
b. Rigid metal conduit (RMC)
c. Surface metal raceway (SMR)
d. Electrical metallic tubing (EMT)


or intermediate metal conduit outside house service drop.

21. The typical truss configuration

used in the installation of an
a. 2 section truss
b. 3 section truss
c. 4 section truss
d. 5 section truss

22. Any group of two or more similar

adjacent fixtures which discharge
into a common horizontal waste or
soil branch.
a. Battery of fixtures
b. Multiple fixtures
c. Series of fixtures
d. Fixture group

23. The trade name for an insulated

conductor with type letter THHN is
a. Moisture resistant thermoplastic TW
b. Thermoplastic
c. Heat resistant thermoplastic
d. None of these

24. The abbreviation DWV stands for

a. drainage, water and vent
b. Drainage, waste and valve
c. Durham, water and vent
d. Drainage, waste and vent

25. Creep is the phenomenon whereby

sound travels in a ______.
a. Straight line direction inside an
anechoic chamber
b. Rectangular shaped cavity
c. Flat surface
d. Curve surface

26. What is / are the advantage/s of a

circuit breaker over a fuse?
a. It can act as a switch
b. Its position can be easily detected
c. It can be used again after fault has
been corrected
d. All of these

27. Which is the following

characterizes centrallized
airconditioning system?
a. It uses ducts
b. Has cooling tower
c. Provided with air handling unit
d. All of these

28. A p-shaped trap commonly used

on most plumbing fixtures except
for fixture have integral trap.
a. Gooseneck
b. Drum trap
c. Bag trap
d. Running trap

29. Sound Transmission Loss (STL)

is/are affected by the following
a. Intensity of sound from source
b. Material density
c. Medium
d. All of the above

30. What switch combination may be used in

order to control a lamp or group of lamps
in three different locations?
2-s4w and 1-s3w
3 single pole switches
2-s3w and 1-s4w
*p.79 ching

31. The total cooling output of an

airconditioner during its annual usage, in
BTU/hr divided by the energy input
during the same period, in watt-hours is
known as_____.
Integrated part load value
Annual fuel utilization efficiency
Energy efficiency ratio
Seasonal energy efficiency ratio


- British Thermal Unit: the

quantity of heat required to raise the
temperature of one pound (0.4kg) of
water 1F.
Integrated part load value: weighted
Energy efficiency ratio: designated
operating hours

32. This acoustical material is

manufactured from rock wool, glass
fibers, wood fibers, hair felt, etc.
generally installed on wood or
metal framing system.
a. Acoustical tile
b. Acoustical plaster
c. Acoustical (isolation) blanket
d. Acoustical foam

33. An outhouse or structure used for

the deposition of excrement.
a. Septic tank
b. Privy
c. Drainage pit
d. Privy vault

34. Acoustical cotton fiber composite

board is manufactured using BAP.
What does BAP stand for?
a. Boarded acoustical panel
b. Beaded and pressed
c. Bent and polished
d. Bonded acoustical panel

35. Which type of refrigerant is

recommended for residential,
commercial, and industrial
application using split type airconditioning system?
a. R-11
b. R-12
c. R-22
d. R-23

36. It characterizes short circuit

a. High resistance, high current
b. Low resistance, low current
c. Low resistance, high current
d. High resistance, low current

37. A water supply pipe that extends

vertically one full storey or more to
convey water to fixture branches or
group of fixtures.
a. Up pipe
b. Riser
c. Stack pipe
d. Water stack pipe

38. A unit or assembly units or sections

and associated fittings forming a
rigid structural system used to
support cables.
a. Cable bus
b. Cable tray
c. Busway
d. wireway

39. Fusible material in a fuse may be

made of any of the following
a. Lead
b. Silver
c. Iron
d. Tin

40. Which of the following factors

affect/s room acoustics?
a. Shape and proportion of room
b. Room cavity
c. Seating and other furnishings
d. All of the above

41. A general term used for any

vertical line of soil, waste or vent
a. Vent pipe
b. Waste pipe
c. Stack
d. Soil pipe

42. It affects the resistance of a

a. Length
b. Area
c. Temperature
d. All of these

43. A condition characterized as

vertically downward directly below
the luminaire. What is that term?
a. Lumen
b. Point source
c. Nadir
d. lambert


(lm)- the SI unit of luminous

flux, equal to the light emitted in a
solid angle of one steradian by a
unifor point source having an intensity
of one candela; zonal cavity method
Point source- all directions
Lambert (L)- a unit of luminance or
brightness equal to 0.32 candela per
square centimeter.

44. The water supply pipe provided by

the water utility company where
local individual connection is done.
a. Water supply source
b. Water main
c. Water service pipe
d. Building supply pipe Between water main
and water meter

45. The term impedance is used in

transformers and other devices in
ac is a combination of _______.
a. Resistance and reactance
b. Inductance and capacitance
c. Resistivity and conductivity
d. None of these

46. A type of gypsum board available

in 1 1/2 inches or 5/8 inch
thickness and has improved fire
resistance through the use of fibers
mixed with gypsum core.
a. Type x
b. Type c
c. Regular
d. Water resistant board

47. It is also known as electric panel or

load center.
a. Convenience outlet
b. Panelboard
c. Outlet
d. Branch circuit

48. It is the product of surface area

(sq.ft.) and sound absorption
coefficient (SAC). It has the unit
a. Sound attenuation
b. Sound absorption
c. Sound amplification
d. Noise reduction

49. A cylindrical conduit or conductor,

the wall thickness is sufficient to
receive a standard pipe.
a. Conduit
b. Pipe
c. Fitting
d. leader

50. Wallace Clement Sabine, an

American physicist who pioneered
work on sound is said to be the
father of ____?
a. Environmental acoustics
b. Room acoustics
c. Architectural acoustics
d. Acoustical science

51. A loosely lined excavation in the ground

which receives the discharge of a septic
tank and designed to permit the effluent
from the septic tank to seep through the
bottom and sides of the pit.
Drain pit
Septic tank

52. A factory assembly of one or more

conductors, each individually insulated and
enclosed in a metallic sheath of interlocking
metal tape, or a smooth corrugated metallic
metal clad cable (type MC)
Shielded non-metallic sheathed cable (type
Armored cable (type AC)
Mineral insulated, metal sheathed cable
(type MI)
*p.21 CDEP

53. It is analogous to pressure in water

a. Resistance
b. Voltage
c. Current
d. power

54. When sound impinges on a

surface such as walls, floor, ceiling,
etc. It is referred to as _____.
a. Liquidborne sound
b. Solidborne sound
c. Airborne sound
d. Structureborne sound

55. The art and science of installing in

buildings the pipes, fixtures and
other apparatus for bringing in
water supply and removing water
and waterborne waste.
a. Plumbing system
b. Sanitary drainage system
c. Drainage system
d. plumbing

56. Any of a variety of soft floor finishes

made of synthetic materials such as
nylon or natural material such as wool. It
is either glued directly to the floor or
installed over an underlayment of hair
felt or foam rubber. What is it?
Panel absorber
Curtain and fabrics
Volume resonator

57. Which of the following is a violation of all the

provisions in the mechanical code on elevator
design and installation?
30mm is the diameter of hoisting and
counterweight cables
600mm is the depth of elevator pit measured
from the bottom of pit to the underside of the
car platform
3 ropes are required for traction type elevator
4 ropes are required for drum type elevator
*p.75 cdep

2 ropes for drum type


58. That part of the drainage system that

extends from the end of the building
drain and conveys its discharge to the
public sewer, private sewer, individual
sewage disposal system or other
appropriate point of disposal.
Building sewer
Building drain
Building storm drain
Building sewage pipe

59. A branch of acoustics that involves

the control of noise pollution,
environmental noise, which include
motor vehicles, aircraft noise, etc.
a. Environmental acoustics
b. Musical acoustics
c. Architectural acoustics
d. Psychological acoustics

60. Alternating current is characterized

as having _____.
a. Positive and negative polarity
b. Average value is zero
c. Has frequency
d. All of these

61. A valve in which the flow of liquid is

controlled by a rotating drilled ball
that fits tightly against a resilient
(flexible) seat in the valve body.
a. Angle valve
b. Check valve
c. Float valve
d. Ball valve

62. Pyramid is a type of commercially

produced acoustical tile. Which of
the following is not a characteristic
of this material?
a. Made of open celled polyurethane
acoustical foam
b. Available in 2,3, & 4inch thickness
c. Tetrahedral in shape
d. Ideal for audio room application

63. A vertical length of soil or waste stack at

least 8 feet in height (a storey high),
within which the horizontal branches
from one storey or floor of the building or
structure are connected to the stack.
Fixture branch
Branch drain
Branch pipe
Branch interval

64. A pipe connecting upward from a soil or

waste stack below the floor and below the
horizontal connection to an adjacent vent
stack at a point above the floor and higher
than the highest spill level of fixtures for
preventing pressure changes in the stack.
Vent stack
Yoke vent
Unit vent
Vent to vent
Individual vent

65. This material is so named in honor of a

German physicist, consista of a holllow
material with a small hole on one side.
This is used to detect individual
frequency of complex acoustic wave
Hermholtz resonator
Panel absorber

66. A kind of return bend of small-sized faucet,

one end of which is about one foot long
and the other end is about three inches. It
is commonly used as a faucet for pantry
sink and drinking fountain. Also the lead
connection between the service pipe and
the water main. Also a p-trap.

67. A continuous belt (chain) attached

to the handrail and directly
connected to the steps is known as
a. Endless belt
b. Balustrade assembly
c. Sprocket assembly
d. handrail

68. What is the minimum distance

between the handrails of
a. 600mm
b. 558mm
c. 658mm
d. 650mm

69. A watertight receptacle which the discharge of

sanitary plumbing system or part thereof,
designed and constructed to retain solids,
digest organic matter through a period of
detention and to allow the liquids to discharge
into the soil outside of the tank through a
system of open jointed subsurface piping or
seepage pit.
a. Seepage pit
b. Septic tank
c. Privy vault
d. cesspool

70. Which material would exhibit the

highest sound absorption
coefficient (SAC) value?
a. Marble
b. Wood
c. Plastic
d. carpet

71. A common measure of the probable

discharge into the drainage system by
various types of plumbing fixtures on the
basis of one unit of this being equal to a
discarge rate of 7.5 gallons per minute
or one cubic foot of water per minute.
Flow rate
Drainage fixture unit
Flow pressure
Drainage flow

72. A type of resonator made from

empty clay vessels of different
sizes. Their absorption ranges from
100-400 hertz.
a. Individual resonator
b. Slit resonator
c. Perforated resonator
d. None of the above

73. A circuit type where components

are electrically connected end to
a. Series circuit
b. Parallel circuit
c. Series parallel circuit
d. None of these

74. The installation of parts of the plumbing

system which can be completed prior to
installation of fixtures or finishing. This
includes drainage, water supply and vent
piping and necessary fixture supports.
Mock-up installation

75. These consist of loose fibers or granules

and is made from cellulose, fiberglass,
rock wool, cotton or other materials.
These materials come in bags and are
usually blown into cavities using special
equipment. What are these?
Acoustical foams
Foam panels
Loose fill insulations

76. The over-all covering of

underground feeder and branch
circuit cables shall be ____.
a. Fungus resistant
b. Corrosion resistant
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

77. A fitting or device designed and

constructed to provide, when properly
vented, a liquid seal which prevents
backflow and passage of foul air and
gases without materially affecting the
flow of sewage or wastewater through it.

78. The rustling of leaves in breeze is

said to be within the ____.
a. Threshold of hearing
b. Threshold of hearing loss
c. Threshold of inaudibility
d. Threshold of feeling

79. Unit of capacitance is _____.

a. Henry
b. Coulomb
c. Farad
d. weber

80. A suction created by the flow of

liquids in pipe, a pressure less than
the atmospheric pressure.
a. Backflow
b. Backpressure
c. Siphonage
d. Flow pressure

81. The basic elements of an electric

circuit are the following except
a. Source
b. Switch
c. Conducting path
d. Electrical load

82. A vertical pipe which conveys only

wastewater or liquid waste free of
fecal matter.
a. Waste pipe
b. Soil pipe
c. Soil stack
d. Waste stack

83. A factory assembly of two or more

insulated conductors having an outer
sheath of moisture-resistant, flame
retardant, non metallic material.
Service entrance cable (type SE and USE)
Shielded non metallic sheathed cable (type
Non metallic sheathed cable (type NM and
Mineral insulated metal sheathed cable
(type MI)

84. A pipe which conveys potable

water from the building supply pipe
to the plumbing fixtures and other
a. Water service pipe
b. Water main
c. Water distributing pipe
d. Building and water supply pipe

85. Cables are conductors that are

a. Larger than wires
b. Stranded (no.6 AWG and larger)
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

86. The following statements are true with

regards to sound except ___.
That sound is an aural sensation
That sound is caused by oscillation in an
elastic medium
That sound travels in a vacuum
That sound is caused by the vibration of
particles which move in an infinitesimal
amount causing particles to impart
motion and energy to them

87. Any pipe which conveys the discharge of

water closet, urinal or fixtures having
similar function, with or without the
discharges from other fixtures to the
building drain or building sewer.
Soil pipe
Waste pipe
Building drain
Building sewer

88. Copper as a conductor has the

property/properties of being ____.
a. Ductile
b. Malleable
c. A only
d. A and b

89. In a building consists of the water service

pipe, water supply line, water distributing
pipes and the essential branch pipes,
valves and all other appurtenances for
the supply of potable water.
Water supply system
Water pipe system
Water distribution system
Building water service and sewage piping

90. The velocity of sound is affected by

a. Temperature
b. Kind of medium
c. Material density
d. All of the above

91. Which of the following metallic

materials is considered as the best
conductor of electricity?
a. Copper
b. Aluminum
c. Iron
d. Gold

92. What aspect/s of environment or

surroundings is/are considered in
air-conditioning system for human
a. Temperature of the surrounding air
b. Motion of air
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

93. Example/s of conductors-oninsulator wiring is are ______.

a. Concealed knob and tube
b. Open wiring on insulators
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

94. What is the refrigerant name of R12?

a. Monochlorotrifluoromethane
b. Dichlorodifluormethane
c. Monochlorodifluormethane
d. Trichloromonofluoromethane

95. The recommended speed for

escalators ranges from____.
a. 90-120fpm
b. 130-180fpm
c. 165-180fpm
d. 60-80fpm

96. A type of surface flush raceway

designed to receive conductors and
receptacles assembled in the field
or in the factory.
a. Underfloor raceway
b. Multi-outlet assembly
c. Cellular metal floor raceway
d. Surface metal raceway (SMR)

97. Transondent facings are those

transparent facings with holes.
Which facing will reflect more
a. 10% opening
b. 20% opening
c. 30% opening
d. 40% opening

98. A type of switch used for

transferring one or more load
conductor connections from one
power source to another.
a. Transfer switch
b. Isolating switch
c. General use switch
d. General snap switch

99. Which of the following sources of

sound produces the highest sound
pressure level (SPL)?
a. Loud street noise
b. Accelerating motorcycle 50ft away
c. Office activities
d. Cafeteria with people in it

100. What are the property(ies) of concrete

as an acoustical material which are/is
Aerated concrete is fairly absorptive
Concrete provides virtually no
Concrete accepts and transmits impact
All of the above

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Source: USAT 2006 Building Utilities 1,2,3
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