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* Deniz, kar, hemen

her ortama ini
* 60 km/s ile uabilme
zellii ile gezi uuslar
iin ideal.
* Monte edilebilir, son
teknoloji kiziltesi
kamera sistemi
sayesinde, yerin 50m
altna kadar grebilme
imkan; bylelikle
topografi, boru hatt
gzetleme vs gibi
cografi aratrmalar
yapabilme imkan.
* 568 lt su tama
* 1 tondan fazla yk
tayabilme kapasitesi.
* Tek pilot ile 10 yolcu

Max. Uus Ykseklii25,000 ft
Kalk mesafesi197 m
Ini mesafesi127 m
Max. hz220 km/s
MENZILIMax. menzil927 kmExtra tank ile max.
menzil1612 kmMax. uus sresi4 saat 20 dkExtra
tank ile max. uus sresi7 saat 35 dk
Ortalama yakt tketimi148 lt/Sder
Takribi fiyat:1,000,050 - 1,105,000

Uus saati bana dsen masraf253.62 $ (pilot ve

sigorta masraf hari)
Max. yolcu kapasitesi9 + 2 pilot


PC-6 Specification / Performance Performance
Max cruise speed125 ktas232 km TAS
Stall speed (idle power) with flaps up58 ktas108 km TAS
Stall speed (idle power) with flaps down52 ktas97 km TAS
Max range (optimum speed, no reserves, at 10'000 ft)500 nm927 km
Endurance at optimum speed, no reserves4 h 20 min Max range with
underwing tanks *870 nm1'612 km Endurance with underwing tanks *7 h
35 min
Max operating altitude25'000 ft8'197 m
Take-off ground roll at sea level646 ft197 m
Take-off distance over 50 ft obstacle1'558 ft475 m
Take-off distance over 50 ft obstacle (STOL)1'443 ft440 m
Max rate of climb at sea level1'010 ft/min331 m/min
Max rate of climb at 5'000 ft935 ft/min307 m/min
Average fuel consumption39 US Gal/h148 ltr/h
WeightsMax ramp weight6'195 lb2'810 kg
Max take-off weight6'173 lb2'800 kg
Max landing weight5'863 lb2'660 kg Max zero fuel weight5'291 lb2'400
PowerplantPratt & Whitney CanadaPT6A-27
Take-off power (flat rated)550 SHP
Thermodynamic power680 SHP Propeller
, constant speed, fully reversing3 blade Hartzell(Aluminum) Propeller
speed2000 rpm Time between overhaul3'600 hr

The PC-6 is one of the worlds best loved parachuting planes. Thanks to its outstanding STOL capabilities, its
climb rate and the ability to accommodate up to 10 skydivers, more and more drop zone operators are now
opting for the Porter.

Transport / Cargo
Providing in excess of 3 m of useable cubic capacity, with capacity for a payload of over 1000 kg, the PC-6 is the
perfect cargo transporter. Freight is fixed simply but securely to the seat rails (T-rails) using special mountings.
And with its outstanding STOL characteristics, the Porter will fly you into areas otherwise only accessible by
helicopter - but the per 100 kg transport cost is still well below what you would pay with a helicopter.

The Porter provides an extremely stable platform, making it ideal for aerial photography, survey and
photogrammetric operations.
The PC-6's versatility extends from flight at low level in narrow valleys to a service ceiling of 29'000 ft.
Two men can quickly install the camara. An oil collector system and exhaust deflector can be installed to
protect the camera lens.

The PC-6 easily tows two sailplanes or does an outstanding job in banner towing.
The specially designed coupling is available as an option.
It is easy to use and maintain.

The large sliding doors allow easy loading and unloading of the stretchersThe Porter combines:

The range and economy of a fixed-wing aircraft

The capability to access remote areas almost as well as a helicopter
The quiet qualities ideally suited to operation from hospital airstrips


The Porter can be equipped with skis allowing operation on snowfields/glaciers.

The skis can be lowered and raised in flight enabling the
aircraft to land on both snow and runways.

Being operated on both seaplane and amphibian floats in several countries the Turbo Porter has proved
to be a successful seaplane.
The floats modification is covered by an STC hold by Wipaire, Inc.
Floats Type: Wipline 6100

Desert and Bush Operation

The Turbo Porter is designed to operate under the most unfavourable conditions. Specially designed
options, as described below, are available to turn the PC-6 easily in a desert horse that can be
operated on stony, soft, or muddy ground.
Engine Air Intake Filter to protect the engine against sand erosion when operation in the desert or similar
Debris Guard to protect the tail wheel against damage caused by loose stones etc. when operating from
unprepared airstrips - this is also a mandatory installation when the aircraft is used for parajumping.
Oversize wheels to give more manoeuvrability on soft ground.
Stone Deflector to protect the stabilizer against stones thrown up by the main wheels.
Glass Fibre reinforcement to protect the stabilizer against damage from sand, hail or stones etc.
From the ability to operate from different types of unprepared airstrips and in harshest environments the
PC-6 has proven to be the real "workhorse" of the air.

Fire Fighting
For fire fighting operations, the same basic equipment tank and dump gate is used
as for agricultural operations. Each load of water dropped extinguishes an area of fire
measuring up to 20m width and 60 to 120 m length depending on the dropping
altitude. The tank capacity is 1150 litres (304 US gal).
It is well known that to keep a fleet of specialized fire fighting aircraft on permanent
standby is an expensive exercise. No such headaches when operating a Porter. When
the emergency arises the aircraft can easily and within a short time be converted into
an efficient fire fighter.

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