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Informatica Training

Business Information Group

Informatica Tuning

To optimize the Informatica mapping to
execute faster
To optimize session performance by
eliminating performance bottlenecks.
Informatica Training

To satisfy the customer to give the

result in expected time

Identifying the performance


Optimizing the Target Database

Optimizing the Source Database

Optimizing the Mapping

Optimizing the Session

Optimizing the system


Informatica Training

Identify Target Bottlenecks

Identify the target type

If the target is database, configure the

session to write to a flat file and
measure the performance

If the target is already a flat file, they

you may not have target bottlenecks
Informatica Training

Identify Source Bottlenecks

Using a Filter Transformation

Using a Read Test Session

Using a Database Query

Informatica Training

Identifying Mapping

High Rowsinlookupcache counters

High Errorrows counters

Informatica Training

Identifying a Session

Aggregator, Rank and Joiner

Readfromdisk and Writetodisk counters

Source and Target BufferInput_efficiency

and buffer output_effeciency counters

Informatica Training

Identifying system

Identify system bottlenecks by using system tools

to monitor CPU usage, memory usage and paging.

In windows NT/2000, use Performance tab in Task


In Unix, use vmstat and iostat to monitor system


Informatica Training

Optimizing the Target


Drop indexes and key constraints

Increase checkpoint intervals

use bulk loading

use external loading

Turn off recovery

Increase database network packet size

optimize Oracle target database

Informatica Training

Optimizing Oracle Target


Make sure that tables are using large Initial and next

Store table and index data in separate table space,

preferably on different disks

Make sure that the database stores rollback segments in

appropriate tablespaces.

Tune the Oracle redo log

Informatica Training

Optimize the source flat file

Change the bytes per line as per the

source structure

Set the Line sequential Buffer Length

setting in the session properties

Informatica Training

Optimizing the source DB

Optimize the query

Create tempdb as in-memory database

use conditional filters

Increase database network packet size

Connect to Oracle databases using IPC protocol.

Informatica Training

Optimizing the Mapping

Configure single-pass reading

Optimize datatype conversions

Eliminate transformation errors

Optimze transformations

Optimize expressions

Informatica Training

Optimizing Lookup Trans

Caching Lookup

Reduce the number of Number of

cached rows


Informatica Training

Optimizing FILTER trans

Filtering early in the flow

Move the filter into source qualifier

avoid using complex exressions

Informatica Training

Optimizing Aggregator Trans

Group by simple cols

Use sorted input

Use incremental aggregation

Informatica Training

Other Trans optimization

Joiner Transformations

Sequence Genarator

Informatica Training

Optimizing Expressions

Factoring out common logic

Minimizing aggregate function calls

Replacing common sub-expressions with Local variables

Choosing Numeric versus string comparision

Char-char and char-varchar

Decode versus Lookup

Informatica Training

Optimizing IIF Expressions

Evaluate expression

Informatica Training

Informatica Training

Optimizing the session

Run concurrent batches

Partition sessions

Reduce errors tracing

Remove staging areas

Tune session parameters

Informatica Training

Optimizing system

Improving Network speed

Reducing Paging

Informatica Training


Optimizing the source Database

Optimizing the Target Database for


Informatica Training

Creating Performance

Enable Monitoring

Viewing Session Performance details

Understanding Performance counters

Informatica Training

New Features & Enhancements 5.1

Performance Enhancements
High precision decimal arithmetic
To_decimal and Aggregate functions
Cache Management
Partition sessions with sorted aggregation

Informatica Training

Designer Features

Debug mapplets

Support for / in table and field names

Informatica Training

Server features

Continuous sessions

Informatica Training

Version 5.0


Double click folder icon to open the folder and tool

Find in Workspace tool

Full screen view

Invalid mapping icon

Lookup cache

Mapping parameters and variables

New Designer shortcut keys

New workspace look

Object Import and export

Preview data

Informatica Training

Reimporting the source-target, retain relationship

Resizable Expression Editor


save mapping and mapplets under a different name

XML source & targets

Expanded pmcmd capability

In Repository Manager
Compare folders
Copy and replace folder
Display user privileages
Informatica Training

Server Manager 5.0

Additional email Variables

Additional server variables

copy session

Global validation of session

Read only priv for sessions

Transformation Language Enhancements


Informatica Training