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Semester - 2
Assessment - 1

Prepared By:
Kalpit Raval
1st year.

This menu is generally divided into a number of courses.

They comprise of groups of dishes; each group having a typical
identity of its own,
The identity is based on nature & composition of the dishes with
respect to:
I. Taste
II. Consistency
III. Quantity
IV. Basic material
V. Salty, sweet & tangy, etc.
VI. Solid/liquid
VII. Small portion/large portion
VIII. Meat, fish, poultry, etc.


1.) Hors doeuvres : hors doeuvres applies to the service of various cold
salads & compound saladsolives, prawns, etc..
2.) Potages(soups) : Includes all soups, both hot & cold.
3.) Egg dishes(oeufs) :
All the egg dishes are included in this course.
4.) Farineux(Pasta & rice) : Includes all the pasta & rice dishes.
5.) Poisson (Fish dishes) : All the hot & cold fish dishes.
6.) Entre : main course, small well garnished dishes (ready to serve)
accompanied by a rich sauce or gravy.
7.) Sorbet : Served to give pause within a meal i.e lightly frozen water
ices(based on unsweetened fruit juice, or could be served with a spirit, liqueur
or champagne poured over; russian cigarettes are also offered.

8.) Relev : Main roasts or other larger joints of meat, served along with
potatoes & vegetables.
9.) Roast (roti) : includes roasted game or poultry dishes.
10.) Vegetables (legumes) : Vegetable dishes are served seperately as an
individual course; now most commonly served as starters.
11.) Salade (salad) : Simply a green salad & dressing; basically Served after
main course.
12.) Buffet Froid (cold buffet) : Includes variety of cold meats & fishes,
cheese & egg items together with a range of salads & dressings.
13.) Fromage (cheese) : Cheese based dishes, with various accompaniments
including biscuits, breads, celery, grapes & apples.
14.) Entremets (sweets) : Hot & cold puddings.
15.) Savoureux (savoury) : savouries such as welsh rarebit or other items on
toast, or in pastry are served.
16.) Dessert (Fruit) : Fresh fruit & nuts are served.
17.) Caf : Hot & cold beverages.

The classic menu outlined here, is based on a logical

process of taste sensations. This classic sequence also
provides the guide for the compilation of both a-la-carte
& table dhote menus. This number of courses are often
now grouped together as:
Starters Courses 1 to 4.
Main courses courses 5, 6, & 8 to 12.
Afters courses 13 to 16.
Beverages 17th course.


Today, a menu of this size is hardly ever offered
nowdays. But even today's shorter menus of the
hotels, follow the structure of the classical
French menus as far as succession of courses
is concerned. They always start with something
light to stimulate the appetite, build up to the
main course, and then become lighter toward
the end of the meal, based on the demends or
on request of the guest.


o A full-course dinner is seldom served in hotels today, but
the sequence of courses are respected even if some are
omitted. The general standard at present is for a four- or fivecourse meal to be served for dinner in table dhote menu i.e
buffet service ( hotels)
o This menu has a fixed no. of courses; (i.e 4 to 5)
o There is a limited choice with each course offered to the guest.
o The selling price is fixed (for complete menu)
o The food is usually avaliable at a preset time (generally 11am1pm *lunch* & 8pm-11pm *dinner*)

The choice is generally more extensive (as the
guest can choose number of the courses & the
dishes on their own.)
Each dish is priced seperately!
There maybe longer waiting times as some dishes
are cooked or finished to order.

Three-Course Dinner Menu:

1. Hors doeuvre or soup
2. Main course with vegetables and potatoes or salad
3. Sweet or savory

Four-Course Dinner Menu:

1. Hors doeuvre or soup
2. Fish course
3. Main course with vegetables and potatoes or salad
4. Sweet or savory

Five-Course Dinner Menu:

1. Hors doeuvre or soup
2. Fish course
3. Main course with vegetables and potatoes or salad
4. Sweet
5. Savory

Six-Course Dinner Menu:

1. Hors doeuvre or soup (potage)
2. Fish (poisson)
3. Entre
4. Main (releve or remove) with (pommes et legumes
ou salade)
5. Sweet (entremets)
6. Savory (savoureux ou bonne bouche)

Seven-Course Dinner Menu:

1. Hors doeuvres or soup
2. Potage
3. Poisson
4. Entre
5. Releve / Remove - Pommes et
6. Roast (roti) Salade
7. Entremets or Bonne / Bonne

Eight-Course Dinner Menu:

1. Hors doeuvres
2. Postage
3. Poisson
4. Entre
5. Releve / Remove - Pommes et
6. RotiSalade
7. Entremets
8. Savories / Bonne Bouche