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Mosa I. Amin
John Carlo Amodia
Said A. Sayre Jr
Jerick Nadal

Health & Safety

Warning Sign

Safety Occupational Health


safety and
health(OSH) also commonly referred to
asoccupational health and
safety(OHS) orworkplace health
and safety(WHS) is an area concerned
with thesafety,healthandwelfareof
people engaged inwork or

Safety Disadvantage in the


Safety Programs
Personal Protective Equipment
Workplace Inspection
OSH Inspection

Work Hazard

While working in an office doesn't keep you safe

from work-related physical problems such as
carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain
injuries, people who work in construction,
manufacturing plants, maritime operations,
general industry and warehouses often face
greater risks because of the hazardous materials
and equipment they work with.

Work Hazard

Safety Programs

though OSH standards require

employers to train workers to handle
equipment safety, not all do, which puts
you at a disadvantage.

What is Personal Protective


is equipment that will protect the

user against health or safety risks at

It is use to minimize exposure to

serious workplace injuries and illnesses.

Personal Protective Equipment

Why is PPE important?

Making the work place safe includes providing
instruction, procedures, training and supervision to
encourage people to work safely and responsibly.
Even where engineering controls and safe systems
of work have been applied, some hazards might
remain. The include injuries to:
-to the lungs,
-head and feet,
-and the body

Workplace Inspection


that don't encourage regular

workplace inspections for safety hazards
also place their workers at a
disadvantage. When employees become
too familiar with their jobs, they often
forget to keep safety uppermost in their

OSH Inspection

a manager or an employee, you can

ask OSH to inspect your workplace if
you think your employer doesn't provide
a safe one. Under federal law, an
employer can't retaliate against you for
reporting problems or issues to OSH.


the chances of an accident in

your workplace
Improve staff morale and motivation
Reduce absenteeism
Save money

Importance of Workplace
Health & Safety

and Safety Hazards

Health and Safety Enforcement
Health Guidelines
Health and Safety Programs
Employee Awareness

Objectives of Safety Act


of employees and employers,

what classifies as a risk at work
Rules on the duties of the employers and
employees to ensure occupational health
and safety,
Rules on the duty to consult on OHS related
issues, to provide OHS committees and an
OHS representative, and to liaise with a Work
Cover representative whenever necessary

Objectives of Safety Act


regarding the unlawful dismissal or

victimisation of an employee and guidelines
on compensation claims.
Industry Codes of Practice
Guidelines on the appointment of Work
Cover Inspectors and the powers of
inspectors related to entry onto premises,
inspections and representing employees,
providing inspection, improvement and
prohibition notices

Objectives of Safety Act


on criminal and other

proceedings; penalties and sentencing