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Gardhani M. Issaac
Merlin Masruroh


Vakuola ???

Function ???



Vacuole is cavity of cell that containing

liquid and limited by membrane called
In adult plant cell generally have one big
vacuole cover 80% from part of cell.
Progressively adult of is amount of
vacuole decrease, but big size measure.
Plant cells owning big vacuole usually is
cells of parenkim and of kolenkim.
Tonoplas, representing selective
membrane of permeabel, dissociating
sitosol with condensation in vakuola
which [is] its composition differ from

Liquid of vakuola containing :

organic salts
oil of eteris ( for example jasmine in jasmine
plant , roseine in rose, zingiberine in ginger)
alkaloid ( for example caffeine, kinin, nicotine,
likopersin, and others)
enzyme, vacuole plant, sometime contain
enzyme of hidrolitic able to act as lifetime
lisosom. After dead cell, tonoplas losing of
nature of its diferensial it him so that its
enzymes get away exit cause autolisis
( crushing of x'self).

Pigmen, Vacuole there is containing of

pigment in the form of condensation, like
antosian, including rose colored antosianin,
blue, and crimson, also ivory colour and turn
yellow. Antosian can give colour at flower,
fruit, sprout, and leaf. This matter, good for
drawing insect, bird, and meritorious other
animal to seed disseminating or pollination.
cell secretion

Vacuoles of protozoa in the

form of:
1) Vacuolecontractile
2) Vacuolenoncontractile

a.) Vacuole contractile

Vacuola Contractile referred as also vakuola
beat. Vacuole Contractile have function as
osmoregulator that is arranging value of
osmotik in cell.
b.) Vacuole noncontractile
Vacuole Noncontractile referred as also food
vakuola, functioning to digest food and
circularize result of digestion of food to
entire/all body.

1. maintain pressure: osmotic cell
2. synthesis of results in the form of
glycogen storage, phenol, etc
3. organize the circulation of
substances in cells
4. Including water through tonoplas
having the character of permiabel
diferensial to develop cell turgor

5. Vakuola there is containing pigment that

able to give colour in shares - part of
plant . This matter, good for drawing
insect, bird, and meritorious other animal
to seed disseminating or pollination.
6. Become metabolism pickings hoard
place, like calcium crystal of oksalat and
some alkaloid, like tanin.
7. Become dissolve food Iihat vitamin
repository which at any times can be
used by sitoplasma. For example, mineral
salt and sukrosa.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb