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Module 1: Brewing Chinese Tea

Using clay tea pot set


Brewing Chinese Tea

Demonstration Content

Select Chinese tea leaves ( green, white, black & red tea)
Prepare Tea pot set
Brewing tea process
Sip and serve brewed tea


To provide clear instruction and demonstration for

brewing Chinese tea.


Upon completion of demonstration, the participants

should be able to brew nice and tasty Chinese tea
drink using clay tea pot set.

Brewing Chinese Tea

1 Select teapot set, accessories & tea leaves


One Bamboo scoop & Chinese tea leaves

Two set of tea pot
One tea strainer
One tea pitcher and 6 pieces of tea cups
One unit of electric kettle for boiling water

Brewing Chinese Tea

2 Warming Tea Pot set


There four important elements to brew tasty tea drink:

a) Choose type of tea leaves to suit your personal taste
b) Measure right quantity of tea leave
c) Measure Temperature of water
d) Use Brewing technique
2.2 Boil water in an electrical kettle. Measure hot water
temperature after 5 minutes completion of boiling.
Pour boiling water into the empty tea pot, cups and tea
pitcher for rinsing and warming purposes.
Leave them for 5 seconds & then discard the water.
2.3 Measure the right quantity of tea leaves using the
bamboo scoop & place it into the pot. Add hot water onto
the pot and discard the first round of the brew
tea after 5second waiting. This step is to remove the tea
leaves dirt
and pesticide residual.
Brewing Chinese Tea

3 Steps in brewing Chinese Tea


For first round of brewing, add hot water onto the

pot and wait for 1 minute. Ensure the water temperature
is around 90 oC -85 oC for green tea leaves.
3.2 Pour all tea drink onto the tea pitcher through a
strainer. Then pour out the drink evenly to each tea
cup to obtain consistent tea aroma flavor and color.
Add additional hot water for second round of
and wait for 1 minute and 30-second.
Repeat step 3.2.
Repeat the step 3.1 to step 3.3 for subsequent
rounds of brewing tea. Each brewing round, add
additional 30
to 1 minute time waiting to the previous
brewing round.

Brewing Chinese Tea

4 Sipping and serve hot tea

4.1 After completed each round of tea brewing

pour out all tea drink from tea pitcher
into cups for sniffing tea aroma.
4.2 Sip them slowly to wet the whole mouth
with tea
4.3 Each different brewing round, the tea taste
will be different and become lighter taste and
lighter color.

Brewing Chinese Tea

Key Learning Points

1. Four important elements to consider when
brewing Chinese tea:
a) Choose correct type of tea to suit your taste
b) Measure right Quantity of Tea leave (QT)
c) Measure & use correct Water Temperature (WT)
d) Use correct Brewing Techniques (BT)
2 Flowchart for brewing Chinese tea drink

Step 1: Select tea pot set

& Tea leaves

Step 2: Warming the Tea Pot


Step 4: Sip and Serve Tea

Step 3: Steps in Brewing Tea

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