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The Fly Ash Unloading System (ETH) consists of the ash

storage in two silos and unloads them in the closed
tankers and in the open trucks.

The Ash Unloading System has to be able to store fly
ashes coming from a pneumatic ash handling system and
to discharge them in open trucks and in closed tankers.
The water used for the fly ash moistening (open truck
unloading) is supplied by the Waste Water Treatment
Plant Sump or by the service water distribution system

Main sizing inputs / data :

Maximum fly ash flow is 59.6t/h (including air heater
Silos capacity : the two silos with a capacity of 5 683m3
are designed to store the fly ash during seven (7) days.
Water consumption :
- The average water need is 8.9m3/h in case of wet unloading
is used continuously (15% of fly ash mass flow rate)
- Maximum intermittent needed flow rate = 45m3h

Fly Ash Storage

The fly ashes are stored in two silos. Each silo will have a minimum storage

capacity of 5683 M3.

Two FA fluidising blowers with air heater are used for the fluidising of silo. On
the other silo, two FA fluidising blowers with air heater are used.
A filter fan is installed on the top of silo to ensure the proper operation of the
discharge of fly ash.
A pressure relief valve is also installed to prevent an overpressure inside the silo
and A level probe and a level transmitter control the ash level inside each silo.
In each silo, two ash unloading systems exist, dry ash unloading system and wet
ash unloading system. Two additional spare outlets on each silo are provided for
potential future use.

Dry Ash Unloading System

The Dry Ash Unloading System (for closed tankers) is composed
of :
Knife gate valve
FA Dry rotary vane feeder
Ash conditioner

Wet Ash Unloading System

The Wet Ash Unloading System (for open trucks) is composed of :
Batching valve
FA Wet rotary vane feeder
Unloading Spout
Water feeding line composed of :
- Duplex filter
- Water spray valve
- Differential Pressure on duplex filter

- Fly ash unloading is started locally from local controller. Fly
Ash Silo A/B Filter Fans are started automatically from DCS by
request from Fly Ash Handling System (FAHS)
- Fly ash unloading is shutdown locally from local controller. Fly
Ash Silo A/B Filter Fans can be shutdown manually from DCS.
Abnormal Operation
- If the differential pressure of one filter fan installed on the top
of silo is high, the fly ash handling system on silo defect will be
stopped. If the two silos are full, the fly ash handling system
will shut down automatically.

Following alarms are generated:
- Fault of dry unloading on silo A/B
- Fault of wet unloading on silo A/B
- Very high level (MAX3) on silo A/B
- Very high level Fly Ash Silo Sump.
- High temperature on FA Air Heater A/B