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By Steve V

As the world becomes more populated, the amount of toxic emissions we create
are destroying the world we live in. This is an Undeniable fact. As the world
becomes more technologically advanced the PCs we use require more power. As
an IT professional we must be aware of the consequences that this path will take
us. Creation and destruction of IT systems must be done in an environmentally
sound way. This may sound difficult but it is in fact fairly easy

Reduction in costs associated to power and cooling due to environmentally sound and energy
efficient equipment implemented. This can increase the size of data warehouses and server rooms
as the servers do not need as much ventilation.
100 percent reliability from IT systems during natural disasters when a renewable energy
system is implemented
Rebates from the government when purchasing green alternatives to power
Money saved from power saved can be used for future upgrades and/or maintenance
A national effort can reduce the amount of emissions we create keeping the world climate under

Recent blackouts caused by natural disasters have rendered Mr.

Mackeys business inoperable for extended periods of time, resulting
in major financial losses. High energy costs are also a contributing
factor for a need to upgrade.

With an energy efficient server powered by renewable energy, Mr.

Mackey can ensure that his main server with mission critical
information is online 100 percent of the time. Costs in power can
be saved.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M61SME-S2

TOTAL: $660

DDR2 Ram: kingmax 1GB 800 MHz X 2

Power supply unit: ANTEC NEO HE, 380 watt, 85 percent energy efficient,
DVD/CD reader: liteon
4GB flash drive: used to store Ubuntu 7.10
Hard drive: 160GB external USB
OS: Ubuntu 7.10 desktop 64-bit edition
Cpu: Athlon 64 X2 4000+


* = no cool and quiet ** = cool and



Battery: deep cycle gel cell (perfect for storage of renewable energy) 12 Volt

Wind generator: 12 Volt 4.5 metres high, 3 blades, Rated power: 200 watts rated, 300 watts maxOutput
current: 8.33A, Max wind speed: 40m/s (144km/h), Weight: 62kg, 24-Volt controller included

BP Solar panel: 12 Volt, 80 watts, Open circuit voltage: 22.1V, Short circuit current: 4.8A, Dimensions:
537 x 1204 x 44mm, Weight 7.5kg, Temperature range: -40 to 85, 10 Year warranty

Inverter: Modified sine wave inverter, 300 watt (1000 watt surge), 12VDC to 230VAC, 90% energy
efficient, Weight: 1.1kg

TOTAL: $1449

The server is estimated to use 80 - 90 watts at peak load

AMD athlon X2 energy efficient CPUs are the best at saving
energy and are cheaper than Intel but not as powerful
The renewable energy system should last 10 years or more and
makes enough energy to power an upgraded server 5 years down the
The total price (not including labour) comes to around $2200 which
is very inexpensive and will save a huge amount of money in the long
Should a natural disaster occur and render the electrical substation
useless, it will not matter as the server will continue to run and
important web server and FTP services will continue. Employees
could also remote login from home to retrieve important work to