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Final Presentation
Strategic Human Resource
Group Members:

Saba Khalid 05108005

Hassan Sabir 05108023
Maryam Mustafa 05108077

Historical Overview
 Established on 26, May, 1992.
 Construction was started on 4th Feb 1994 and
the commercial production was started on
 1st composite textile company of Pakistan
which received ISO 9002 certification on
July 07, 1997
 Total Area of Land 174 Acres
 Crescent Bahuman originally setup as joint
business enterprise between Crescent
textile mills limited, Pakistan and
Greenwood mills Inc.
 Plant is situated in Pindi Bhattian
 3
Organizational Overview
 The company consists of 9 divisions
 25 department, and 47 sections.
 The company manages more than 6000
human capital.
 There are two mosques in CBL one in the
family colony and the other is in workers
 Other facilities include mass and hostel,
club houses, riding club, play grounds,
badminton courts, gym etc.

 Excel in composite textile business starting from spinning to
home textiles to meet its customers needs around the

 Ensure quality of products and reliability of service in a cost
effective manner using state of the art technologies &

 Development of an effective and motivated workforce,
diversification of the product line, and remain flexible to
keep the traditional customer base intact while meeting its
humanitarian & social obligations by dealing with human
beings without any discrimination of color, race, creed or
religion and

 Invest to keep the environment clean and healthy to improve
the quality of life of the community 5

 Crescent will continue to embrace the

new technological advancements to
achieve value addition to its products
to enhance quality and profitability
through resource optimization
 Enhancement of its share in Pakistan’s
total exports to achieve satisfaction of
its customers, lenders and investors.

Functional Department of
 Co-worker services
 Industrial Engineering
 Finance
 Commercial
 IT
 Textile
 Manufacturing
 Quality Assurance

Intro to HRM Department
 The Human resource department of CBL
manage the people practices
 Recruiting to orienting new employees,
 From writing job descriptions to tracking
attendance, and
 From organizing and checking the
policies to monitor the benefits.

Responsibilities of HR
 Employee selection,
 Development,
 Evaluation,
 Compensation,
 Employees’ relationship and services,
 Manages the strategies related to organization’s
 Tracking employees personal histories, data, skills,
capabilities, experiences to payroll records
 Provide opportunities to encourage and sponsors
their employees, staff, and their families to
acquire modern education for their personal
grooming and skills enhancement.

Function of HR Supervisor

Facilities For Employees
  Corporate citizenship
 Plant Safety
 Training and Development
 Literacy Program

Types of Labor Force
 Hiring literate work force (at least 8-10
years of schooling)
 Recruitment and manpower
development policies are free of
 Hiring of child labor as crime

Rules and Policies
 PreventingSexual Harassment
 Employers promote work Safety and

Rules and Policies
 Systems and working conditions which are
safe and risk free to the health of all
employees’ visitors.
 Contractors and public which avoid damage
to the property and adverse impact on the
 Protect all employees from exposure to any
substance or activities which may be
hazardous to health
 Provide information, training and supervision
 To develop emergency response procedures.

Employees’ Responsibilities
 Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities established
in one's job description.
 Meeting applicable performance standards.
 Attending education and training programs as
appropriate to increase awareness and
 Taking all reasonable steps to safeguard assets
against waste, loss, unauthorized use and
 Reporting breakdowns in internal control systems to
your supervisor.
 Refraining from the use of your official position to
secure unwarranted privileges.

Employees’ Rights
 The right not to be discriminated against because of
their race, national origin, skin color, gender,
pregnancy, religious beliefs, disability, or age
 The right to a workplace free of biasness.
 The right to fair pay: to be paid at least the
minimum wage, plus an overtime premium for
any hours worked over forty in one week
 The right to a safe workplace.
 The right to take leave to care for your own or a
family member's serious illness, or following the
birth or adoption of a child,
 The right to some privacy in personal matters.

Analyzing Work and Job
 Get the information about the task
which will have to be perform
 They check the equipments through
which the task is performed
 At last they analyze the knowledge,
skills, and ability are needed to
perform that task.

 In CBL job Analyst collect the following
 Duties and Tasks
 Environment
 Tools and Equipment
Analyzing Work and Job Design
 Relationships
 Requirements

HR Planning in CBL
 HR department of CBL gives the clear idea
of the strength and weakness of their
internal labor force.
 Give a view that what the company want
to do in future
 Gives knowledge about the employees.
 Identifies different changes about human
resource to meet the goals. These
changes include training employees,
hiring employees, new skills, etc.

HR Planning Process
 CBL first analyze the task to perform
 After that they forecast the employees they
 Then they planned that how they will achieve
the goals they targeted
 After that they communicate there goals and
strategies to employees and
 At last they communicate that how to
implement strategies to achieve that goals
 Inform about the task they will have to
HR Planning Process

HR Planning in CBL cont…
 HR department helps the company for
setting the specific goals
 Focuses attention on the different types
of problems face by the organization.
 These goals directly related to analysis
of labor supply and demand.
 HR department also helps for strategic
planning such as downsizing,
outsourcing, reengineering,
international expansion etc.

Retirement Program(s)
 The employees of the company retired
at the age of 55.
 Provide incentives to the retired
employees such as pension, health
facilities, and insurance.

Recruiting Human Resources
 CBL used different types of sources for
 Mostly prefer is internal source, in which
the organization recruit the existing
employees through job costing,
 Company communicate information
about the job vacancy to its
 The company also use electronic
recruitment (website) through which
the employees are recruited.
Recruiting Human Resources
 Recruit employees through different
other sources such as, newspaper,
magazines, advertisement.
 Merit Promotion Program
 Chance to Lower Grade
 Temporary Promotion
 Temporary Workers

Basic Things HR Panel
 The basic things which HR Manager and Panel access are:
 Passion for Growth
 Future Vision
 Leader ship Qualities
 Communication Skills
 Change Catalyst
 Breakthrough Thinking
 Developing Self
 Organizational Awareness
 Seizing the Future
 Self-confident Integrity
 Strategic Influencing
 Business Motivation
 Objective Analytic Power
 Team Player
 Job Knowledge
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Selection Process