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Stripes and Checks

Shah Dilip Kumar

Textile Design

Awning Stripes
Bengal Stripes
Dress Stripes ( pencil stripes )
Lamppost Stripes
Hairline Stripes
Pin stripes

Classic stripes
Bretton stripes
Regimental stripes

Awning Stripes
This stripes pattern is the widest sized
stripes, normally wider than one-fourth of an
inch, on shirts the pattern usually consist of
solid Stripes on white. Shirts that incorporate
owning stripes tent to be mostly Casual and
we would not recommend them for the
workplace setting.

Bengal Stripes
The Bengal Stripes pattern derives its name from
where it originated from Bengal India.
This pattern also consists of equal width solid color
stripes alternating on white. This vertical stripes
,at approximately one-fourth of an inch, fall
between awning stripes and candy stripes
( approximately one-eighth of an inch in width.
Dress shirts with Bengal stripes, when
incorporating subtler colors, can be considered for
business wear or even with a suit. They are great
for casual wear as well.

Pencil Stripes
pencil stripes also commonly known as the
dress stripes pattern. Thinner than candy
stripes but wider than pinstripes the width
between stripes various from shirt to shirt
and the stripes are almost always uneven.
Pencil stripes pattern produced by lines that
are as thick as once drawn by pencil.

Hairline Stripes
This stripes pattern is approximately
the width of hair that, being spaced
very close to each other, gives the
shirt a solid texture. This makes the
shirt perfect for wearing at the office
and also gives it that slight bit of
casualness needed to be considered
for evening wear outside of work.

Pin stripes
These are stripes which is printed lines hairy distance and
mostly two or
Three colors are used including the background.

Classic stripes
Stripes which are made with a wide combinations of
thinner to
Thickener lines arranged together.

Toothpaste stripes
This stripes can be multicolored and the distance can very
but the width of
Each stripes should be ranging from 0.5-1.5 cms the width of
the toothpaste.

Lamp Post stripes

The width starts from 3-5 CM.
It can be compound stripes.
The pattern has running lines of fixed width.

Bretton Stripes
This is horizontal bicolor stripes.

Regimental Stripes
A stripe pattern with colors originating from British regiments. Most often
Used in neck-wear.

Ticking Stripes
A strong, tightly woven fabric of cotton or linen used to make pillow and mattress
Covering, which generally have consequent lines along with same bond lines in

Candy Stripes
Vertical and even stripes that are wider than pencil stripes but thinner than Bengal stripes.
Candy stripes usually about 1/8 in width and are characterized by solid bold stripes on

Balance Stripes
A symmetrical layout, in which colored bends are arranged around a center.
It repeats the same pattern on both the right and left of the dominant stripes.

Chevron Stripes
A traditional, woven or printed design of zigzag in a stripe layout, also

Ombre stripes
A woven fabric in which the color is graduated from light to dark and
Often in to stripes of varying shades.

Fun Stripes
These stripes are combination of stripes, with playful arrangement of
different widths.

Madras check

Buffalo check

Oxford check

Windowpane check

Tartan check

Mini check

Gingham check Burberry check

Argyle check

ombre check

Tattersall check Graph check

District check

Madras Checks
IT has got no more than 2 or 3
Vertical Stripes with Equal(Single)
Horizontal Stripes.
Colors used Blue, Red, Orange, etc.
Used for Lungis, Bermuda's and

Oxford check
This is founded in dark colors with
white combination.
Here the Stripes Horizontally will be
equal to the Stripes printed
Vertically and at Equal Thickness
placed at Equidistance
Used in uniforms, mat, bed covers,
Draperies etc.

Tartans comes from Scotland. Tartan is a
pattern consisting of crisscrossed
horizontal and vertical bends in multiple
colors. Tartans originated in woven
wool, but now they are made in many
other materials.
Tartan is made with alternating bands of
colored threads woven as both warp
and weft at right angles to each other.
The weft is woven in a simple twill, two
over-two under the warp, advancing one
thread each pass.
The resulting block of color repeat
vertically and horizontally in a
distinctive pattern of squares and lines

Gingham checks
Gingham is a mediumweight balanced plainwoven fabric made from
dyed cotton or cotton
blend yarn.it is made of
carded, medium or fine
yarns, where the coloring
is on the warp yarns and
always along the grain
( weft ). Gingham has no
right or wrong side with
respect to color.

The argyle pattern is made of diamonds
and lozenges. The most argyle layouts
cantain layers of overlapping motifs,
adding a sense of three-dimensionality,
movement, and texture. Typically , there is
an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines
on solid diamonds.

Tattersall check
Tattersall describes a check or plaid pattern
woven into cloth. The pattern is composed
of regularly-spaced thin, even vertical
stripes , repeat horizontally in weft, there
by forming squares.
Today Tattersall is a common pattern, often
woven in cotton, particularly in flannel,
used for shirts or waistcoats.

Buffalo checks
A bold check pattern with blocks of 2 to 3 contrasting colors often
Red and black in a twill weave.

Windowpane checks
A widely spaced check pattern resembling panes in a window.
Commonly used on suits, shirting's, accessories.

Mini checks
Sizes are somewhere between the pin check and the gingham check.
It is usually consist of one color with white and often re-sambles the
Gingham checks except that its a lot smaller. This pattern is more casual
Than stripes, dressier than larger checks.

Burberry checks
It has defined pattern as 3 horizontal and 3+1 vertical line in check,
It can have different size of checks.

Ombre checks
It gives the effect of ombre i.e. Shaded types of effect are

Graph Check
Thin stripes running both warp and weft direction.

District checks
A check pattern that originate from uniforms identifying specific Scottish
Estates. Famous district pattern inclide the glen checks, the shepherd,
The dupplin, the benmore, the hounds tooth, princes of wales, the dogs
and other.