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Sos children's village is located in

Raipur,madhya Pradesh

Climatic conditions
Raipur has atropical wet and dry climate
From March to June, climate is extremely
The temperature in AprilMay sometimes
rises above48 C(118F).


Information about sos village

14 family homes for up to 140 children
The village director's house, co-worker
accommodation, a house for the SOS aunts
or Sos mothers and a community building.
The children have a playground where they
can have fun.
There is an SOS Kindergarten, where up to
100 children can be taken care.

The village design integrates nature.
Respect for existence became an integral
part of the design philosophy of the village
as existing material and even debris were
recycled in an attractive manner to create a
viable living and working space.

The wooden rafters of the roof structure

were reused as pergolas in the garden.
The broken tiles were used as mosaic work
for the toilet and built in seats

Children play room

The steel containers used to carry construction

material, reincarnated as lights in landscape
The SOS name and logo for this village came
out of the discarded steel tanks.
The existing trees lent a strong character to
the site and preserving all of them.

Arial view of village

The structures are kept intentionally simple with the

aim of using locally available materials - like stone,
wood, and recycled materials and locally available
Even fallen tree leaves were not left out and were
integrated into simple cement floorings adding a bit
of beauty to the stark.