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Description of

the Prophet

He is the one whose innermost and

outward form were made perfect,
after which the Creator of souls took
him for His beloved friend. He is
exalted above having a partner in
his excellent qualities. The essence
of his beauty was made indivisible.

Hassan bin Thabit (ra) said:

Fairer than you an eye never
None finer a mother's womb has
You came to us free from any
As though you came just as you

Jabir bin Samura (ra) said:

I saw the Messenger of Allah
on a night when the moon was
in full splendour, and he was
dressed in a piece of red
clothing. I would momentarily
glance at him, and then at the
moon. By Allah, he was more
beautiful than the moon.

Amar bin Al-Aas (ra) said:

There was nothing that was more

sweeter to me, more beloved to me

than to stare at the face of the
Prophet. And I could never get
enough of looking at him, I never got
tired of looking at him and yet if you
were to ask me how he looked, I
couldnt describe him. Because
along with this desire to stare at him
there was also this awe, this
reverence that I had that could not
allow me to just stare directly at him

Hadith 1 and 2
1. Anas bin Malik (ra) said:
Allahs Messenger was neither very tall of stature, nor short. His
skin was neither pale white, nor particularly brown, and his hair
was neither crisply curled, nor straight. Allah (Exalted is He) sent
him [to serve as His Messenger] when he was forty years old, so he
stayed in Mecca for ten years and in Medina for ten years, and
Allah took him unto Himself at the end of sixty years, with fewer
than twenty white hairs on his head and his beard. (Bukhari)
2. Anas bin Malik (ra) said:
Allahs Messenger was of medium height, neither tall nor short.
He was of handsome physique, and his hair was neither crisply
curled nor straight. He had a wheatish complexion. When he
walked, he used to stride confidently.(Bukhari)

Hadith 3
3. Bara bin Azib (ra) said:
Allahs Messenger was neither curly
nor straight haired, of medium height,
broad-shouldered, with luxuriant hair
reaching the lobes of his ears. I saw
him wearing a red suit of clothes and I
have never seen anything more
beautiful than him! (Bukhari)

Hadith 4
4. Ali bin Abi Talib (ra) said:
The Prophet was neither tall nor
short. His hands and feet were thick and
fully fleshed. His head and his joints
were large. He had a thin line of hair
from his chest to his navel. When he
walked, he inclined forward, as if he
were descending a downward slope. I
have never seen the like of him, neither
before him nor after him.(Tirmidhi)

Hadith 5
5. Ali bin Abi Talib (ra) said:
Allahs Messenger was neither excessively tall, nor short, but rather was of
a medium stature amongst the people. His hair was neither crisply curled nor
straight, but rather was wavy and flowing. He was neither plump nor chubbycheeked, and in his face there was a rounded quality. He was white with a
reddish tinge, his eyes were large with jet-black pupils and his lashes were
long. His joints were large as was his upper back. He did not have hair all
over his body, he had a fine line of hair extending from chest to the naval.
The palms of his hands and the soles of his feet were thickset. When he
walked, he moved as if he were descending down a slope, and when he
would turn, he would turn to face with his whole body. Between his shoulders
was the Seal of Prophethood, for he is the Seal of the Prophets. He was the
best of the people in generosity, the most truthful of the people in speech,
the gentlest of them in temperament, and the kindest of them in
companionship. If someone saw him unexpectedly, he was awestruck by him,
and whoever accompanied him and got to know him would love him. And
those who described him would always say: I have never seen the like of
him, neither before him nor after him. (Tirmidhi)

Hadith 6
6. Hasan bin Ali (ra) said: I asked my maternal uncle Hind bin
Abi Hala who was gifted at describing about the beauty of
the Prophet , hoping that he would describe to me
something I could hold on to and cherish, and he replied :
Allahs Messenger had great attributes and others held
him in high esteem. His face shone with the radiance of the
moon on the night of the full moon. He was taller than
medium-sized, and shorter than a tall person. His head was
grand and impressive, with loosely curled hair. If his hair
parted, he would leave it parted; if not, he would leave it,
otherwise his hair would not cross over his earlobes. He was
bright of color, broad of forehead, endowed with arched
eyebrows, perfect without being conjoined, with a vein
between them that anger would cause to pulsate. His nose
was prominent and had a nur and lustre on it. When one first
looked at him, it seemed as if he had a large nose, but
looking at it carefully showed that the lustre and beauty
made it look large, otherwise it was not large. He had a thick
beard. His eyes were very black and the whites very white.
His cheeks were not prominent. He had a wide mouth. His

There was a delicate strip of hair from the top of the chest to the
navel. It was as if his neck were the neck of a statue shaped in pure
silver. He was well proportioned in physique, full-bodied, and strong.
There was no slackness in his musculature; his chest didnt protrude
over his belly, nor did the reverse occur. His chest was broad and his
shoulders wide and muscular. He had large limbs. The parts of his
body that could be seen while he was clothed were luminous. He was
linked between the top of the chest and the navel by a strip of hair
which flowed down like a line, while his chest and stomach were bare
apart from that. He had hair on his arms and shoulders and the upper
parts of his chest. His forearms were long. The palms of his hands
and the soles of his feet were thickset. His fingers and toes were
moderately long. The hollows of his soles were extremely hollow. His
feet were so smooth that water bounced off them. When he went
away from a place, he would go away striding decisively. He would
tread inclining forward and walk comfortably. His gait was brisk.
When he walked, it was as if he were descending from a slope, and
when he looked at someone, he would turn to him fully. He would
lower his gaze and look down more often than up. He didnt stare. He
would urge his Companions to proceed ahead of him, and he would
surprise anyone he encountered with the salutation of peace.
(Baihaqi, Tabarani)

Hassan bin Thabit (ra) said:

I could not praise Muhammad
with my words; rather, my words
were made praiseworthy by

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