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Care enhancement

Kristopher Villanueva, MD

Curative elements

Humanistic altruistic system

Begins developmentally at an early
age with values shared with the
Mediated through ones own life
experiences, the learning one gains
and exposure to the humanities.
Is perceived as necessary to the pts
own maturation which then promotes
altruistic behavior towards others.

Faith and Hope

Is essential to both the carative and
the curative processes.
When modern science has nothing
further to offer the person, the pts
can continue to use faith-hope to
provide a sense of well-being through
beliefs which are meaningful to the

sensitivity to ones self and to

Explores the need of the pt to begin to feel
an emotion as it presents itself.
Development of ones own feeling is
needed to interact genuinely and
sensitively with others.
Striving to become sensitive, makes the pt
more authentic, which encourages selfgrowth and self-actualization, in both the pt
and those with whom the pt interacts.
The pt promote health and higher level
functioning only when they form person to
person relationship.

helping-trust relationship
Strongest tool is the mode of
communication, which establishes rapport
and caring.
Characteristics needed to in the helpingtrust relationship are:

Communication includes verbal, nonverbal

and listening in a manner which connotes
empathetic understanding.

The expression of feelings,

both positive and negative
Feelings alter thoughts and
behavior, and they need to be
considered and allowed for in a
caring relationship.
Awareness of the feelings helps to
understand the behavior it

Promotion of interpersonal
The caring pt must focus on the
learning process as much as the
teaching process.
Understanding the persons
perception of the situation assist the
pt to prepare a cognitive plan.

Provision for a supportive,

protective, and/or corrective
mental, physical, societal, and
spiritual environment,
Creating healing environment at all
levels, (physical as well as nonphysical, subtle environment of
energy and consciousness, whereby
wholeness, beauty, comfort, dignity,
and peace are potentiated

Assistance with gratification of

human needs
"assisting with basic needs, with an
intentional caring consciousness,
administering human care
essentials', which potentiate
alignment of mindbodyspirit,
wholeness, and unity of being in all
aspects of care"; tending to both
embodied spirit and evolving spiritual

Lower order needs (biophysical needs)

The need for food and fluid
The need for elimination
The need for ventilation

Lower order needs (psychophysical needs)

The need for activity-inactivity
The need for sexuality

Higher order needs (psychosocial needs)

The need for achievement
The need for affiliation
Higher order need (intrapersonal-interpersonal
The need for self-actualization

Allowance for existentialphenomenological-spiritual


"opening and attending to spiritualmysterious, and existential

dimensions of one's own life-death;
soul care for self and the one-beingcare-for