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Traditionalism v.


Traditionalism v.

basic belief that the

society was better the
way it was in the past.
Belief that things were
easier and happier in the
Fearful of change,
because of all of the
negative externalities
(negative consequences
that can come from
change, intended or

strong belief in
change being a good
Appreciation for the
advancements made
in society
Dislike the past or
belief that past was
not as good.

Traditionalism v.

Strong faith in religion,

and questionable of the
motives and goals of
Tend to live in rural
areas (farms, or
Bought consumer
goods, but fearful that
technology can lead to
laziness, disconnect
with society, and hard
work ethic

Stronger belief in
science, but still
Tend to live in cities or
outlying areas
Tend to support
consumer culture
Tend to believe that we
must adapt ourselves
with the changing times,
else we shall deprive
ourselves of the
opportunity to make any
progress or development

Traditionalism v.

See education as
important, but morals and
values are more
Traditions represent the
culture and the history of
a society, so stopping
them or ending them is
seen as trying to change
the society or not
recognize the history
Tend to be conservative
Tend to be older

See education as very

important in a way to
get a better paying job.
Modernity tends to take
people apart.
Modernism is not to do
away with traditions but
to modify it according
to changing times and
Tend to be liberal
Tend to be younger

Traditionalism v.

Tend to have more

strict moral standards
Tend to support family
values over individual
freedom and expression
Traditions tend to unite
Belief that traditions
are what helped build
and make this country
and society.
Tend to be realistic

Tend to have more loose

moral standards
Tend to support
individual freedom and
expression over family
Modernity tend to
separate people
Belief that change is what
brings progress and
improves everyones
Tend to be idealistic

Traditionalism v.

Not opposed to
science, but object
to its

Not opposed to
religion, but to

Traditionalism v.

take the family to a

Xmas tree farm
and chop down
your own Xmas
Family of the bride
usually pays for
the wedding.

go to the local tree

farm, select a tree,
then have someone
else carry it and
put it in your car.
Both families can
share in paying for
the wedding.

Examples (cont.)

Belief that marriage

is only meant for a
man and a woman.
Belief that men
should open the
door for a lady.
Belief that children
should always take
their hats off when
they enter a room.

Belief that
marriage is about
love between two
(regardless of sex.)
Belief that hats
dont need to be
taken off, because
they are part of
your outfit.

Examples (cont.)

Belief that the

America flag is a
virtual representation
of the ideas of freedom
and democracy and
anyone who
disrespects the flag is
Soldiers are the
ultimate patriots of
our country, so people
should support the

Belief that the right

to protest with the
American flag,
against the
government, is a real
act of patriotism.
Soldiers are to be
commended for their
sacrifices, but wars
do not need to be
supported to show