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Reasons for Choosing Raymond

Ranked at 23rd position among the most trusted brands of India by Brand Trust Report

90 Years since inception but maintained freshness in the Brand

The idea of completeness has no dearth of interpretations

700 Retail shops in India and overseas in 200 cities

Focussed around one central idea since start about man being caring,
sensitive and placing huge importance on relationships

The Signature tune used to convey the message, No usage of Words. Still
resonating in minds of Consumers. Same Ad can adapt to different TV Channels.

Never Endorsed any celebrity for Promotion



New Product

In store customer
Custom made
experience for
Clothing, Jeanswear
suiting, Celebration
Trendy and colourful
clothing for Youth
Matrix for
Kidswear, Personal
Care Products

Files, Cutting Tools,

Hand Tools, Auto

Since 1925
Various offerings include the
Exotic Collection
Camp Fire Collection
Autumn Collection
Shawl Collectionamong others

Since 1964
Personal Care
Park Avenue
Premium Room FreshenerSince 1975
Gifting Solutions
KamaSutra >> After the launch
of its highly successful KamaSutra
condom brand in 1991, KamaSutra
extended its presence in personal
care categories for men

J.K. Helene Curtis Ltd is a part of

the Raymond group A brand
synonymous with Quality,
Trust, Excellence and
J.K. Helene Curtis has been in the
personal grooming and toiletries
business since 1964

Since 1972
Files JK Files
Cutting Tools JK Cutting Tools
Hand Tools JK Hand Tools
Auto Component Ring plus
Aqua Ltd.
JK is now one subsidiary JK
Super Drive

JK Files (India) Limited, a

subsidiary of Raymond Ltd is
today the largest producer of files
in the world. It has an impressive
32% global market share.

Since 1991

Kamasutra Condoms>>
Since 1991
Surgical Gloves Since 2000
With an 85% market share in
the premium (Gammex PP)
gloves segment and
commanding a respectable
presence in other segments,
Raymond have been the first
to promote the Powder Free

Tailored Clothing Silver Spark Apparel
Jeanswear Everblue Apparel Ltd.
Dress Shirts Celebrations Apparel Ltd.

Since 2010
After talking about the 'The Complete Man'
for decades, the company has shifted focus
to promoting its retail chain The Raymond Shop.
The Raymond Shop: Campaign highlights,
that the shop is a one-stop destination for men
They can find a huge range and the other
Raymond brands under one roof

Since 2014
Textile companies are making a
comeback in the home category with
premium products to build better
margins in a segment that is still
fragmented and unorganised.

Raymond re-entered the home

segment and now it wants to go
premium with its bed-sheets and
towels under Raymond Home.

Since 2014

Raymond Made to Measure is a unique service of

premium clothing from the house of Raymond - The
Complete Man
Allows our customers to personalize according to own
personal taste
Take a pick from our fabric and contemporize it with an
extension of your choice. From suits to formal jackets and
shirts to an entire outfit; customize it to what suits your inner
--From their Website

October 2014
Raymond came up with a full-fledged virtual platform that included
mobile apps
Housed within Raymond, the venture - titled RaymondNext.com
brought all the company's brands, including Raymond, Park Avenue,
ColorPlus and Parx, and products spread across textile, apparel,
home furnishing and personal care accessories under this platform
Moreover, for those men who are particular about their outfit fits
and style, RaymondNext.com will also allow them to design and
customize attire.


Premium Fashion
Upper middle class
Aspirational Brand

Formal Wear for men
and women
Target Group
Urban men and
Innovative and
aspirational, stylish

Casual Wear
Youth - upper middle
Premium Casual

Brand Communication Strategy





No specific spokesperson
Portrays Working Couple in a Business Suiting

Couple portraying Professional Look

Both the persons featured in formal suiting
Uses Range Rover Vogue to connect with Business Executives
Communicates through actions & gestures Wife concerned about child at home, Man giving up office to take care of child

Verbal message in the back drop Many things make a complete man, been there. Its just one of them, Raymond the complete man
Usage of Brand Name helpful in effective communication of message
Message structured and designed to associate a caring man, open minded - personality to the brand
Transformational Appeal providing an experience of a complete man

Target segment can relate with the hedonistic product i.e. physical appearance of the fabric, along with the child care activity common
between working couple
This message helps in generating the liking and preference for the brand

The target segment particularly in the age group 30-45, Business Executives connect with the brand



Idea of Completeness
Has till now focussed on physical, spiritual
and emotional parts of life. Now can focus
on regality, contentment, control, pride,
heritage and legacy.

No arrogance image of a man with

pride in demeanour connects with
Indian mentality

Communication Mediums

Print Media and TV Ads on TV emphasising message through signature tunes which can be
used in different geographies and different indian cities without Language issues.
Newspapers, Magazines

Radio Ads Raymond Bike For Joy Campaign in six cities Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad,
Hyderabad, Bangalore. Raymond Drive For Passion Shot, Walks with the world Shot

Social Media Over 1 mn Facebook, Over 450000 Twitter Followers, Youtube, Pinterest
Through contests on Social Media Nominate one person whom they feel is a Complete Man
Focussed on Couples
Chances for Second Honeymoon sponsored by Raymond

Visual Touch Points for Promotion across most of the stores