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Adult Bible Study Guide

Jul Aug Sep 2015

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Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide

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Brge Schantz, Principal Contribu

Biblical Missionaries
Our Goal

We will look at mission first

and foremost as Gods means
for commu-nicating the gospel.
Mission is a core part of Gods
sovereign activity in the
process of redeeming
We will study how Gods
eternal purpose has been

Biblical Missionaries

The Missionary Nature of God

Abraham: The First Missionary
The Unlikely Missionary
The Jonah Saga
Exiles as Missionaries
Esther and Mordecai
Jesus: The Master of Missions
Cross-Cultural Missions
Peter and the Gentiles
Philip as Missionary
Paul: Background and Call
Paul: Mission and Message
Must the Whole World Hear?

Biblical Missionaries
Lesson 9,
9, August
August 29

Peter and the


Peter and the Gentiles

Key Text

Acts 2:38:39 NKJV

Then Peter said the them,

Repent, and let every one of
you be baptized in the name
of Jesus Christ for the
remission of sins; and you
shall receive the gift of the
Holy Spirit.
For the promise is to you and

Peter and the Gentiles

Quick Look

1. Pentecostal Sermon
(Acts 2:37,
2. Crucial Conversion
(Acts 10:44, 45)
3. Critical Decision
(Acts 15:13-19)

Peter and the Gentiles

Initial Words

Peter was the first apostle to

proclaim salvation to the
Gentiles. He continued to
provide leadership in the
church for a number of years
after its foundation, even after
Paul became the missionary to
the Gentiles par excellence.
Peter, with Paul, helped the

Peter and the Gentiles

1. Pentecostal Sermon

Acts 2:37, 38 NKJV

Now when they heard this,

they were cut to the heart,
and said to Peter..., What
shall we do? Then Peter said
to them, Repent, and let
everyone of you be baptized
in the name of Jesus Christ for
the remission of sins; and you

1. Pentecostal Sermon
By Peter

The Great Commission found

its first fulfillment on the Day of
Pentecost. The outpouring of
the Holy Spirit
had as its aim the
evangelization of
the world.
Peters sermon contained a few
main points that remain

1. Pentecostal Sermon
By Peter

First, Old Testament prophecies

and promises are fulfilled in
Christ (Acts 2:1721), a truth
revealed through the powerful
works and signs accompanying
His ministry, as well as through
His death and resurrection (vss.

1. Pentecostal Sermon
By Peter

Second, Jesus was exalted,

placed at Gods right hand, and
is now Christ (the Messiah) and
Lord of all (vss. 3336). In Him,
all who repent and are baptized
will receive forgiveness for sins
(vss. 38, 39).
Here we see the active and
vocal disciple Peter standing up

Peter and the Gentiles

2. Crucial Conversion

Acts 10:44, 45 NKJV

While Peter was still

the Holy Spirit fell upon all
those who heard the word.
And those of the circumcision
who believed were astonished,
as many as came with Peter,

2. Crucial Conversion
Of Cornelius

Believing in God as the

Creator of heaven and earth,
Cornelius revered Him,
acknowledged His authority,
and sought His counsel in all
the affairs of life. ... He had
erected the altar of God in his
home, for he dared not
attempt to carry out his plans

2. Crucial Conversion
Of Cornelius

When he finally met Peter,

Cornelius bowed down and
worshiped him, an act that
must have appalled Peter.
This Gentile, favored of God, a
devout man, still had a lot of
truth to learn, even at the
most basic level; no doubt,

2. Crucial Conversion
Of Cornelius

Though an angel appeared to

him, the angel didnt preach
the gospel to him. Instead,
the angel opened the way for
Cornelius to meet Peter, who
then told him about Jesus (see
Acts 10:3444).
We can see here an example
of how the Lord uses humans

2. Crucial Conversion
Of Cornelius

I now realize how true it is

that God does not show
favoritism but accepts from
every nation the one who
fears him and does what is
Peters experience with
Cornelius helped him to see
clearly the error of his ways

Peter and the Gentiles

3. Critical Decision

Acts 15:13-19 NKJV

James answered saying,

...Simon has declared how
God at the first visited the
Gentiles to take out of them a
people for His name. ...
Therefore I judge that we
should not trouble those from

3. Critical Decision
Peters Vision

Tanning and tanners were

repulsive to the Jews since they
handled dead bodies. Peters
stay with a tanner indicated
that already, before his vision,
he realized that some of his
previous attitudes were at
cross-purposes with the gospel.
All people, represented by all

3. Critical Decision
Of the Jerusalem Council

Early success of the mission to

the Gentiles raised some
crucial questions regarding
what requirements should be
expected of Gentile converts.
Jewish Christians, with their
high regard for the
requirements of the Old
Testament laws and rituals,

3. Critical Decision
Of the Jerusalem Council

The main focus was

The decree of the council (vss.
2329) provided a common
platform where Jewish and
Gentile Christians could coexist
in fellowship. Jewish core
values were respected, but
Gentiles were allowed to avoid

3. Critical Decision
Of the Jerusalem Council

It set a pattern for the church

to deal with issues and
problems before they became
too divisive.
Experienced missionaries learn
to identify core Christian belief
issues and keep the focus on
them as opposed to getting
bogged down with things that

Peter and the Gentiles

Final Words

Peter...witnessed the Holy

Spirit taking possession of his
hearers.... The same light and
glory that was reflected upon
the circumcised Jews shone
also upon the faces of the
uncircumcised Gentiles. This
was Gods warning that Peter
was not to regard one as