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Source of recruitment
Selection techniques

Recruitment is a process of searching for and

encouraging qualified individuals to apply for
employment with an organization.
It is regarded as the first step in the
employment process.
It is done in accordance with the HR plan
Its success depends on proper job analysis
Sources of
These are the different ways in
which qualified individuals can be got
to take up the available jobs.

Organizations have two broad

options; internal and external
Internal sources
Consideration is on current employees
Relevant for higher level jobs
The sourcing can take inform of;
Job rotation
Succession planning
External sources
 Educational institutions e.g. MUBS
 Unsolicited applicants
 Employee referrals or recommendations
 Advertisements in newspapers,
magazines etc
 Competing businesses
 Employment agencies e.g. Future option,
MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre
This is the process of choosing the
most suitable person for employment
from a pool of applicants.
Selection is a decision making
process by the employer and
The appointment of suitable persons
on various jobs is very sensitive
Selection techniques

Bio-data: This is a collection of personal

information about the job applicants
Psychological tests: Tests are used to
acquire numerical scores that can be used
to draw conclusion about an individual e.g.
Intelligence test
Aptitude tests
Personality test
Performance tests
Interview: This involves an interaction between a
candidate and a panel of interviewers.
Assessment centers: This involves subjecting
applicants in a simulated work situation so that
behaviors and performance on the job can be
observed and evaluated.
Letter of recommendation and reference
checks: This is where information about the
applicant is sought from people who know him/her
It is the allocation of people to their rightful
It is aimed at creating the fit between the job
and the person
Proper placement improves employee morale.
The capacity of the employee can be utilized if
she or he is placed in the job for which he is
most suitable.
This is the provision to a new employee the
information he needs to perform his job
comfortably and effectively
It aimed at ensuring smooth transition to the new
Some of the issues which may be highlighted
include the following;
 Introduction to the company/Outlining goals and
objectives of the organization/ Review of the
organizational history, products/services
 Outlining organizational rules, policies, procedures
 Communicating employee benefits
 Completion of employment documents
 Review of employers expectations
 Setting of employee expectations
 Introduction to fellow workers
 Introduction to the job and daily work routine
 Meeting with key persons within the organization
 Tour of the organizational facilities
The process of recruitment
and selection is not uniform or
rigid to any organization.
Every organization has a
policy on how to attract and
choose the best employee to
do the right job.