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Places of tourist


A realizat Capcelea Alina

Moldova is a country rich in

natural landscapes pretty
and picturesque places.
Speaking about nature of
such a tiny country as
Moldova it is difficult not to
be astonished by its variety
and richness. Travelling
from north to south of the
country it sometimes
seems that you pass
several different countries
which are hilly, sylvan,
prairie or coastal at
different places.

We start our trip from northern.

Cave Emil Racovitsa
It is located near the village
Kriva on the north of the
Republic. This cave was
discovered in 1959. Currently 90
km of tunnels and labyrinths of
the cave have been mapped;
they are located on 3 or 4 levels.
At some places tunnels expand
forming large halls. The most
remarkable of them are Hall of
hundred meters, Waiting room
and Cathedral;

The air in the cave is

supposed to have curative
properties. This quality
possible, accompanied by the
beauty and the specific karst
area, is an advantage for
tourism potential value of the

Landscape Park "Villa Mindic", Drochia

At about 25 km from Drochia near a country road in the
open, is located one of the most stunning ensembles
park "Villa Mindic". This park was purchased by the
landlord Moldovan Oganovici family (Ohanowicz),
Polish-Armenian origin in the nineteenth century. In
1896 there was planted a park, the building was rebuilt,
stylized as after a Chinese style. They also cleaned and
ennobled three ponds and water mill a mile underground
pipeline. . The park planning and especially the general
conception handled great architect - Alexander

Next place is in Northern Moldavia, was Duruitoarea

village of Rascani district. In this region is a river,
which was named the village. But this little river is not
simple, but a true sculptor in stone, the bed's been
made true canyons, caverns, caves and cliffs. The
largest cave in the region is 49 meters long and 9.5
meters wide. Besides the fantastic landscapes they
formed the river, the area represent archaeological

Saharna nature reserve located near the village Saharna, Rezina,

has an area of 674 ha. Landscape, unique microclimate,
hydrography, vegetation and animal world gives specific features
of this territory.
Gorge of this area forms, sometimes, the depths of 170-180
meters. The forest is composed of maples, oaks, ash, cherry
Turkish hazel, hawthorn etc. and hosts several creatures (rafters,
badgers, wild boars, snakes etc.). The caves are home to eagles
and bats.

Since ancient times

Saharna is famous with
Troia Monastery,
founded in 1776 and
today is declared a
monument of history
and architecture.
Beautiful walls of the
monastery were
enrolled in this
wonderful landscape.

The famous complex natural, archaeological and

tourist Orheiul Vechi is located in the bed of
the river Raut.

Within the complex there are two museums, a

monastery in the rock open for visitors, but also
several private hotels, located in villages and
Trebujeni Butuceni.

The Scientific Reservation Codrii"

And we finish our trip with Reserve "Codrii
Established in 1971 with an area of 5177 ha
reserve" Codri "serves as a central
repository of Forest Genetic Resources in
Europe. Here are put under protection about
1000 species of plants, 43 species of animals
145 bird species and over 10,000 species of

This is one of the most

attractive tourist areas in
Moldova, as in the vicinity
of the reserve are many
cultural and historical