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Green HRM

What is Green HRM?

Green human resources refer to

using every employee interface to
promote sustainable practices and
increase employee awareness and
commitments on the issues of


involves undertaking environment-friendly HR

initiatives resulting in greater efficiencies, lower
costs and better employee engagement and
retention which in turn, help organizations to
reduce employee carbon footprints by the likes of
electronic filing, car-sharing, job-sharing,
teleconferencing and virtual interviews,
recycling, telecommuting, online training, energyefficient office spaces etc.

Green HR involves two essential


HR practices

preservation of knowledge capital.

Need for Green HR

To avoid or minimize global


To avoid or minimize natural

disaster such as acid rain,
flooding, hurricanes,
droughts, etc. owing to
informal, harmful, and
greedy usage of natural
resources for production and

To avoid

or minimize health diseases owing to


To avoid

or minimize harms of the animals and other

natural creatures.

To insure

survival of humans and business

organizations for a prolong period of time

Strategies of Green HR

1. Four Rs

A. Reduce

amount of wastage
Energy consumption

B. Recycle
Resources like papers, Bottles,
cans , computers and cars etc.

C. Reuse
The resources like clothes
which could be donated.

D. Refuse
The use of environmentally harmful products
and processes by adopting a simple life style.

2. Energy Efficient Work Space

Day light energy efficient space.

Clean towels instead of hair dryers or tissues.

Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Turn of lights when not in use.


The fuel efficiency of a fully

occupied bus is 6 times
greater than that of average
single occupied auto.

Buses use 8.7% less energy

per passenger mile than a
typical automobile.

4. Use Paper Wisely


both sides of a paper.

Recycle office paper. It

can save your organization
money .

Buy recycled-content
paper, preferably made
from paper pulp recycled
without the use of chlorine

5. Go Green, Go Electronic

Send information electronically using emails instead of letters.

Create an e-filing system for quick easy retrieval.

Fit more words onto each page.(e.g. smaller fonts)

6. Education and Spread Awareness

Educate the community and show them the practices and

responsibility towards the environment by displaying educational
posters about practices to become green or eco - friendly.

Other Green HR Practices


a green team to identify and address ways to be

more eco-friendly in day to day business activity.

Sales division can make use of e-marketing.


employees to suggest ways the organization can go green.

Employees need to be educated and trained on company

objectives and green initiatives.

Community should be educated on how to create a more earthfriendly environment.

By going green and becoming environmentally responsible,

many companies have significantly reduced costs and increased