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Course : J1832

Industrial and Organization Psychology

: July 2014

Employee Selection Principles and

session 3

Learning Outcomes
After studying this chapter, the students should be able to know
about :
The problems of selection, start from application blanks,
interviews, letters of recommendation, and assessment centers.

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Whats your Ideal Job?

I-O psychologists have identified a number of job characteristics
likely to be important to employees; some of these are listed
When more than 3,000 job-seekers were asked what they were
looking for in their work, they reported that the following
factors were personally important (Howard, Eaker, & Bruce,

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The Recruitment Process

Sources for Recruiting

Recruiter Characteristics
On-Campus Recruiting
Realistic Job Previews

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An Overview Of The Selection Process

Job and Worker Analyses
Recruitment Decisions
Selection Techniques

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Fair Employment Practices

Adverse Impact on Minority Groups

Reverse Discrimination
Increasing Diversity at Work
Other Targets of Discrimination :
- discrimination against older workers
- discrimination against workers with disabilities
- discrimination against female workers
- discrimination based on sexual orientation
- discrimination based on physical attractiveness

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Job and Work Analysis

The purpose of Job Analysis is to describe in specific
terms the nature of the component tasks
performed by workers on a particular Job.
Other techniques for conducting job and work
analyses for specific jobs include :
Observation, activity logs
Critical incidents
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Biographical Information
Application blanks
Biodata Inventories

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Making a Good Impression

Unstructured Interviews
Structured Interviews
Situational Interviews
Puzzle Interviews
Online Interviews

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The Interviewers Judgements

Prior Information
The Contrast Effect
Interviewers Prejudices
Halo Effect

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References and Letters of


At one time, employee selection programs routinely

involved obtaining information about job
applicants from persons who knew something
about the applicants background, skills, and work
history, and friends

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Assessment Centers

The In-Basket Technique

Leaderless Group Discussions
Predictive Validity of Assessment Centers
Employee Attitudes Toward Assessment Centers

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