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Advertising is defined as any paid form of

non personal communication of ideas,
goods and services by an identified
It is used to mean organised and planned
use of advertising for accomplishing a
definite purpose.
Advertising Campaign
An advertising Campaign is an organized
series of advertising messages with
identical or similar message over a
particular period of time. The campaign is
conveyed through different media, it has a
single theme and unified approach.
Basis of Campaign
Media Action Product
Geographical Area

•Direct Action •Pioneering

•National •Direct Mail
•Indirect Action •Competitive
•Regional •News Paper
•Local •TV
Length of Campaign
Length of campaign depends upon following

1. Product offered
2. Nature of product program
3. Seasons
4. Competitors Advertising
Points to be kept in mind to plan
Advertising Compaign
• Identify the Problem
• The budget
• Pre-testing
• Target Audience
• Media selection
• The language
• Timing and Duration
• Effects on sales
Phases of campaign Creation
1. Strategy Development phase: This phase
decide the objectives and contents of
2. Briefing Phase :- In Briefing phase the the
client has to brief the agency about the
3. Creative Phase :- In creative Phase there is a
creative team having the copywriter and
visualization both together.
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