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Membership of OWWA may
be obtained in two(2) ways:
a) By enrollment upon
processing of contract at
the POEA; and
b) By voluntary registration of
OFWs at jobsites overseas

Effectivity of Membership
OWWA membership either
through the compulsory and
voluntary coverages, shall be
effective upon payment of the
membership contribution until
the expiration of contract with a
maximum coverage of 2 years.

Renewal of Membership
Membership shall be renewed
upon payment of contribution
on contract renewal/issuance
of new contract. In the case of
Balik manggagawa processing,
coverage shall be renewed
upon payment of contribution


Insurance and Health

Care Benefits
1. Life Insurance - member shall be
covered with life insurance for the
duration of his employment
contract(2 years maximum)
P100,000.00 Natural Death
P200,000.00 Accidental Death

2. Burial Benefit shall be provided

in case of members death
amounting to P20,000.00
3. Disability and Dismemberment
Benefits coverage is within the
range of P2,000.00 to P50,000
depending on the impediment
grade of the disability.
4. Total Disability Benefit member
shall be entitled to P100,000.00

Loan Guarantee Fund

OWWA shall provide Loan in
coordination with the Government
Financing Institutions (GFIs)
Livelihood Loan maximum of
P200,000.00 for individual

Education and Training

Skills for Employment
Scholarship Program(SESP)
a) 6 months vocational course
b) 1 year vocational course

Education for Development

Scholarship Program (EDSP)
Scholarship grant offered to qualified
beneficiaries/dependents who intend to
enroll in any 4 to 5-year baccalaureate
OWWA allocates One hundred (100)
baccalaureate slots annually.
A financial Assistance of P60,000.00 per
Academic Year shall be given to scholars.

Seafarers Upgrading Program (SUP)

The program intends to provide training

assistance to seafarers for upgrading
and updating of knowledge and skills
through sponsorships.
Qualified Grantees shall be provided
with training assistance from
P1,200.00 to a maximum of P7,500.00.

OFW Dependents Scholarship

OWWA provides financial assistance of
P20,000.00 per year to poor but
deserving dependents of OFWs with
monthly salaries of not more than
US$400.00/month. Qualifiers are
entitled to a baccalaureate or
associate degree in a state

OWWA-Microsoft Tulay

Free information and

communication technology (ICT)
skills training, access to
technology and communication
via the internet.

Tuloy Aral Project

Is an educational assistance
through US$100.00 financial
support to augment the school
needs of less fortunate
elementary and high school
children of former OFWs

Education and Livelihood Assistance

A special benefit package designed
primarily for survivors of deceased
OFWs who were active OWWA members
at the time of death and is intended to
cover the continuous education of an
eligible dependent, regardless of his/her
present educational level, until after
completion of a tertiary education or a
technical/vocational course of his/her
preference, and/or the provision of a
livelihood activity to a surviving member
of the family to augment their income.

Social Services and

Family Welfare
a) Repatriation Program
b) Reintegration Program
Community organizing, financial
literacy, entrepreneur
development training and other
social preparations are
incorporated in this program

Workers Assistance
and On-site Services
OWWA sustain and maintain assistance
to members in all its regional and
overseas offices. Services include:
1. Locating the OFW
2. Providing information and Guidance
3. Conducting Psycho-Social Counseling
4. Conciliation Services

5. Medical and Legal Assistance

6. Outreach Programs
7. Developing materials of the PreDeparture Orientation
On behalf of the OFW, OWWA provide
appropriate representations with
employers, agents and host
government authorities.

The End

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