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By: Ana-Marie Pintari
Zoran Majcen
Karlo mentanec Turkovi

In this presentation, we will show you the production-line for

cabins that will be later mounted on mobile machineries.

From the receipt of raw material,warehousing through

processing andfinally packing for shipment.

Metal panels on stock

Metal panels, sorted in the warehouse, are delivered to

the cutting machine for procesing.
The warehouse should be located as close as possible to
the machine

Carving metal panels

Cutting metal panels with gas bracket on the machine that

has numerical guidance. On this way we cut thicker metal
panels (30 160 mm), thinner panels (0,5-20 mm) are
cutted by laser or plasma (12-80 mm).

Laser cutting

Preparation of the metal panel for cutting with laser.


Big and heavy machinery pressing the workpiece

accurately by a line and bending it under the required
angle. Without computer control interface, it would be

Completed position (parts)

One part after cutting and bending.

Some parts like this are ready for delivery, but
most of them need to pass through several other

Saving parts for further processing

Parts whose processing machines is completed (cutting, bending, cleaning,

grading or stripping slope) are ready for locksmith work (locksmith assembly,
welding, threading, drilling) or for surface treatment (galvanizing,
sandblasting, glasblasing, cementing, nitriding ). Until further treatment they
will be stored in temporary warehouse.

Locksmith assembly

In very complicated assemblies, where narrower tolerances are

required , positions are mounted using special devices. Making
such devices is even more complicated than making the
assembly, so these kind of devices are very costly.

Welding mounted positions

After the positions were mounted according to the draft and well sealed, its
time to start welding the whole construction. Each welder has to take the
test for certain types of welds and receive the appropriate certificate.
Without the certificate, the customer can return or not accept the goods if
he finds that the work on the welding was performed by someone who
doesnt have the appropriate certificates.

Processing of welded constructions

When the assembly or construction is welded and if there are

requirements in the draft, the treatment of the whole piece on the
machine will start to obtain certain measures which can not be
obtained with locksmith assembly.
This machine can process pieces in length up to 12m and in 5m of


Each product, which is made of a material that easily corrodes, must

be protected with coating. In paint shop the product is degreased,
washes, parts which can not be paint are protected (e.g. machined
parts, threads, holes, fitting surfaces ) and are sprayed with
applied coat of paint.

Final assembly

Before delivery to the custumer all parts must be mounted in unit according
to the order.
The buyer/costumer will decide until which stage of finalizing the works will
be done.

Packaging and shipping

Our cabin is now assembled and ready for shipment to the

There it will be mounted together with many more component
into one big final product and if everything is in order there
wont be any claim!