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Who we are and what were


We are filming our opening trailer for

a mystery thriller, which will feature
a varied range of AS Media
techniques and skills.


We plan on creating an opening to a thriller with a duel narrative that link and join together at
the end of the opening sequence. Our thriller can arguably be compared to the mystery thriller,
Silence of the lambs, as there is a common theme of two main characters isolated that remain
the key focus throughout.

One narrative will follow a stalker and him collecting items and images of a young girl. We will
also hit that he may be preparing to capture her eg putting on gloves and collecting rope. It will
contain a scene in which the preparations of an unknown antagonist are made to abduct a child.
The main sequence will also include the chase scene and the enigmas that surround both the
characters and the setting. The second narrative will follow the young girl walking home through
woods. The narratives will then come together and as the girl is walking through the woods you
will see the stalker following her and eventual catching up with her and capturing her.

We will then cut to a missing poster of the girl and this will be where the title of the film is
included as we plan to call it missing.

Foreboding camera shots as well as a purposefully tense soundtrack are also key features we will
be hoping to replicate in our thriller opening.

Our Unique Selling Point (USP), is going to be our ability to showcase a varied and ranged shot
selection, which we hope will allow our thriller opening to be of the highest quality. Enigmas will
be crucial in our production in order to suitably match the thriller sub-genre, mystery.

Target Audience:

Target age: Between 15-30

Gender: Both genders as conventions appeal to both and this allows a wider
choice of audience to appeal to.
Background: Average/normal, enjoy family time and have time for leisurely
activities such as watching films or telly, going to the cinema or pub.
Interests: Film and television and other media and film items. They will be
interested in relaxing and unwinding which will leave time to watch television.
Enjoy socialising and hanging out with Friends due to their young age and
wanting to be social.
Enjoy thriller games or thriller T.V. shows such as The Last of Us, Orphan Black
or The Walking Dead.
Demo: particularly pointed at to C2, D and E, we feel this as this consist of younger
people, our targeted age group, and consists of part-timers which allows room for
leisure time.
Psycho: Targeted at explorers due it typically being young people and commonly

students. Attracted to adventure, experience and energy which is what you

would find in a thriller. They are also the first to try new things, our thriller
would be new which would also attract them and make them want to watch.

Type of


Trip Filming outside could

mean anyone could
fall and cause harm
to their body e.g.
cuts or bruising.

Electrical If weather conditions

are bad electrical
equipment could get




damaged. Also, if any

equipment is dropped
it could cause
When filming near
roads you must be
careful no one is
close to the roads as
they may get injured
by cars. This could
cause fractures,
bruising cuts and
broken bones.
If the weather
conditions are not
good then surfaces
could become
slippery and people
may trip.

When filming in
woods roots may
cause a trip hazard.
Low branches may

Likelihood Severit
1-5 y of risk

Wet weather



Clean out any cuts

and apply plasters and
ice to any bruising. If
the trip is serious and
you suspect a major
injury call for medical
If electrical equipment
is severally damaged
do not touch to avoid
further damage. If
dropped on someone
apply ice if causing

crew location

If the injury seems

serious do not attempt
to move to person
injured and call for
medical assistance.


Take caution when

walking/ filming on
any wet surfaces. If
anyone does become
injured follow the tip
emergency action.

If someone falls follow

the trip emergency
action. If low branches
scratch someone


Actions to be

How to avoid

Be cautious when
filming and make
sure that the
filming location is
clear and nothing is
left on the floor

Any Keep all electrical
equipment safe and
filming paced away if not
being used.
crew location

Try to avoid filming

near roads and if
you need to film
near a road make
sure it is safe and

Cast Any wet

and surfaces

Wear sensible
footwear and avoid
slippery areas



Be careful when
walking in
woodland areas,
and watch when



Male: The costume the male will wear will consist of dark
and black clothing to connote the idea of him being dark
and frightening and that he has some sort of authority/show
he is the more powerful character.
He will wear either a black top with either a black coat or
sweater/hooded jacket. Alongside black jeans. Footwear
will consist of either black trainers or boots that will be
suitable for our setting. In addition, heavy duty boots also
create a stereotypical feel of being strong and are mainly
wore by men who do much labour work e.g. builders who
often have a strong physique.


Female child: The girls costume will consist of school

uniform. We feel this will connote her innocence and
immaturity and show her age. It will either be primary
uniform or secondary. This will consist of long black/white
socks, skirt and polo-shirt/shirt. Her footwear will be a
typical school shoe or something durable for the location to
prevent injury. Her hair will be tied in either plaits or up in a
ponytail with added ribbons. Again, the idea of this style
alongside ribbons gives the stereotypical look of a young


As the location is a wood, natural lighting will be used and

readily available. This will be natural, low lighting.
The second use of lighting will be via a match. This will
highlight certain images on the board and connote keeping
the antagonists identity a secret.

We will be using a young male and a female child
as our two actors. We chose a young girl firstly
due to wanting to create the vulnerable and
suspicious atmosphere surrounding them both.
Using a child tends to make the audience feel on
edge and question the narrative more. The young
male will pose as a stalker and kidnapper who is
after the child. We felt this would create many
enigmas and tension about the narrative and
relationship between the two.
Both actors are known to crew members.


The girl will have make-up on to

create a mucky look and add realism
to her running in the outdoors. This
will involve either brown make-up or
real mud.
The girl may also have cuts or
bruises present to show she injured
herself either in the wood or allow
the audience to question or the
antagonist did.

To be used:
Leather gloves- add to the idea of the antagonist
remaining anonymous and in power
Rope- to show that we will be using this to tie the girl
Cloth and liquid drug- to show that we will be using
this to drug the girl
Photos- to add background information/clearer
Possibly a backpack- to go with the idea the girl ahs
been to school
Possibly candle/match- to be used alongside the
photos and possibly go with the song of choice.


Our thriller is to be set in a wood. The wood creates the

atmosphere of vulnerability and isolation. This goes hand in
hand with the idea of having a child and being vulnerable
and becoming lost, which will create tension for the


The genre will be a psychological/mystery. The

psychological due to one of the main characters appearing
to be mentally unstable and the fact it creates many
questions and enigmas for the audience about both actors.
The mystery is present via tension/build up, the anonymous
stalker, why he wants her and if she escapes.

Chosen Actors

Samantha Bacon

We chose Samantha as she has acting experience and

takes regular classes. This is really helpful for our
production. She was also the most confident and spoke the
clearest and loudest. We feel she also fitted the image we
had in mind. We feel this as she looked young/the youngest
and like the vulnerable and innocent little girl we wanted.
This would link in with her being of school age and would
fit/suit the costume well.

Josh Doyle

We chose to use Josh due to the fact he fits in well with the
image of the stalker we had in mind. He is a well built and
tall, this will go well with the idea of him being dark,
mysterious and strong. Out of the actors he auditioned we
felt he looked the most appropriate to represent the young
male. His voice is deep which connotes the idea of him
being of an older age which adds to the eeriness and
tension of him being after the girl. The emotions he showed
were strong and clear and were ones that would be needed
if asked. He understood his role in the opening and
appeared the happiest to do it.

Location Scouting

We chose to use a local wood. This being local

makes it easy to get to and not mean we need
fees to get there or travel long distances. We also
felt a wood reflected the atmosphere are our
thriller through the way it was isolated and a
desolate place. Woods are also very vast and
would therefore strengthen the idea of the girl
becoming lost, panicked and in danger. Woods
are also places of uncertainty and often given the
impression of what is inside and that you never
really know what you may find or come across.

The start of our thriller will involve a
dark room. We decided a garage would
be the best place as it is dark and
typically has various objects such as
tools which connote danger and the idea
of it being a mans area/space and this is
where our antagonist will be introduced .
Most people have garage, therefore it
would be easy to find one to use.

Our Company ident.

For our company ident we decided that we wanted something simplistic but
effective. Our ident consists of a black box with a spotlight inside it which will be
the trade mark of our company. The text is also in a simplistic font with the
spotlight text bolded because it is the most significant part of our ident. We
wanted to keep it simplistic as we found that simplistic silhouette idents are
more memorable than more complicated ones.
We also incorporated the idea of a spotlight into our design as this is media
related objected that is used in the production of film and television. Hence,
creating a link between us making our thriller and being a form of production
We were inspired by other idents such as those from The Weinstein Company,
Touchstone Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment. These are all simplistic titles
were the first word is bolded or bigger than the second. Theyre all accompanied
by a symbol that links to their studios in some way. For example, Spyglass
Entertainment shows someone holding a spyglass. All these idents are also
animated in their actual films so we will animate our ident in some way.


Our film titles will be superimposed throughout our opening so that our titles are
clear whilst fitting into the theme of the film. Our title will be shown on a missing
poster to further link into the theme of it being a realistic missing poster.

We have a few title font ideas that we are planning to use in our thriller. If you go to
our website https://pollev.com/goodforest171 you can vote for which title you like the
most. The font on the left are examples of our titles with the fonts name to the right.
Theyre all in the same order as on the voting system.

For our film title we want it to look as if the title

has been written onto the screen by the stalker
himself. Weve picked out 6 fonts that fit our

Other film titles that have inspired us are Se7en, Shaun of

the Dead and Lost. These titles are worn out and damaged
and link closely to the themes of their films.

Shot Types

The type of shots that will most commonly

appear in our thriller will be:
Close-ups: These give detail and show clear
emotions which are key for building tension.
Extreme close-ups: These again, give much more
detail and focus on a specific thing, which also
builds tension and suspense.
Over-the-shoulder: These make the audience feel
there and adds to the realism. This also gives
things from the characters perspective/view.
Tracking shots: These will follow the characters
and heighten the effect of the pursuit and
create/add the feel of realism and suspense.

Shot Number

Shot Type
Close-up/Medium close-up


Extreme close-up


Long shot


Long shot

Having close-ups at the start of the scene
that are not of the character hides their
identity and creates tension and questioning
amongst the audience. The close-up of the
match and board used allows the audience to
see it in detail and have hints and
foreshadowing as to the narrative.
The close-up of the match and board used
allows the audience to see it in detail and
have hints and foreshadowing as to the
narrative. Also, it being from their point-ofview as to the realism and makes it feel as if
the audience are in their shoes.
Having the extreme close-up of part of their
face still conceals the identity of the
character but also suggest that they may be
the one in power due to the fact they finish
the scene/blow out the candle. This leaves
the audience with enigmas and wonder.
We have left this shot blank/black to add
tension and mystery straight from the start of
the opening sequence. We felt this leaves the
audience question what is going to happen
The long shot allows the audience to see the
surroundings and establish what the setting
is. In addition, this also allows them to view
the other character fully, without showing the
The over-the-shoulder adds realism, the
feeling of being watched and as if they are
the antagonist at that moment in time.
The long shot allows the audience to see the
surroundings and establish what the setting
is. They can also see what the girl is doing
and her actions clearly and fully.


Sound Ideas

During our opening, to make it different from other film openings, we have decided to
create a montage sequence in which we will use voices to add help develop
contextual information. For example we will use the voice of a mother ringing the
police to report her child missing or a police man talking about the case at a police
We took inspiration from the 2013 video game, The Last of Us. The setting of the
story takes place in a post apocalyptic world which is riddled with people who caught
a virus and pretty much turned them into zombies. The story of the outbreak of the
virus, who its affected and how people have responded are mentioned throughout
the opening through a montage of voices. Some sound like news reports whilst others
sound like public interviews. It helps to add context to the game and helps the player
understand where in the story theyre being thrown into.
We want to use this idea with our thriller opening so that people can understand what
is going on, but also to create more enigmas. We also think it will make our thriller
stand out from other stalker thrillers. Aside from the voice over montage, we will also
be using a non-copyrighted track beneath the voices to help create more atmosphere
within the sequence.
http://www.artofthetitle.com/title/the-last-of-us/# - The Last of Us opening title is our
main source of inspiration.

Time Line
00:00 - Production company ident
00:05 - Footage begins to play
00:07 - Director
00:10 - Editor
00:13 - Photographer and videographer
00:16 - Music & sound
00:19 - Actor1
00:22 - Actor2
00:25 - Props and costume director
00:28 - Director of locations and setting
02:00 Title
The titles will be superimposed running over the video footage, we plan on having
the titles within the first half of the opening so when to footage begins to get more
tense and fast pace the titles will not be in the way and have the title of the movie
at the end linking with images on the screen. we plan on using a missing poster to
show the title as we plan on calling the movie Missing. We will go from having the
missing poster in the video to it coming off the screen and superimposed.

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