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By-Aman kumar

Atif Iqubal
Chetan Hooli
Vinayak B H
Pradeep B R

Eligibility criteria
Selection Process
Aptitude and technical test
Group discussion
Technical interview
HR interview


Go through the company website.

Know company founders, their presence and what they
actually do in India
Know some technologies about Mercedes Benz cars that
the other company cars dont have.
Know the competitors of Mercedes Benz and recent
news about company.
Know about their products in India and outside.

Eligibility criteria
10th- 60% & above
PUC/ Diploma- 60% & above
Engineering- CGPA 7.00 & above with no History of
Backlogs i.e. you must have cleared each semester in
First Attempt
Salary offered: 4.5 lakh per annum
As a fresher you will be recruited as Graduate Engineer
Traniee(for us it was at MBRDI i.e, Mercedes Benz
Research And Development India)

Selection Process
Aptitude and technical test (written)

20 Qs on aptitude. Aptitude was simple. But there

were tricky 4-5 qs on puzzle.(go through vikas
books and some ref books)
30 Qs on technical
Technical was also easy. Most of the qs were on
VIBRATIONs, FMetc. (5-6 appln oriented qs)
Time allotted was 60min combined
Note: since qs were easy everyone will be solving,so
you need to be at the top.

Group discussion


MEMBERS(including GIT and SDM)
There were 2 persons as judge,
One or two topics will be given
2 min time will be given to make points and firing
Make atleast 3-4 entries(give good points at
right time, best if it is real time with evidence)
Speak clearly, boldly and loudly

Technical interview

There were 2 interviewers

1st q was introduce yourself
Question on favorite subjests, projects, mfg
process, on hobbies..etc.
They stressed more on the application of the
theory what you have studied.
For eg.What is Fatigue and creep and where are
they tested in an automobile?
The interview(technical) lasted for around 25-35

Technical qs:
As I told my favorite subjects as material science and
TTT curves, On heat treatment process-different
HT process
Hardening, quencing( why it done? Were do you
find such application?)
different case hardening process and give ex for
each and most of them are application oriented Qs.

Stress-Strain curve for brittle material, mild steel(in
tension and compression)
Explain all salient features.
What makes them to behave differently..I said
%of carbon and said the ranges.
Again he asked what makes carbon to behave like
this.why not other material? And I was blind
On SOM they asked SFD & BMD(dont just blindly
draw the digsexplain assumption made..derive
the relations..and then draw digs.

For others one had to be thorough with

automative engineering.
The question posed to others was what do you
know about cars in detail.
In one of the panels they asked questions on
Explain Carnot cycle,Diesel,Otto cycle,In depth
details of IC engines.

Technical questions (30)

1. Four to five basic questions on Material science
2. Two different types of questions on finding tension in string when
masses are given
3. Finding frictional force when force is applied on two different masses
placed one above the other.
4. Shear force dig for simply supported beam with UDL.
5. Finding the shear force at a point in simply supported beam with
point load
6. Reaction forces for simply supported UVL.
7. Full form of PDM
8. Find the velocity of a mass when two masses undergone perfect
elastic collision
9. Finding the damping coefficient when K and M are given
10. slenderness ratio of a column is?

11. A problem on truss, finding loads on particular member of the truss.

12. A material's resistance to distortion without yielding is which
13. The strain energy stored in a member which is experiencing
ultimate stress, without fracture is called? (proof resilience)
14. finding logarithmic decrement, when critical damping and damping
coefficient given.
15. stress in the neutral axis of a beam under bending is?
16. One question on operation research like finding the optimum path
17. The fluid which follows Newtons law is called as------18. The heat treatment process used after hardening process is------

Aptitude Questions(20)
1. If A, B, C can complete alone a work in 20,30,&40 days respectively. If A
starts the work and B and C work only on every 3rd day. Then total number
of days required to complete work
2. Two questions Arithmetic and Geometric progressions.
3. Row sitting arrangement (contains 3 questions)
4. One profit and loss question
5. One upstream and downstream question
6. One English fill in the blank question
7. One time and distance question
8. A problem on train with length yyy crossing a platform with Xm/s and a man
walking at Zm/s, then time taken for train to cross?
9. Basic probability on, ' different coloured balls in the bag'.
10.A problem on Odd man series (refer Indiabix)

11. One ratio and proportion question ( if 80 litre of vessel has milk and water in
the ratio of 3:2 ,how much water should be added to make milk and water
ratio 1:2
12. Find the probability of getting a sum 9 on throwing two dice
13. One question on age(. Finding present age of a 'X' person, from the given
14. If 1.2 m height boy has shade of 1.4 m length then the shadow of wall of
height 1.8 m
15. If teachers day is on Tuesday then on which day Gandhi jayanti is
16. logical reasoning.
for ex. Tanya is older than Eric.
Cliff is older than Tanya.
Eric is older than Cliff.
If the first two statements are true, the third statement is..?

Personal interview questions

Technical Interview
1. which subjects you chose as an elective?
2. Explain the theories of failure.
3. which are the heat treatments to make a material soft.
4. Explain TTT diagrams.
5. Explain different phases of iron in heat treatment.
6. What you know about automobiles?
7. How is the car outer body manufactured?
8. What are the materials used to manufacture car body?
9. Explain different sheet metal processes involved in manufacturing car doors
and other sheet metal parts?
10. Gear nomenclature.
11. How do you measure a Gear's pitch circle diameter? (Gear tooth vernierexplain the procedure)

12. any aspiration of Higher studies? (strictly say no and prove

why you said no)
13. Tell me the softwares that you have learnt in your stream.
14. How do you manufacture water bottle.
15. If there is a truck and zeep which are need to be start by
pushing them by same personality 8 people. If truck takes
50m to get start then how much distance will zeep takes
16. If you have given Tawa and heating coil made up of same
material then in which among them more heat transfer takes
place and also how it takes place (i.e mode of heat transfer)

17. Tell me your favourite subject (i told material science)

18. Draw stress and strain dig for mild steel under tensile
and compression load
19. He asked me about some heat treatment process
20. Do you have any question(have one or two question on
companiies future projects)

HR Interview
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. tell me what you want to do in your life?
3. Why Mercedes Benz?
4. If you wont get selected today, what will you do?
5. If you are selected for the training and then not selected as an
employee after one year, what will you do?
6. To what extent is job necessary for you?
7. Do you want to pursue higher studies?
8. If no, then why?
9. If financial problems, then will you do higher studies, once you make
money in two years?

10. How do you differentiate between hard work and Smart work?
11. One situation based question
If you have visited one of your favourite place, there you had a
dinner in one small restaurant. Just half an hour before reaching
Home you realized that you have not paid the bill.......then what
You do? (Again they will ask sub questions based on your answer)
12. Why Benz?
13. Why should I hire you?
14. Tell me something in your life which made you feel proud.

GD topics :
1. Should gambling and betting be legalized in sports
or not
2. Though we have billion population, why we won
less medals in Olympics
3. Is media should be regulated by Govt or private
4. Are fresher's more important than lateral entry
5. Are MNCs more important than the Indian
6. Globalization in automotive industry good or bad
7. Primary or secondary education, which should be
given more priority

8. Is T20 reducing the sheen of cricket.?

9. Whether Indian movies are loosing there
10.Whether bandh and strikes are good way
to protest?
11.Which will be the next super power? India
or China?
12.Whether cricket is a gentleman's game