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ROWE Gallery ~

Profile of Humanity
Nikita Mikhailov

What / Where is ROWE Gallery

Lecture halls various course from : Psychology to
Graphic Design
Exhibitions, turn right at main entrance
Each year exhibitions feature the work of regional,
national, and international visiting artists, as well as
work by students and faculty from the Department of
Art & Art History.

The Galleries
2nd floor gallery
Side gallery

The Art shows attended

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy: Priests of the Temple
2D/3DBFA Student Exhibition
Graphic Design BFA Student Exhibition
Art of Student Teaching Exhibition

Variations of art
The purpose / literacy of the gallery remains the same
Creative expression of the artist is independent on the medium
(tools used).

These unique and varieng compostions demonstrate that there is

no correct way of demonstrating this litereacy. This litereacy is in
itself a unique aspect.
Depicted here are assemblage art (using objects), bottom left
and moving projections (accompanied by music) , bottom right

Variations of art contd images

Depicted here are abstract art (two on the left), and

Mentoring experience, Art brings to

mind certain issues
Artists tend to create artwork to bring to light certain issues.
By learning from their courageous attitude we are able to master the
literacy of creative expression and apply it to our own lives.
On the next few slides are artworks from the Stitches Exhibition I attended
on campus. This exhibition was a thesis project for digital art majors who
were assigned to build awareness of certain causes in the Charlotte area
through various mediums (some used computers screens). Some even
created a fake brand to build awareness.
This was a mentoring experience from me, because not only was I up to this
point unable to see how art directly thought me a literacy, but after I
witnessed this exhibition and even talked to certain artists (who came for
the presentation) I was introduced to creative expression and began to draw
from the passion and attitude of each of these artists and their artworks.

- This artist brought awareness to the issue of circumsion in

newborns. Pictured here is a crib with surgical tools hanging

over it in place of toys, and a red hand (kind of evil)
looming in the background. She highlights that she is
against it and has prodivded scientific data to back up her
argument in her self made pamphlet.

With this work the student artist (graduate, in digital

design) was attempting bring awareness to Pitbull
rescue centers in the Charlotte area by creating Red
Nose a fake brewing company.

- This is the continuation of the Red Nose artwork. Underneath the last slides
image was a table with these items. The artist put in effort by creating products
with the his Red Nose branded logo on them. Items include: coaster, cups, bottled
beer, and evena dog kit that contains a leash and dog bone.

A final example is the artist spreading the word of local

farmers in the Charlotte area who are struggling to get
their product out, because of lack of awareness. She
brings awareness by introducing a map (left) as well as
a hip design of a lettuce (right) that reads heads up,
in order to attract youth audiences (because of its hip

Levels of art
I define level of art based on the age of the artist
I had the opportunity to witness elementary school/ high
school showcase of art next to student teach art in the :
Art of Student Teaching Exhibition
The apparent difference between the works is noticeable
Despite the apparent differences in skill and differnces in
themes being explored, exploration of complex themes in
student teacher art vs child art ,we can still see creative
expression in both age groups
Please refer to next slide for images

Levels of art contd

- Portrait of famous people. Left is elementary level and right is student teacher level

Levels of art contd images

Elementary school clay pot (left) vs student teacher acrylic
painting (right)

LofA contd images

- Left is student teacher (the work highlights phrases: war dances, of the fiercest
most deadly, would protect them . Right is elementary
- It is obvious that more complex teams are being purused with the left artwork, as
the ST does her artwork over text.

Compared to famous art

Depite this difference in level of talent and fame, we still
see this creative expression literacy artworks of
different skill.
This concludes that this literacy transends: age, talent,
medium in conclusion we are all able to practice and
perfect this literacy in our own unique ways.

Famous (left) , ROWE art (right)

Creative expression is fundamental

to life
- I think this literacy can be extended beyond the realm of
art, and into the realm of the professional world and in our
personal lives. I cover this aspect in greater detail in the
accompanying written piece.

Artists allowing for audience

- I think this is a great example of how creative expression can be
thought and perfected
- By allowing for viewers to leave feedback the artist is allowing
critique of his work, and he is using that critique or positive feedback
to fuel his further projects and make changes, the artist is engaging in
perfecting the the literacy of creative expression.
- I included my own comment (fourth image from left)

It has become part of my personal

Being a student in the Liberal Studies class of art at the
same time that I conduct this study into this literacy and
sponsor has allowed me to reflect on how it is part of
my personal culture.
Learning the techniques of artists (how certain lines
converge to convey a deeper meaning), as well as the
mind blowing messages of art masterpieces, has
allowed me to become more appreciative of it, and in a
sense developed my creative expression.
After each LBST class I find it fascinating to attend the
gallery and apply my knowledge that I learned in class
to the artwork