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What is Google Drive ?

cloud storage service -allows to store
documents, photos, videos, and more
can be the one place store all
teaching and learning resources.
Its accessible from any device with
a modern browser . Its just like your
USB flash drive..

Google Drive was launched on April

24, 2012and had 240 million
monthly active users of October
Available in 68 languages
Need to register

With Google Drive, we

Store anyfile
Drive starts you with Google online
storage, so you can keep photos,
stories, designs, drawings, recordings,
videos anything.

See your stuffanywhere

Your files in Drive can be reached from
any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
wherever you go, your filesfollow.

Share files andfolders

You can quickly invite others to view,
download, and collaborate on all the files
you want
no email attachmentneeded.
Files in Drive are private, until you
decide to share them. You can quickly
invite others to view, comment, and edit
any file or folder you choose. It's online
collaboration madeeasy.

Safe and secure

Your file security is crucial.
every file in Drive stays safe no
matter what happens to your
smartphone, tablet or computer.
Drive is encrypted using Secure
Soclet Layer (SSL), the same security
protocol used on Gmail and other

Work smarter with apps

Create and collaborate with others.
Share documents and files, build out
spreadsheets and make a presentation

Review on Google Drive

The Best Ways to Use Google In the Classroom
ByPamela DeLoatchon May 26, 2015@pameladel
Google Drive weve saved the best organizing,
creating and collaborating tool for last: Google Drive.
Lets you access from anywhere
Work collaboratively
If you are familiar with Microsoft office then Google
Drive will look familiar.

Ref http://www.edudemic.com/best-ways-to-use-google/

Paper : Cloud epoch:

storage as a service,
Gurpreet Singh, et al (2012)
Google Drive is a free medium cloud
storage service that is integrated with
the companys other services and systems
Chrome, YouTube, Picassa, Google Video,
Google Analytics and Google+. Google
Drive, which enables
browser-based interface between the
users files and applications
Ref :SINGH, Gurpreet, Sharma, Navita and Kaur, Rajinder. Cloud epoch: storage as a service.
InternationalJournal of ComputerApplications &InformationTechnology, 2012Vol.1 (2), pp.15

Paper : Using Google Drive for library

communication and collaboration 9 th
Convention PLANNER-2014
(Leah Kulikowski (2012) )
--explained how the Google Drive can
be used in the various activities and
functioning of a library and he found
that Google Drive plays an important
role on library admin system
--showed the step-wise process of using
Google Drive with some screen shots.
Ref : http:/ /arsl.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/CheatSheet-GettingStarted-with-Google-Drive.pdf