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Candy Crushers


My Cards
The cards I received were, Candy, Fragmentation, and Opposites. After
brainstorming I few ideas I settled on creating an action RPG Hack and Slash
type game featuring my cards.

Game Outline
This game exists in a world that grew from candy. As sweet as this concept
may seem I have decided to look at a world where the candy has become
corrupted. When the game begins you the player has to choose one of four
playable character classes to use for the game with each class catering to a
specific type of player. As the game goes on the characters is awarded rare
candy fragments that help fill up their Super Meter when enough fragments
are collected the character is able to unleash a devastating attack on nearby
enemies. The game would also use the natural colors found on a controller to
interact with enemies. pressing color opposites ie pressing the red button for
a green enemy would deal increased damaged against said enemy along with
increasing the odds of them dropping a Rare Fragment.


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Candy Rogue
With an arm made of and adaptable candy the Rogue class focuses on bringing high amounts of damage to any combat situation but
in short bursts. This character type would be most effective at destroying high priority targets and moving on.
This particular character also has it in his head that he is 'Gods gift' and often tries to pursue the Candy Bruiser but to no avail.

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Candy Marksman
Using his gun Gumdrop, a living candy weapon, the Candy Marksman deals consistent damage over time. offering very little in
resistances the Marksman is best suited for players who want to stay out of the skirmish and attack from a distance.
This character feels that his compares often let their emotions get the better of them and situations however he does have a strong
bond of trust with them in times of need

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Laffy the taffy tank

This walking behemoth of candy monster is the crews massive front line tank offering heavy displacement and crowd control abilities this tank
is able to quickly force a change in the enemy's formation.
Although intimidating to look at Laffy is actually quite the sweet heart and is a beloved member of the team who has been with them since
they formed.

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Candy Bruiser
A hybrid between the tank and Rogue classes the Bruiser is able to deal moderate damage while in the front line of the assault along with
tanking her own fair share of damage.
Hot headed and fist thinking the Bruiser relishes battle and even though she has countless times outwordly rejected the Candy Rogue there are
feeling there for him that had gone beyond just partners. These feelings increase when she sees his battle prowess .


The villainous Warhead who had entered the peaceful candy world of our
heroes, hell bent on destroying the candy world and remodeling it into his own
twisted and sickened image.


Final wrap up

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Screenshot of game

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