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Small Cells

External / Internal launch

Product Marketing: Stephane Daeuble
(+ Paul N, Carlijn A, Jaakko H, Amit G)
Marketing Channels: Roberta Lima
Jan 2013

For internal use

Secret until the launch

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012

Small Cells Launch objective & target audiences

Small Cells Innovations / Smart Wi-Fi
LW1 MWC 25-28 Feb 2013

Objectives of the launch

After launching all of our key small cell solutions + services.
We need to keep the drum beat on small cells, show continuous
innovation/investment and evolution / strengthening of our portfolio.
In addition we need to continue to show progress in commercial momentum.
Launching new solutions, innovations & re-launch/improve weaker areas
Show continuous traction (wins, trials, named references)
Smart Wi-Fi (end2end Wi-Fi story) + innovation with Wi-Fi traffic steering
FZ new AP range (Micro + Pico)
+ Continued innovations in difft PR MWC presence PR
Strengthening Enterprise/Public Indoor Femto product range with new
HSPA+ and LTE Femtos (with s/w upgrade to VoLTE/CSFB)
Evolution & Strengthening of Svc for HetNet story (CEM, BH, Security, LP)
For internal use
Secret until the launch

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012

Target customers and target audience

Mobile Operators CxO level (COO/CTO focus) & Upper mgmt
Target customers - specific to each solution
Analysts & media
Customer / Regional Sales Teams
MCA Region heads, Regional Marketing
NSN employees (high-level awareness)

External endorsements

Smart Wi-Fi/Femto/FZ Public customer reference (on-going effort)

IDEA smart Wi-Fi win PR? Checking with CT
Everything Everywhere services launch? Checking with CT
Analyst quotes?
FZ innovation awards quotes

Small Cells launch summary

What is new

What is unique

What makes money *)

NSN Smart Wi-Fi (One PR)

Launch Wi-Fi End2End offering + NEW innovation Wi-Fi

Traffic Steering pack

Smart Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Connect
Smart Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Converge
Smart Wi-Fi Optimize
Smart Wi-Fi Personnalize

Ruckus AP
AP +
+ Service
Service for
for HetNet,
SWLANC (provisioning,
(provisioning, core
core integr.)
Traffic steering pack
CEMoD for Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi references (if new ones available)

Small cell portfolio evolution (One PR)

Flexi Zone
New Flexi Zone AP range (Micro & Pico)

Continued innovations (mmW steerable pencil beam BH,

Balance Algorithm
Algorithm sets)
sets) &
& completing
completing FZ
FZ solution
solution with
Liquid planning (Hot Zone detection and Planning tool)
(pending PdM
PdM approval)
in MWC
MWC Presence
Presence PR

Strengthening enterprise/public indoor Femto
product range with next generation HSPA+ & 1stst LTE
enterprise Femto (FAPe-hsp 5620 & FAPe-lte 7610
Enterprise Femto) + s/w upgrade to VoLTE/CSFB
Services for HetNet
Expanding offering with
ADD CEM for end-user based analysis
Liquid planning new tools for very precise
geo-location and apps use in Hot Spots
Security for HetNet + Small Cell Backhaul
Update on Small cell reference (if updates)

For internal use

Secret until the launch

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012

NSN Smart Wi-Fi (One PR)

Joining the rank of end2end Wi-Fi vendors
(Cisco, E///)
Providing differentiation with (SADM), CEM
for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Traffic Steering pack
Small cell portfolio evolution
Continue to expand our already leading
small cell portfolio and show continued
commercial momentum in Small cells
Showing new focus towards the indoor
enterprise / public indoor market space
(indoor capacity play) with new HSPA+ &
our 1stst LTE enterprise Femtos
Show momentum, continued investment
and innovation/thought leadership with
award winning and unique Flexi Zone
Expand our highly acclaimed Service for
HetNet offering with 4 key new capabilities
(not covered by competition)
Green = Selleable
Orange = 2013/2014 roadmap items
Red = Thought leadership

*) when you:
Grow your capacity with Liquid Net

Business modeling proof points

Services for HetNets - Smart investment by
enabling optimum network evolution with
right combination of macro and small cells to
serve operators coverage and capacity mix.
20% TCO savings with services for HetNets
(17% fewer cells needed + 21% users
seeing higher speed compared to nonoptimized small cell deployments)
Wi-Fi For Indoor capacity play, can save
up to 50% CAPEX (compared to adding a
new outdoor macro site), whilst providing up
to 7x subscriber performance boost
e/pi Femto For same coverage area, e/pi
Femto can provides 20-70% savings
compared to DAS systems (depends on
building being pre-wired or not), 30-40%
savings compared to providing indoor
coverage via outdoor macros
Flexi Zone - 10x Subscriber Exp.
improvement at 50% TCO compared to
other capacity add solutions in Hot Zones
(macro/pico). Future proof Micro and Pico
solution with smooth evolution to Zone.

Key messages
Nokia Siemens Networks expand small cell offering with end2end Smart Wi-Fi offering, new Flexi Zone
Micro and Pico, HSPA+ and LTE enterprise Femtos and extend Service for HetNet offering providing
operators market leading small cell solutions & services to maximize business value with small cells
Smart Wi-Fi is a full, world class, carrier grade end-to-end Wi-Fi solution, supporting different operators strategies
to exploit the potential of Wi-Fi.
Smart Wi-Fi provides operators the visibility and tools to exploit operator controlled Wi-Fi as a seamless extension
to their cellular network, and the end users the ultimate ease-of-use based subscriber auto-provisioning and best
network selection according to operator business strategy. Smart Wi-Fi also evolves to serve the operators as part
of the award winning Flexi Zone.
Flexi Zone Micro/Pico provide operators with the industry only future proof small cell capacity solution. FZ
Micro/Pico can be deployed initially to deal with capacity in HotSpot, and later on be s/w upgraded to Flexi Zone AP
to help provide underlay capacity for future denser and larger Hot Zones leveraging the award winning Flexi Zone
architecture and its unique benefits.
2nd Generation HSPA+ and new LTE Femto can help operators complement macro coverage and capacity in
enterprise and public indoor space
Expanded Services for HetNet adds additional subscriber level metrics to even better understand capacity
requirements in operators networks and expand offering to include small cell backhauling and HetNet security.
For internal use
Secret until the launch

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012

List of people All media trained
Stephane Daeuble, Product Marketing Senior Manager Small cells & Flexi Zone

Carljin Adema, Product Marketing Manager Small Cell Services

Paul Norkus, Product Marketing Senior Manager Femtos

Jaakko Huuhtanen, Solution Marketing - Smart Wi-Fi

Randy Cox, Head of Small Cell Product Management

For internal use
Secret until the launch

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012

List of collateral
Availability dates of planned collateral and showcases

Press release
Q&A document
Cheat sheet
Presentation: executive slide set
Customer presentation
Webinar presentation
Internal presentation for sales CaDe session
Executive summary
Datasheet (FAPr-hsp 5620, FAPe-hsp 7610)
White/solution paper (Femtocell Software)
Inside News article
Insight news article
Demo in demo store with enablement

For internal use

Secret until the launch

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012

Feb 19
Jan 07
Feb 07
Feb 11
Feb 11
Mar 12
Feb 07
Feb 07
Feb 07
Feb 07
Feb 19
Feb 11
Feb 26

List of showcases & demos

(both new and relevant existing ones)
Planned showcases & demos
Smart Wi-Fi


FLASH - Paula demo: subscriber use case driven solution demo

LIVE - Guest Wi-Fi: subscriber centered Wi-Fi offload demo
LIVE Smart Wi-Fi Converge (SWLANC) demonstrating Wi-Fi connectivity options
(=Smart Wi-Fi solution module no3: Converge)

HSPA+ & LTE Femto

Espoo SEC - FAP portfolio display incl. new HSPA+ & LTE form factors w/ E2E value props Current portfolio now / new post MWC
Arlington Heights Innovation Center
LIVE - LTE femtocell demonstration in lab environment
Post MWC
LIVE - HSPA+ experiential demo in Innovation Center
DISPLAY - FAP portfolio incl. new HSPA+ & LTE form factors w/ E2E value props
Current portfolio now and rest post MWC
Portable Demonstration Capability
Current portfolio now / new post MWC
DISPLAY - Shippable FAP portfolio including new HSPA+ & LTE FAP form factors
Current portfolio now / new post MWC
LIVE - HSPA & HSPA+ capability (remote FAP connection to FGW served by NTN)
Now (regionally dependent)

Flexi Zone

MWC demo complete set => Espoo SEC

Portable demo kit

New FZ
FZ micro
micro Form
Form factor
LIVE -- mmW
mmW backhaul
backhaul demo
LIVE - Zone Balance demo
LIVE -- Flexi
Flexi Zone
Zone Liquid
Liquid Planning
Planning demo

LIVE - Zone Balance and FZ Liquid planning

LIVE - FZ micro form factor

TOOLS/FLASH - Overview demo MWC

FLASH - Backhaul design and planning
FLASH - Security for HetNets
FLASH - Managed HetNets

Svc for HetNet

For internal use

Secret until the launch


Now/ MWC & SEC

=> MWC
Avail. Today. SEC (not in MWC)

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012





Late Q2



NSN internal and external outreach plan

Schedule in chronological order

MCA Clusters & regions pre-launch enablement session

Sales comms: Recorded SVU/CaDe
Content store / portal pages update
Inside News
PR with Q&A and cheat sheet
Article for Insight
Tweeting following PR / nsn.com update publication
External webinar

For internal use

Secret until the launch

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012

January 16
February 07
February 18
February 19
February 19
February 19
February 19
March 12
March 14

Next steps
Call for action to regions
Before launch:
Familiarize yourself with the launch messages & scope.

Promote the SVU sessions for Sales via the relevant channels for the region.
Ensure webinar invitation and related Insight news story reaches customer marketing / CTs.
Include small cells update to customer roadshow, event, and workshop plans.
Join internal webinar dry run on Feb 21.

After launch:
Promote the webinar and press release via social media (Twitter, Linkedin etc).

Help pitch the story to relevant local analysts and media.

Include Inside News story to relevant internal newsletters

For internal use

Secret until the launch

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012

Smart Wi-Fi from Nokia Siemens Networks

4 Key Building Blocks for End2End Wi-Fi


Ruckus Wi-Fi AP + Ctrl
Services for HetNet

For internal use

Secret until the launch

Nokia Siemens Networks 2012

Provisioning & Core

Traffic Steering

CEM for Wi-Fi