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Paging and SDCCH

assign fail problem

o Hong V
D&O Department


What is paging?

management is the
process by which the GSM network
tracks the movement of mobile
users throughout the PLMN down
to Location Area (LA).
Paging is process of locating the
mobile user down to cell level for
the purpose of establishing a
Mobile-Terminated (MT) connection.

Paging flow

How many types of paging

message and its chracteristics

paging message types:

Type 1 - 2 MSs using IMSI/TMSI
Type 2 - 3 MSs (1xIMSI, 2xTMSI)
Type 3 - 4 MSs using TMSI only
Paging message requires 4 bursts
(1 CCCH block)
Paging messages may be stored at
Transmitted on PCH


comprises 8 octets containing

the information of MNC, MCC, MSIN
IMSI = 456080131547785


is only 4 octets in size no need

MNC, MCC. So, a paging message can
store twice as many TMSIs as IMSIs.
TMSI = 3C38A8A7=1010346151


PCH can be configured as combined or
Combined: both BCCH and SDCCH
occupy the TS0
12 out of 51 slots per multiframe form
3 PCH/AGCH, each block consists of 4
Non-combined: BCCH occupies TS0
and SDCCH occupies TS1
36 out of 51 slots per multiframe form
9 PCH/AGCH, each block consists of 4


combined BCCH:
Example: if u reserved 1 block for AG, then u have
2 blocks for PCH
If u decide TMSI paging, I.e. 4 MS can be paged
with 1 block of PCH
Thus; (number of PCH blocks*number of pages per
block)/(51*one TDMA frame period);
=(2*4) / (51*0.004615) = 34
34 MS can be paged in a second (using TMSI

Key Paging Parameters


Paging Request:
Number of paging blocks available
Paging message type
Paging area (one LA, multiple LAs, global)
Repeat Paging Requests:
Type of repeat paging message
Interval between repeat pages
Maximum number of repeat paging
Maximum time before paging retries

Solution to improve PSR


"RACH Min. Access Level"

Increasing "MS Max Retrans
Coverage Effects on Paging
Success Rate
Paging Times and Paging Intervals
IMSI Implicit Detact Timer of MSC
LA Division Effects on Paging
Success Rate

What is SDDCH used for?


fail on Um interface because

of bad quality, unbalance updown link, co BCCH-BSIC

Action to solve PSR


paging time and paging

interval at some LAC:
Before: paging time 2, page interval
7s, 10s
Now: paging time 3, page interval 6s,
6s, 6s.
Change RACH min access level from
-115dBm to -110dBm, Rx lev accsess
min from -102dBm to -100dBm
Change RET from 4 to 1

Action to solve SAFR:


parameter of Nokia and no difference

from VN
Check counter and the method of formulas
of SD fail is similar to Vit Nam.
Turn off function of allocating dynamic
SDCCH. But no help
Driving test at the cells have SD Assign Fail
Rate cao. But dont see any thing unusual
Reset cell
Optimize co BCCH-BSIC
Change new card, reconnect jumper, feeder




PAGING RESPONSE at Abis interface

Check if there is PCH or AGCH overload due to
centralized short message transmission or mass
access bursts.
Check the called MS or SIM in it.
Check BTS by making test calls in a different cell.
Check data configuration in BSC
Check whether the following parameters in the
[System information table] are correctly
configured: "BS_AG_BLKS_RES", "CCCH-CONF",
"BS_PA_MFRMS", "Tx-integer," and "MS MAX
retrans". Check the setting for "location updating
period" in BSC and that in MSC
Check radio signal coverage


PAGING RESPONSE at A interface

Through signaling tracing at Abis interface, the BSC is
detected that it has received an Establishment
Indication (PAGING RESPONSE) message from the BTS
but this message is not reported over interface A.
No PAGING COMMAND at A interface
Checking user data in VLR,Checking RA- or
CellRelated parameter settings in MSC
No PAGING COMMAND at Abis interface
Checking if flow control is enabled
Check if the CGI information in BSC data
configuration is consistent with the LAC information
in the PAGING message over A interface

PCH may be used as AGCH but not vice-versa
MOC requires AGCH and MTC requires PCH
Typical network will have MOC higher than MTC
Strategy: to dimension th=e AGCH to a smaller value
and let the system organise the use of channels
Parameter related to PCH:
noOfMultiframesBetweenPaging (2 ... 9)
It indicates the number of TDMA multiframes
transmission of paging message to the same paging
It impacts on the MS battery life and MTC setup time
Higher value will save battery life but longer call
setup time
and vice versa. Recommended value is 5


related to AGCH:
NumberOfBlocksForAccessGrant (0 ...
It defines the number of blocks
reserved for access grant messages
from the CCCH during the 51 TDMA
frame (a multiframe)
Recommended value is 1 for combined
and 2 for non-combined configuration
Note that if the AGCH is insufficient,
PCH can be used as AGCH