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SAP Best Practices

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- Solution Builder -

SAP Best Practices, SAP AG

Last update: 04.01.2008


Solution Builder Overview

SAP 2008
2007 / SAP
2 Practices

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IMPLEMENT - Solution Builder

Simplified path to run SAP Business All-in-One solutions based on

SAP Best Practices


Graphical scenario selection

Standard templates (entry

level scopes) delivered by
SAP Best Practices

Graphical adaptation of
enterprise structure

Personalization of master

Easy enhancements with

further templates

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

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Easy creation of customerspecific data for demos and


Automated installation of
selected scenarios with
personalized data

Improved performance and


What is the Solution Builder for SAP Business

All-in-One Solutions?

The Solution Builder will replace the SAP Best Practices Installation Assistant

The Solution Builder is technically fully compatible to previous SAP Best Practices deliveries
(regarding technical Implementation)

Additional functionality for managing SAP Solutions and facilitating end-user procedures

Solution Builder

of the SAP Best Practices Installation Assistant

compatibility (previous deliveries are technically supported)

compatible to existing SAP Best Practices technical structure


on Solutions * (like e.g. SAP Best Practices Offerings)


separation of consultant and development related tasks


functionality for development & deployment

* The term Solution is not fully compliant with the official term Solution according to the SAP Taxonomy
ant therefore put in parenthesis in this presentation.
SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 4

Solution Builder Design

Integration of improved graphical UI

(e.g. Scoping Tool)

UI Technology

Provides platform that allows

integration of additional scenarios
or scope developed by partners or
consultants (functional
enhancements), e.g.
All-in-One development

Integration (IA)

Upload of all data, including

Scope file (solution, XML)
Installation data (external TXT
files) for administration or
Centralized UI for review and
modification of both
solution/package configuration
settings and customer-specific
configuration settings
For enterprise structure mapping of
standard business objects to
installation data

(Meta-Content and
Solution Management)

Standardized Interface

Performance improved by direct BCset activation and design rework of

the former installation assistant

Key points

Strict separation between tool and

Business content related data

Compatible to existing SAP Best

Practices versions (replaces former
installation assistant)

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

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SAP BP Installation Assistant

External Data + Definitions

(Content Dependent)

Solution Builder

What is new:

Solution Builder
Taxonomy of content



Building Blocks

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 6

Collection of scenarios
Is assigned to set of installation data (folder)
Hosts cross-scenario information (application
areas, templates, meta information)

Collection of required building blocks

Designed to be installed separately
Smallest unit in scoping process by the

Reusable pieces of business content

Tasks of implementation activities
Structure determined by sequence of activation

Direct Relation

Content components tool components

Solution Builder





Building Blocks

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 7

Building Block

Solution Builder

Components + basic functionality

Solution Builder



Building Block
SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 8

Manages different solutions

Graphical scoping engine
Org. structure composer/personalization
Application area editor + assignment

Manages + monitors implementation of a

solution/package (scenario based), access to
Building block assignment, maintenance of
information on scenario level/scenario edit view
(e.g. pricing parameters)
Creation of building blocks
Inserting different task types of implementation
Maintenance of installation data

Examples of Solution Builder Users

Definition + example

Consulting/ Presales User

Development User

wants to

wants to

see the scenarios

adapt the solution using
easy and safe interfaces
implement a solution easily
and rapidly

doesnt want to

dive into technical details

deal with the technical
structure of a solution
have a grasp of any special
implementation technology
(e.g. eCATTs, BC-Sets)

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 9

see the scenarios

review the technical structure

of scenarios and building blocks

develop own building blocks

develop own scenarios

develop own solutions

combining parts e.g. delivered by
SAP Best Practices packages with
own development

develop easily and efficiently

use the solution builder as

powerful deployment tool

Target Group specific Tool Navigation

Consultant/presales focus

Development User

Solution Builder

Implementation Assistant
Implementation View

Scenario Edit View

Building Block Builder

Solution View

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 10

Scenario View

Start of Solution Builder

Solution editor

Transaction Code /SMB/BBI

See and manage available solutions
Direct access to all functionality relevant for end-user
Function buttons guide to the correct sequence of modifying and implementing a solution

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 11

Upload Installation Data

Folder is linked to the solution ID (user settings)

The installation data are the

external files uploaded during
implementation by eCATTs and
Org. structure composer
and personalization refers
to and modifies these data
Administration of
installation data in system
Consistency check

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 12

Graphical Scoping based on Templates

Standard templates are delivered by SAP Best Practices (entry-level scopes)

Solution can easily be enhanced with further templates

Based on scoping, a customer-specific Solution is created

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 13

The scenarios are sized

dynamically and ordered
into a solution map like
The color of a scenario is
determined by its
assignment to an
application area
The application areas are
defined in the application
area editor. Here, color,
short text and long text
and the sequence is

Templates for Scoping

Maintenance of templates is as easy as possible

Each scenario flagged / unflagged and be restricted in selection or de-selection

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 14

Templates may reflect

impacts of the content
Templates might be
connected with a certain
goal (target group
specific, size of a
solution, implementation
Important: By design, all
scenarios in a SAP Best
Practices package are
always compatible to
each other and do not
have any technical
dependencies. Every
scenario can be installed
separately or together
with others

Enterprise Structure Adaptation based on

Business Objects

Based on standard business objects of ERP for enterprise structure

Business objects are mapped to installation data

No separate meta data for organizational structure composer required

Changes are applied to all relevant places in installation data automatically

In expert mode structural changes of org. structure possible

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 15

Additional Personalization

Changes are made to internal data directly

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 16

Download Installation Data

Folder is linked to the solution ID (User Settings)

Download of all or changed data only

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

Page 17

Activate Solution

Similar as previous installation assistant

Enhanced architecture

Enhanced usability

SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

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SAP 2008 / SAP Best Practices

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