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Spiritual Intelligence

Recap of last session
What is intelligence
Intelligence Quotient IQ
Intelligence and Mind Tug of war
Emotional Quotient EQ
Spiritual Quotient SQ
Achieving SQ through Bhakti Yoga

Recap of last session

Multiple thoughts inside mind
Achieving concentration through will

How Bhakti Yoga helps in concentration

Understanding the hierarchy

Driver Intelligence

Reins - Mind

Passenger Soul

Horses - Senses

Understanding the hierarchy


Soul is the passenger of material body


Intelligence is the driver


Mind is the driving instrument (reins)


Senses are the horses

What is intelligence

capacity to acquire and apply

The faculty of thought and reason
American Heritage dictionary

to the power to analyse things in

their proper perspective
Decision maker based on knowledge

What is intelligence

- proposal made by the mind

beneficial or harmful
Knowledge refers to understanding what is
spirit and what is matter
Measures or classifications

Intelligence Quotient
Emotional Intelligence
Spiritual Intelligence

Intelligence Quotient
A score

derived from a set of standardized

Measures a persons cognitive ability in
relation to their age group

Intelligence and Mind tug of war

Intelligence and Mind tug of war


Reason prevails
Decisions are made after due thought process
Less prone to make impulsive judgements


intelligence is stronger

mind is stronger

Feelings and emotions are more prominent

Decisions are made without much thought
More chances of making mistakes

Emotional Intelligence
A type

of social intelligence
Ability to monitor ones own and others
Use the information to guide ones thinking
and actions

Sequence of events failing intelligence


on the objects of senses

Attachment develops
From such attachment strong desire to
enjoy arises
When the strong desire to enjoy fails
anger arises

Sequence of events failing intelligence


anger complete delusion arises

From delusion memory is bewildered
When memory is bewildered intelligence is
When intelligence is lost one gets into
material consciousness

Spiritual intelligence

Birth, disease, old age and death


to solve real problems of life

you understand

Who you are

Why are you suffering
Why was I born
What is the meaning of my life

Getting Spiritual Intelligence through Bhakti Yoga

With intelligence seek out the position of soul

Bringing the mind back from wandering
Strengthen the mind by use of intelligence

Engage mind in God consciousness

Acquire spiritual knowledge