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We at Dedicated Woman,
believe excellence is an
ongoing process, achieved
only through progression,
momentum, constant
creation and innovation.
V m  of American Adults in
the U.S. are overweight.

V Obesity is the leading health

challenge in all developed
nations around the world.

Being overweight

dramatically increases your risk

of heart disease, cancer,
diabetes, arthritis, and many
other illnesses.

V Americans spend more than

$6 Billion in weight loss
V Are you among the m  of
overweight Americans?

V Are you looking for a way to

lose weight, keep it off and feel
better about your body image?

V Do you need to reduce belly

fat in order to reduce serious
health risks?

V Do you want to try a product

that is Natural, Safe and

V Are you looking for an easy

method that really works?
wince only 2% o omen all
into the ³super model´
category, be realistic about
body image.

Most omen look just like us,

so e¶re doing a huge
disservice to our sel esteem by
comparing ourselves to
unrealistic body images.

Changing your body image ill

do onders or your sel
esteem. Instead o beating
yoursel do n or not being a
smaller size, you can ocus on
hat counts - like inding your
inner beauty.

We¶ve taken the guess work out, of the

weight loss game. Women no longer
have to worry about mixing and
matching products wondering what will
give them the results they seek.

We know what works, and we offer the

tools to accomplish healthy weight loss.
Whatever your goal may be, we¶ve
already grouped together all the
products you need.
2edicated Woman® vie s ellness as a
ay o li e that involves taking
responsibility or one's o n ell-being
by practicing li estyle habits that
promote optimal health.

Wellness is multi- aceted and is no

attainable and maintainable ith the help
o our Wellness Team.

Our product line includes supplements or increasing athletic per ormance, building muscle, managing eight, improving
skin tone, support or your immune system and overall appearance, increasing energy and more.

We are truly dedicated to your health. It¶s all in the name, a ter all: 2   

2edicated WomanΠis a amily o
advanced per ormance supplements
created speci ically or omen. ach
product is ormulated and manu actured
ith the deep understanding o emale
physiology and biochemistry ² bringing
omen closer to an energy- illed, stress-
ree li estyle.

The complete line o premium nutritional

products rom 2edicated WomanΠis
backed by more kno ledge and
experience than any other supplement
provider in the industry.

ur laboratories manu acture the highest

quality supplements by starting ith the
highest quality ra materials.

ur product line includes supplements or increasing athletic per ormance, building muscle, managing eight, improving
skin tone, support or your immune system and overall appearance, increasing energy and more.

We are truly dedicated to your health. It¶s all in the name, a ter all: 2edicated Woman!
ðedical Wellness Professionals guide
you on a proven program.
Nutritional Wellness ðake educated
decisions about food and supplementation
Physical Wellness Program is
recommended to fit your needs and
ðotivational Wellness We are trained to
support and encourage you all along the
Educational Wellness Learn to Get Fit,
Be Fit and Live Fit forever.

Dedicated Woman products are available for purchase on the company website, www.DedicatedWoman.com or by calling 1-m -513-6672.
They are also offered through U.S. health food, drug and grocery stores, online retailers, and other community retail stores.
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V 2 Cw TIT
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I IT   2!

educe your hunger while trimming off pounds. Úoost your energy, eliminate cravings, and burn fat faster.
whed unwanted pounds rapidly and keep them off. Make your long-term weight loss goals a reality.
Improve your overall health by eating right and following our individualized plan.



A lean, tight, toned and fabulous figure
can now be achieved as easy as 1-2-3.
Dedicated Woman has coupled a unique
combination of natural and safe
wellness products to address all your
physique and weight loss goals.

V Women¶s Whey Protein

V Desire Pure Energy
V Pro-Active Stage 1

It µs as simple as that!
Get your best body ever with Dedicated Woman products.
V Energy & Focus
V Fat Burning Power

V Lose Body Fat

V Weight ðanagement

V Well-Being & ðood

V Appetite ontrol
V Improved Sleep

V Physical Performance

What sets our program apart from typical weight loss programs is that all 3 suggested Dedicated
Woman products coupled together provide all essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and
enzymes needed to keep the metabolism running properly.
For weight management: Replace
3 of your 6 meals with a shake.

For ealthy Nutrition:

Replace 1 of your 6 meals per day
with a shake.

Ideal for Breakfast to help you get

all essential nutrients needed for a
nutritious breakfast.

ealthy as a snack with a broad range

of vitamins, minerals, soy, calcium
     and healthy fiber.




2edicated Woman Women¶s Whey® is ideal or the active
oman ho is looking or an extra nutritional boost. s the
only protein po der made especially or a oman¶s unique
physiology, 2edicated Woman Women¶s Whey® contains 25
grams o protein rom t o o the best protein sources: Whey
and woy Isolate. This one-t o punch o protein is exactly hat
your body needs to stay nutritionally balanced ² not to
mention helping to support the lean, toned muscles you ork so
hard or.*

When used in combination ith a healthy diet and regular

exercise regimen, 2edicated Woman Women¶s Whey® helps
maintain the integrity o your muscle tissue, hile supporting
strength and recovery rom exercise

2edicated Woman Women¶s Whey® is: Enhanced ith 35 mg o 2aizen and Genistein Iso lavones, to provide nutritional support or omen o all ages.*
Loaded ith protein rom t o sources to support strength, hich plays a role in overall nutrition.*
n important source o branch chain amino acids ² Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine ² hich are important or the maintenance o muscle tissue.*
2eliciously satis ying. It¶s all in the name: hocolate Bliss. Need e say more?
I you¶re craving a great tasting, high protein, lo carb protein po der, e¶ve got the ans er to your prayers ² 2edicated Woman s Women s Whey®.
Ideally, every meal would be a sit-down, relaxing affair, complete with
the whole family. But life sometimes gets in the way«and that¶s when
it¶s good to have your Dedicated Woman Women¶s Whey ðRP

Women¶s Whey ðRP is the only protein

Àformulated specifically for a woman¶s complex nutritional

needs. omes in three delicious flavors, chocolate, vanilla or

strawberry bliss, to tantalize your taste buds a welcome treat
for those who are watching their waistlines!
À hock full of over 2 vitamins and minerals that your body
craves including alcium and Phosphorus for strong, healthy
teeth and bones.*
ÀProvides a good source of the all-important Whey protein, to

provide nourishment for your muscles.*

ÀDieting? No problem! With only 137 calories, 1 gram of fat

and 9 grams of carbohydrates per serving, this meal

replacement powder is the perfect complement to any high-
protein diet.

Proteins play a role in constructing and maintaining the critical structures and functions of our bodies. They also contribute to normal
growth and development in the body and that includes the muscles. If you think you may not be getting enough protein from the foods
you eat, Whey protein can help contribute to your total daily protein intake.
Whether you enjoy it as a lo - at addition to your meal
or a bolstering snack, Women¶s Whey M
® is the
meal replacement po der you can count on.

These delicious, lavor ul po ders mix easily into

ater, juice, milk or any beverage o your choice. ou
can break out your blender and make a re reshing meal
replacement smoothie, too! lso, be sure to try
Women¶s Whey M
® mixed in ith your pre erred
yogurt ( rozen or not) or ruit.


ump Start your ðetabolism ±
The cellular activators and thermogenic herbs
in this formula help to compensate for the
natural slowing of our body¶s metabolism and
the fatigue that occurs when we diet and
reduce our caloric consumption.

What can you expect? Desire Pure Energy is

designed to:
À enhance fat burning,
À increase energy

À gently elevate the body¶s metabolism

À provide a sense of well-being without the use

of the potentially dangerous Ephedrine

containing herb, ða uang.

Best of all, this product is time released so you will

receive all the benefits over a 6 hour period of time.

G ±Fountain of Youth, holds potential for reducing

the damaging effects of the aging process while
boosting the immune system, accelerating fat loss, and
improving general brain functions such as memory,
sleep, concentration, and sex drive.
Dedicated Woman¶s omplete alcium Plus is a vital component
of weight loss as well, because the human body does not produce
calcium on its own. As you decrease the amount of calories you
consume, sources of calcium may diminish. The body s response to
a deficiency is to "rob" the calcium from the bones, which can lead
to disruption of normal body processes and possibly osteoporosis.

This blend d is a unique formula of four beneficial types of

calcium, plus magnesium and Vitamin D, to maximize absorption.

The National Institute of ealth, Office of Dietary Supplements

states that several studies, primarily observational in nature, have
linked higher calcium intakes to lower body weights or less weight
gain over time.



¦ 3 day ðoney Back Guarantee

¦ Our products comply with all regulations governing food products and supplements.

¦ Our products are intended solely for the purpose of supplementing your diet and
providing nutritional support for the body¶s natural processes. Our products are not
intended to prevent, diagnose, determine, treat, alleviate or cure any disease, illness,
medical condition, or medial disorder or any type whatsoever.

¦ You will find products on this site which are not available anywhere else in the world
and which are technologically far more advanced and effective than mass marketed
brand names. They are formulated by our own R & D team which has some of the
best scientists in the world! What¶s more, we manufacture them in our own facility
where we have total control over the quality of raw ingredients and all aspects of their
Š c