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JSS Academy Of

Technical Education
Project Guide: P.N.Sidhappa
(Assistant professor)

Project Team:
Arun Kumar.N


Project Title
Project Objective
How it works
Merits and Demerits
Project outcome
Time and Cost Estimation

Project Title
Self Locking Mechanism For
Reverse Motion In Vehicles

Project Objective
To avoid the reverse motion of the vehicle by
using an electronic control switch to control the
unidirectional bearing, which is used to lock the
reverse motion of the gear driven shaft in Vehicles.

Jerks are experienced in the vehicles (4 wheelers) usually when
the Automobile moves in up in a slope, there are chances that the
vehicle might move in reverse direction if the hand brake is not
applied accordingly. The frequent use of the hand brake not only
puts strain on the driver but it has adverse effects on the vehicle shaft
and also there are chances that engine might stop.
Therefore locking the reverse motion is very important and by
using a locking mechanism it self locks automatically preventing the
anticlockwise rotation of the gear shaft

How It Works?
We use Unidirectional bearing which is used for the locking
purpose. The unidirectional bearing is mounted on the driving
shaft and it has inner wheels and outer wheels, the outer
wheel is mounted or fitted to the transmission shaft where the
shaft rotates in clockwise or anticlockwise motion. We already
know that jerks occur due to anticlockwise motion of the shaft.
To prevent this motion the inner wheels of the bearing is
connected to a motor driven shaft which is actuated by a
electronic switch. This prevents the rotation of the shaft in the
anticlockwise motion by locking the springs in the bearing.
Once the switch is on, the unidirectional bearing actuates
and prevents the motion in anticlockwise direction, hence
there wont be any reverse motion on the shaft, thus
preventing the jerks experienced by frequent use of clutch on
the slope.

Unidirectional bearing
Motion of the shaft during transmission

Merits and Demerits

The Reverse motion of the Vehicle is Restricted.
Use of Hand brake can be avoided while moving on a
Jerking is avoided when the vehicle is moving on a
Heating of brake drum is avoided.
The weight on the driving Shaft Increases.
The material used for the unidirectional bearing
must be having high toughness and hardness, hence
the cost increases.
Wobbling effect may be experienced on shafts,
hence balancing the forces is necessary.
More space is required.

Project Outcome

Partial elimination of hand brake.

Acts as an additional safety device.
It can be used in traffic junctions as well.
It is very useful for beginners to drive the

Time Estimation
1) Designing

25 days

2) Test Analysis Using


25 days

3) Fabrication

14 days

4) Final Project Model

7 days

5) Project Report

7 days


3 months

Estimated cost may be 15000 to 20000rs/-

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