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Aleksandra Piela

Some information
As you know, we live in a beautiful town. This is Bielsko-Biaa
situated in lskie province in the southern Poland near the Beskidy
Bielsko-Biaa was founded in 1951 from the combination of the two
cities.Bielsko is one of the most developed cities in our province.We
are famous for cartoons, car production and textils.

Now I want to show you some

interesting and incredible
places in my hometown

Sulkovskis castle
This castle is located in
the center of the town.
Sulkowskis castle is the
oldest building in my
home-town.There is an
exhibition where you can
see beautiful paintings,
armour and sculptures:
Bielsko-Biaas history
and art presented in

Town hall
The towns council
resides at the ancient
town hall.This uniquely
representative building
is located outside the
main square.The
building has three
floors and a town hall
tower.This is the
symbol of independent
power.The tower is
over 50 metres high
and has a clock and a
view point.

Kamienica Pod Zabami

Another interesting
place which is worth
seeing is the
Kamienica pod
abami- Under the
Frogs- tenament
building which used to
be in the past the
building accomodated
of a wine bar by Rudolf
Nahowski.The frogs are
always in a good mood.

Teatr Polski
Our theatre is called:
Teatr Polski. The
building is situatd in the
very centre of our town.
It was founded in
1890.This theatre is the
miniature of the Vienna
Theatre in Austria.In
this theatre, you can
see great performances
and a lot of famous

Banialuka Theatre
This puppet theatre was
founded in 1947 by artists:
Jerzy Zitzman and Zenobiusz
Zwolski.Before the theatre,
there was Bielsko's
synagogue.In Banialuka you
can see wonderful crafts and
amazing puppets,dolls and
performances with the
participation of puppets.There
is a puppet art festival every

Reksio statue
The statue of a dog is
located in the center of
our home-town next to the
river Biaa. Reksio is the
main character of a
famous cartoon produced
by Studio Filmw
touch its head. It brings
good luck. If you don't
believe, come and check!
I bet, you'll feel better! :)

Bolek i Lolek
Another cartoon which comes
from my town is Bolek i Lolek.In
the fairytale the boys are
experiencing some interesting
adventures.Have you ever
watched them?The cartoon was
made by Mr. Nehrebecki.He has
two sons- they become the
prototype of these sweet
boys.The monument stands
next to Sfera- this is our
shopping centre.

Railway Station
Bielsko-Biaa Gwna- the
largest station and the
railway station in BielskoBiaa.
It is located in the Lower
Suburb,Warszawska Street.
Railway station was built in
1890. So... visit us! We'll
help you :)

Dom Tkacza

The Weavers House is a unique

example of the 18th-century
craftsman architecture. Located in
Bielsko-Biaa, it is situated in the Old
Uptown in a log cabin with its
characteristic hay store. The
building is a museum branch
belonging to the Museum in BielskoBiaa.

The building functioned as a house

and a workshop until the beginnings
of the 20th century. The information
about its tenants is incomplete.
When in 1992 the long-lasting
renovation works finished, the
District Museum in Bielsko-Biaa
opened the exhibition to the public.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

The Saint Nicholas' Cathedral
(Koci katedralny w. Mikoaja) is
the main Roman Catholic Church of
the city of Bielsko-Biaa.In 1992, the
church became the cathedral of the
newly created dioceses of Bielsko
and ywiec.
The tower rises 61 meters above the
city and is a landmark for the
surrounding area.Above the door you
can see the beautiful sculptures of
the Twelve Apostles.The builiding
stands near the Market Square:

It's just a part of the interesting

places to see in the city. I hope
you like them! We invite you to
Bielsko! See you soon!
If you want to see more, check a video about BielskoBiaa:

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