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Undergraduate Grievance
What is Grievance?
A grievance is any cause for complaint that
may be between a student (as the aggrieved
party) and a member of the academic
community (as the respondent that may be the
cause of complaint).
Grievances are best settled through sincere
dialogue and discussion between the parties to a
grievance, befitting a Lasallian academic
community. Formal grievance may be pursued
only as a last resort.

Kinds of Grievance

Academic grievances - concerned with learning or

performance in academic courses
Behavioral grievances - about the conduct of a

Who can complain?

A Student

A Group (3 or more students)

A Class (must be signed by 50% PLUS 1 of the class)

Note: Provide the class, names, ID numbers, section,

and year level of the complainant/s and appoint one

Who can students complain about?

Professor esp. in GCDay

Fellow Student
Anyone working in DLSU
Note: The grievance complaint can
also be against a policy of a

Grounds for Grievance

Any violation of Students Rights based on

the Students Charter
The Students Charter - Appendix G of the
Student Handbook (starting from page c24)
Note: It is important to gather all the facts
first and read through the Student
Handbook and Students Charter before
grievance. Determine first whether the
complaint is valid and if grievance is really
necessary before taking action.

Grievance Against a Member of

the Faculty


first step in the grievance process

personal contact or face to face discussion with the

If this is not possible, approach the Chair of the
Department where the faculty is assigned not later
than 3 calendar weeks (21 days) after Grade
Consultation Day.
Only when matters are still not settled after dialogue
with the Department Chair should students consider
taking the next step.

Grievance Against a Member of

the Faculty
Formal Complaint

A formal complaint is considered the LAST

RESORT in the grievance process.
The first step is to approach the Student Council
Office of the Vice President for Academics or
your respective College Assembly President for
The written complaint to the Department Chair
to which the concerned faculty belongs must be
filed not later than 4 calendar weeks (28 days)
after Grade Consultation Day.

Grievance Against a Member of

the Faculty

It is necessary for the complainant to prepare

three (3) copies of the following documents
when filing a formal complaint:

Name of the faculty member against whom your

complaint is filed
narration of the events surrounding your complaint
specific action you are asking for from the faculty
member and from the University
Appended signatures of those filing for grievance (in
the case of group or class grievance)

Grievance Against a Member of

the Faculty

The three copies will be

distributed as follows:
Original Chair of the Department
One (1) copy Faculty Member
One (1) copy Student File duly
received and dated by the
Chairperson of the Department (or
any representative)

Grievance Against a Member of

the Faculty

If the Department Chair feels the need to ask

questions for clarification, a meeting can be
called within three (3) days from receiving the
written response.
The Department Chair will make a resolution based on
sufficient facts within three (3) days from the
The written document containing the resolution and
its support will be made in three (3) copies and
distributed as follows:
Original - Department file
One (1) copy - Student (complainant)
One (1) copy - Faculty Member (respondent)

Appeal of Case

If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution

made by the authority, he or she may file an appeal.
The complainant must send a letter to request the
Dean of the faculty concerned to convene the AdHoc Grievance Board in order to hear the
complainants case.
The Ad-Hoc Grievance Board is composed of

College Vice Dean

Department Chair

SC VP for Academics

College Assembly President

Faculty Association Representative

Appeal of Case

Once the letter is received, the Dean must require the

Department Chair to forward a complete record of the
case which includes the original complaint, answer,
and resolution. Upon receipt of these records, the
Board will immediately be convened.
Within five (5) days after the last hearing session, the
Board will deliberate on the case and make a
recommendation. This recommendation will be
forwarded to the Dean, who must make a decision
about the appeal within three (3) days of receiving
word from the Board.